Announcing November Fan Fiction One Shot Contest!!!!

Fall Ericstravaganza!!

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We couldn’t get the Viking (he was booked), so we’re going to get a Cowboy! We here at the All Human side of things would like to welcome you to the forum and the community by throwing a Fall Ericstravaganza!! Okay, maybe not an extravaganza, but still! We gonna do it up, country style!

The Summer of ’69 contest was such a groovy thing, man, that we had to follow their stellar example. This could be a hard act to follow…

Kyss: YEE HAW!! There ain’t nothin’ better than a tall drink of water in a stetson (Just ask Sookie in School Hard)…

We want your best ALL HUMAN Eric & Sookie COWBOY themed one shot! Give me a second while I wipe the drool away at the thought of Eric in a Stetson ridin’ a horse and shootin’ a six gun.


1. Minimum 3,000 words, maximum 10,000. We’ll be a little lenient as we know how you guys like to get as much Eric in a one shot as possible. :giggle:

2. Must be ALL HUMAN. Must be COWBOY/WESTERN themed. Does not have to be old West themed; ie it can be present day as long as it’s all cowboy’d out.

3. Must have lemons. They can be dirty, dusty lemons. They can be hay-filled barn lemons. They just gotta be juicy. 😉 Please rate all stories M for this reason. We love citrus.. even though we read for the plot. wink

4. Must be 18 to enter. Sorry kiddos, there’s lemons in them thar hills!

5. Must have the name of the contest in the story description when it’s published as follows: Eric & Sookie: Cowboy Up! One shot contest

6. Eric/Sookie centric. Come on, you know they are like, totally meant for each other. And if you don’t then you got no business here buckshot…

7. Must be ONE SHOT and ORIGINAL. If you feel the need to carry on the story, you may.. AFTER THE CONTEST HAS ENDED.

8. All entries must be submitted no later than 11:59 PM CST on Tuesday November 30th. Voting will take place roughly one week after the deadline.

9. All entries must be submitted to Once you’ve published your story, please send us the link via PM for official entrance into the contest.

10. Your entry must be BETA’d. Please see the list below, or this thread on the Sookieverse for Beta offers…

YBG: So, what are you playing for, eh? You’re playing for jewelry. Who doesn’t LOVE jewelry?!


Kyss: Hurry up and tell ’em! I can’t stand it!

BG: Now just wait one cotton pickin’ darn tootin’ minute there, lass! The lucky winner will receive one lovely Eric inspired BULLET CHARM made by Cadsawan Jewelry. We’re buying it, you’re winning it. These aren’t out yet so you might have to wait a bit but rest assured, you’ll get it.

Kyss: *grabs YBG by collar* OMG I WANT IT!!

YBG: Ever heard of BloodBondsBlog, ladies? Yes, the winner’s story will be their Featured Fic of the Day! Interview, captions, Facebook, twitter, tumblr, yada yada yada… You will be their ROCKSTAR for the day. Plus I will personally re-tweet you like crazy. 😀

Kyss: *cleansingbreath* That’s right lover, I got an inside source wink at the blog and we worked it out! The Blood Bonds Blog Pimp Package includes a Fan Friday dedicated just to you and your work! You will get the full pimpage Simba and Lil get when they post the recaps, polls and special featured articles on the blog. Your story will be pimped on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Myspace, Lil’s FB wall,*takesbreath* the BBB Forum and Live Journal! Lil will interview you, blog readers can ask you questions in the comments, and as a special feature there will be 5 Witty Captions written just like the ones seen in The Bloodies for your FF!

YBG: Lil, that is so FETCH!! But WAIT!! There’s more…

YBG: Have ya’all seen that little ditty called “True Blood Twitter Thursdays” where a fuckawesometastical group of RP’ers play out the episodes of TrueBlood? Yeah, kicks dirt, looks down They might have possibly, could have agreed to, you know… ACT THE WINNING STORY OUT ON TWITTER!!

Pretty awesome, huh? Yeah, we thought so too.

Kyss: Yee Haw! Slap my ass and call me Sookie! I just got confirmation the Twitter RP’s are in for winner’s story!

Second place will get something as well, we just haven’t recovered from the first place prize yet to decide what to give you. DOMO?

Kyss: I also wanted to mention YBG and I wanted to attach a charity to the contest but because of several issues beyond our control we didn’t get everything in place in time. But it’s okay because I was talking with @SookieBonTemps and she suggested Support Stacie! So along with the Grand Opening of the forum I would like to announce the very first charity the AH forum will support in the future.

Sometime after the holidays, prepare yourself for an Author Auction! Ever have a dream or a story you wanted to be told about Eric and Sookie or Eric and you? wink Well you will have your chance to see your idea come to life and all for an amazing cause! I will put up the links to the Support Stacie sites on the blog and my profile so if you are looking to start supporting Stacie now you can!!

Support Stacie Here Or HERE!







Beta Volunteers:



(If you’d like to volunteer, shoot a message to us and we’ll add you)…

While brainstorming for the awesomesaucetasticness that is this Cowboy Eric All Human fic contest, it was hard to narrow down a contest name. Bask in the corny chees-a-rifficness that eventually lost out:

Eric & Sookie: The Wild West.
A Ho’ Down Country Sausage and Biscuits One Shot Challenge!!
Well slap my ass and call me Jake Gyllenhaal!
Little Coffin on the Prairie

Sookie’s Brokeback Eric

Kyss: WAIT!! You forgot this one YBG!! Sookie’s Grateful For That Gracious Plenty Fall Bounty Country Fair!! I know it’s to long but it’s true! It’s an awesome fair where you can buy jarred O’s and be a judge in the wet boxer shorts contest!

YBG: Is there, perhaps, a *looks left looks right* KISSING BOOTH? 😀

Kyss: Yes! There is even a tent where you can see the biggest GP in the world!!

ANY QUESTIONS!? Yes, we thought there might be. Feel free to send this account a message or pop over to the ALL HUMAN FORUMS and ask Youbettago or Kyss your query.

Everyone, SADDLE UP!!

~a & L

Just a quick note about the contest and it’s organizers Fan Fiction writers youbettago and Kyss Ericsson (aka LilBooth02) are the organizers of this contest. We are totes using this blog to pimp our contest and all the affiliated media sites the blog owns. Simba, Scoobs, ECBB (sawyersmine), and any other fan fic author who have contributed in anyway to this blog are not involved in the organizing or the judging of the contest. They are considered eligible FF writers and I expect them to submit a story if they want. Now go write peeps!!!


~ by lilbooth02 on October 26, 2009.

3 Responses to “Announcing November Fan Fiction One Shot Contest!!!!”

  1. […] Bonds Blog is holding an Eric-centric fanfiction contest with a Western theme. Up for grabs is the forthcoming bullet charm from Cadsawan, the Blood Bonds […]

  2. I want that bullet charm! Um can I ask
    1. Are we allowed to take some poetic license/liberalities with respect to Sookie and Eric’s personality/appearance/traits etc?
    2. Im sorry I’m such a nood but what does BETA mean?

  3. A Beta is your editor/spell/grammar checker. They help you find the little issues with your fic that you may have missed. Check out this link Interview W/ A Beta on how Betas work with writers.

    As far as how you see Eric and Sookie well it’s up to you. This is the all human world contest so the only thing I must stress is they all have to be human, they can have special powers like in I Need Your Love Tonight by Sawyersmine, but Eric, Pam and Bill need to breathe and chill in the sun. Many writers go off canon so I can’t see a reason to not spread your wings…..

    Hope this helps!

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