The Bloodies-Day 18 The Powers That Be

Welcome to Day 18 of The Bloodies!! Okay so on day 17 I mentioned I tend to be a little high handed (I learned from the master after all) and am shortening things up a bit. But don’t get your panties in a bunch! We have months before TB returns and with several poll not enlisted in the awards we will be putting them up as individual polls. So on any given day you could wake up to a fun poll! I mean yeah I have been tagged Evil Lil, but I’m not that mean!

Breaking News regarding The Cowboy Up Contest!

We have a Special Guest Judge Joining the Ranks!

Stacie Holeman from Support Stacie!

Stacie is an avid FF fan and has written FF. She is new to SVM but she is very excited to learn all about Sookie and the Gang! This is first of many events we at the AH forum hope to share with Stacie. After the holidays look for an Author Auction Fundraiser for Support Stacie!

Before we get started I want to send out a special shout out to everyone on Twitter for RT’ing The Bloodies and our newly created hashtag #MoreSkarsgardOnTB! Ya’ll rock my world! And now on with the awards!!! And to Lilja for picking my brain and getting me going. I was so stuck!

The Powers That Be

Best Episode

Best Writer

Best Director

Best Book Moment

Best Storyline

Most LOL Moment

Saddest Moment

Best Episode

Today’s Best Epi nominees are brought to you by BBB Recaps:

Episode One: Don’t Cross Eric
Episode Six: Why Bill Is A Messy Eater
Episode Seven: Beware St. Bill Rises Again!
Episode Eight: Paintballs Are Lethal

Episode Nine: He Lives In You

Episode Twelve: Beyond Here Lies Bullshit

Best Writer

Best Director

Best Book Moment

Bullet sucking *makes sucking sounds* *lix* *groans*  *simba slaps Lil* “Lil put the pumpkin down!” *looks guilty*


Godric’s Meets The Sun….smart keeping the pedophile part of the story out because if they hadn’t this would have been a happy moment.

Ludwig Explains The Poison and she really hates vampires…..ppffttt….Bitch *rollseyes*

It was a fleeting moment but we saw Sookie remember and grieve… finally (and yes I know it happened in Book 1!)

We Meet Berry.. and watch him run away….which actually could be an LOL moment!


FOTS Try To Grab Sookie but between Bill and the Blinding sweater the abductor fails!

Hey! Want to see something neato???

Godric Saves Sookie!! Woot Woot!

Best Story Line


Smite Me Motherfucker! OMG!!!! I had tears and I think I snorted a little…..

See What Happens When You Leave Me to My Own Devices?… I am talking about me not Ginger *wickedgrin*

Doesn’t Whip Out Her Pudding For Just Anyone….LOL Classic

'Premedicated' and 'Explain Europe To Me' in the same scene? What was it Christmas in July?

Work It Out!!!! Hump That Couch! Woot Woot!

Eric the Geek? Still Tap That.......

I think Steve has found his signature color....


Eric says it...then he he looks at her...and then at Bill...then back at her and..and.. then Sookie is all looking at Eric...then Bill and back at Eric? Bill is all seething.....OMG......Can't breathe!!!

Oh You Cheeky Monkey!!!! Do you like my drawring? WanT To take a bath weth me?

Jason can't let go of Sam's "Ability" 'You think Sam could turn into a chicken and lay his own egg?'

Saddest Moment

Jessica wakes up alone. She lonely, sad, scared.......

Terry Uses His Own Experience To Help Laffy.... Heartbreaking yet comforting all at once

*gulp* I have never been a fan of blood ,but in that moment I would have licked his tears away......Confessions of The Plumber's Wife Indeed!

Forever A Virgin? Jessica sees herself as a freak and has been cursed. She went from one prison to another.

*sob* *gasp* *sob*

The whole time I was screaming 'Noooo he helped save the season!!!!!'

To discover his entire life he has been lied to and left the woman he was falling in love with to protect the liar. *sniff*


~ by lilbooth02 on November 4, 2009.

22 Responses to “The Bloodies-Day 18 The Powers That Be”

  1. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by BloodBondsBlog: The Final day of #TheBloodies is up!!! Day 17 is still open to voting! #MoreSkarsgardOnTB #TrueBlood…

  2. OMG!!! Can it be so?!?!?!? A day of bloodies, final one too, without the dreaded Queen Sophie Ann aka ERW in the line up! I am so effing happy, I’ll give you a *toe touch*! *licks and smoochies* in da house! This was so much fun! Can’t wait to find out the results.

  3. Hi girls! Sorry to be a bother, but I have a little question about the story lines: what is the difference between “Dallas Dallas Dallas” and “Eric and His Maker”? They seem the same to me, or at least very entwined, so I can’t vote until you explain what’s what.

  4. Dallas story line is more to do with Sookie and Bill and their journey in Dallas.
    Eric and His Maker is about Godric and Eric starting with his loyalty, the flashback, and after Godric is found.

    Hope that helps,

  5. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Laura Boothby, Kris Rivera, Veronica , Veronica , Yogagal and others. Yogagal said: I voted, did you? :K RT @BloodBondsBlog Vote Or Be Drained! […]

  6. Hehe, have I mentioned how much I love The Bloodies? Cause I do…serious love. But really, how the hell am I supposed to choose the best LOL moment between “Smite me motherfucker”, Eric as the nerd (which is definitely still do-able to me to, actually really sexy in a way cause I do have this thing for nerds, oh wait back on subject!), Eric being cheeky and manipulative, Eric with Lafayette humping stuff, and Eric and Jason in the same scene? Really its too tough, lol. I ended up having to go with one of my first favorable non-Eric-Pam-Godric related answers and say “Smite me motherfucker” cause that one did have me ROFLMAO and still quoting it with friends. Most of the others were pretty easy cause Timebomb and I Will Rise Up were my absolutely favorite episodes (they’re still on my DVR!) so it was not hard to choose there. I’m sad to the the Awards end, but I’m looking forward to the results and to surprise polls here and there!

  7. Those were some tough ones but I know I made the right choices.

  8. Oohhh by far the saddest moment was Eric pleading with Godric not to meet the sun…. and the most LOL moment had to be Laffy getting his freak on with the couch. THAT was soooo funny… and Eric was in it so it makes it good too 🙂
    Great job for the last poll!!

  9. yayy, finally a new round of polls! some relief for my major tb withdrawal.. thank you!!! 🙂

    voted for epi9 in pretty much all categories and eric and godric. i know, not very original, but they just stand out from all the other storylines and characters imo. what can i do about it. 😉

  10. Nicely done Ladies

  11. Can’t wait for the results!!…this has been sooo much fun….

  12. Great job! How come the dream scene of Eric and Sookie was not included? That’s my most favorite scene. I can’t wait for the results.

    • Oh Tat!! I know! But one brain means limited resources! Sorry! Supporting Simba’s education is hard work! I did the last day alone because I want my girl to concentrate on her studies! *smoochies*

  13. Sorry to see the Bloodies come to an end, but can’t wait for the Awards. I can just imagine the speeches now. Well, AS will just have to make one long speech i think. Thanks Blood Bonds for all the great entertainment!

  14. Can’t wait to see the results. I missed this last round of voting. Oh well, 😦

  15. I am trying to get the results together. We are having major issues right now with electricity in my neighborhood.

  16. Darn it…found this too late to vote…

    when is day 19? Is there one coming?

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