The Bloodies…The Winner Is….Day Two!

So here we are again. Day Two of The Results Show!

Today’s Categories Concentrate on The Fictional Characters

Not The Actors Who Played Them

Let’s Get Right Down To Business

And The Winners Are…..

For Best Character…..

Eric- Totally Badass, Complex, Manipulative, Funny and Moving

For Worst Character ……

Eggs- Did Not Add Personality

Improved Character…..

Eric- From Arrogant Bastard to Badass with a Heart

Least Improved Character…..

Tara- Where Did My Smartass Go?

Best Lead Character…..

Jason "Rambo" Stackhouse

Worst Lead Character…..

Bill "I Am a Saint" Compton

Best Guest Character…..

Godric, Thank You for making E, Love Simba and Lil

Worst Guest Character…..

Queen Sophie: She blows....and not in a good way....

Best Recurring Character…..

Eric: Ok do I really have to say anything? And yeah that is neck porn...

Worst Recurring Character…..

I don't care enough to think of a caption....sorry....

Best Character Arc…..

And I thought his shoulders were sexy....

Worst Character Arc…..

If only her story arc was as good as her hair

Best Vampire…..

You know what they say about the size of a vampire's fangs right? 😉

Worst Vampire…..

I showed you show me yours *groans* Poor E...

Best Villian…..

Steve and Steve's Hair- The One Thing Unchanging in This World? Steve's Hair

Worst Villian…..

Maryann- Sociopathic Bridezilla, Chef Extraordinaire. Coeur de Daphne anyone?

Best Pawn…..

Ginger- She's Reuseable, Just Glamour

Worst Pawn….

Eggs- Frankenann's Monster...I Miss Lady Macbeth

Best Vamp Ho….

Ginger- The Hypochondriac Banshee aka. Trashy Vamp Ho

Worst Vamp Ho…..

Eric's Dinner- Bad Actress, but High Class Vamp Ho

Best Human…..

Lafayette- Fabulous Short Order Cook Who Agreed to See Other People with Jesus. They Still Gossip Though.

Worst Human…..

Eggs- Blander Than Diluted Water

Best New Vampire…..

Godric- A Real Heartbreaker *Cries* RIP and GET YOUR BUTT IN S3 FLASHBACKS!

Worst New Vampire…..

Sophie-Anne- When You Come Up With Her Character and Not a Plot Device, Call Me

Most Messy Vampire…..

Bill- Puts a New Meaning to the Term 'Bloodlust' and Gee, That Was Some Good Blood Right There...So Wasteful. He Never Learns That There Are 3rd World Vamps With Nothing to Drink!

Best Eric Line…..

"He's your maker, isn't he?" "Don't use words you won't understand." "You have a lot of love for him." "Don't use words I don't understand."

Best Line….

Eric- "Oh c’mon, Pam. They’re funny. They’re like humans but miniature. Teacup humans!"

Worst Line…..

Sophie-Anne- Insert Anything She Says About Maenads and Her Entire Dialogue


Thanks Everyone For Joining Me Today For The Results.

Tomorrow We Will finish Up the Character Cats and Start the Relationship Cats *waggleseyebrows*

Also Today Is Veteran’s Day and I Will Be Posting Various Veteran Charities On Twitter

I want to extend a personal thank you to all the troops in all our Armed Forces. You sacrifice so much and you volunteer to do it, so THANK YOU and God Bless you and your families!


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26 Responses to “The Bloodies…The Winner Is….Day Two!”

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  2. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by BloodBondsBlog: It’s Day 2 of The Bloodie Awards Results! #TheBloodies #MoreSkarsgardOnTB #TrueBlood…

  3. YAYS! Eric is definitely the best of EVERYTHING!!! *coughs* Of course, whenever she was up for the vote, the Queen, certainly the worst of everything. *insert insane laughter here*

    • HAHA joie, you always make me laugh so much with your Queen’s comments! But definetely “Worst Line….. Sophie-Anne- Insert Anything She Says About Maenads and Her Entire Dialogue” is her FUNNIEST Bloodie Award hhahaha

  4. This is so bullshit because Bill is not the worst lead character Eric is Bill is nice and Eric is evil this site is total bullshit.

    • Just FYI…but Eric wasn’t a lead character this season…he was slotted under recurring.


    • Wow nice mouth and since you have no idea what you are talking about I will ignore it this time. And like Simba said Bill and Eric did not go up against each other. If you had ever bothered to come here before and say I don’t know …vote, then you would have known that.

      Great way to start a dialogue with fellow fans. Bravo

    • Someone forgot to the the meds this morning… hum…
      And also to read/understand what a leading character is, what a supporting character is and so forth

    • If you don’t like Eric, that’s cool. But let me point out what should be obvious. It is really quite self defeating to visit an unashamedly pro-Eric blog – and then get your panties in a twist because it is…well…unashamedly pro-Eric.

      We like our viking, we are happy if he wins all of our awards (that we voted for) and we never said we were objective 🙂

    • Tuesday, your post also made laugh a lot because it reminds me of (io9 Meredith Woerner) Bill’s household notes like:

      “JESSICUH We are in great need of Draino. I tire of clogged showahs. Can you collect some upon your next visit to the shop? I would also very much like some old spice red stripe if that’s not too much to aaaask. Eric is evil.
      Vampire Bill.”


      Thanks so much for making my day with your ignorance and for reminding me this household notes and how pathethic Bill sounds everytime he said Eric is evil!

      (…and yes mima, she forgot the morning meds 😉 )

      Hugs and Kisses to Lil, Simba and you all!!

    • lmao, It’s so funny when people use the “Eric is evil!” “Bill is a saint” argument, well, guess what, even when Alan tries to paint eric as a villain he still has more fans, character and personality than Bill.

      • I really don’t think Eric would have as many fans as he does if he really were truly evil. The fact of the matter is, he isn’t. He’s charming, funny, manipulative, sweet, badass, ruthless and sarcastic. He’s complex. That’s why we love him.


  5. These are great. So happy that Steve’s hair won best villian — ROFLMAO! Love all the captions for Eggs. You guys are awesome! I really appreciate all the hard work you’ve put into this blog — it’s one of the wittiest and most creative things on the internet. A million hugs to you!

    • O4E that is so nice thanks!

    • I’m also very happy he won this category, too. Michael characterization of SN was GREAT, from the hair till his “evil whore of satan” and the welt from the paintball shot!! (I found kind of ironic that he was invited to the SCREAM awards stage when they were so manipulate to nominate AS as Best Villain…) I’m glad we’re able to knowledge his work here, because he was the real villain last season and the Best Villain TB had until now!

  6. so glad to see eggs win worst of …lots….lol…i reall thought he was the most flat uninteresting character on TB….kinda like bill…*wink wink*…not shocked to see eric win so many….how can sooo many people be wrong???

  7. Ha the season has been over for nearly two months and we’re all still scarred from Eggs and Sophie Anne LOL.

    Great job this has been so much fun!

  8. Your Bloodie Awards have been so much fun, thanks you guys for helping us poor addicts deal with the wait!! 😀

    To tell the truth, I was a bit sad Jessica didn’t win anything…I carry a torch for my beloved redheaded fanged teen 😉

    awesome job on the captions, guys!

  9. love how the world just hates Bill in everything!

  10. Bravo! Bloodie Awards are kick-ass! Gotta give the Viking love!

  11. Thanks so much for doing the Bloody Awards. It has been so much fun. I LOVE your web site!!

  12. NECK PORN!!! Right on the money…

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