Congrats To Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander won the stake at the Scream Awards for Best Villain last night in Los Angeles.

We are so happy for him.

Check out the picks of him accepting his Stake here.

Note: I don’t see Eric as a straight up villain but I am crazy happy for ASkars!

I think we can all agree he earned it…..

Click On Pic!

Alexander Skarsgard Accepts His Stake

Alexander Skarsgard Accepts His Stake

Congrats to Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin on their Stakes too!!! Results Article


~ by lilbooth02 on October 18, 2009.

14 Responses to “Congrats To Alexander Skarsgard”

  1. **sigh** so happy for him! 🙂

  2. Yay! those pics are funny though, he’s definitely not a straight up villain in those. One of the perils of being so tall I suppose. Congratulations!

  3. Woo Hoo Congrats Alex!!! Can’t wait for more!!!

  4. Awesome! So happy for Alex and the rest of the cast. Next year they will have taller microphones. So I guess now he’ll be growing the hair out.

  5. Yay!! i’m SOOOOOO happy for Alex!! well, the whole show, but Alex is of course my fave, lol. So funny that the mic was too short for him! i cannot wait to see the show; i’ll be recording it so i can rewind and repeat to my hearts content….

    • The even funnier thing is that Liv Tyler was there and went to the mic and she’s really tall and wearing 4 inch inch or more heels and didn’t bend down for the mic lol.

      Alex is such a cutie.


  6. YAY!!! We all know he isn’t a villian, but I’m very happy to watch that he received the public acknowledgment and appreciation for being such an excellent actor. Next nomination will be Best Actor!! 😉

  7. Agreed. I’m repeating what has been said. Eric is not a villain -strictly speaking- but AS deserves awards for his work.
    Regarding the hair… I think is going to be pretty short for next month. Another hairstyle for Eric.

  8. Congrats to Alex. He deserves a lot of awards. He is def not the villain but, I am happy for him!!!

  9. hmm, filming for season three starts soon!
    if his hair doesn’t grow fast…
    pam will kill him!

  10. yayy congrats alex!! 🙂 and to the rest of the TB Blood cast as well, of course

    looking at those pictures, im feeling super jealous of kate bosworth and her close proximity to the aforementioned swede :p

  11. He’s so hot! And I had to smile at his purple socks! I’m sure he’d go for pink lycra in a blink 😉

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