The Bloodies-Day 16

Day 16 of The Bloodies have arrived! Today we will focus in on the Acting Awards. Please remember they are for the actors NOT the characters. Instead of having two polls I am only doing one. So whoever gets the most votes is best. I thought it over and it simply goes my gut to vote on the worst actor. It’s mean and I can honestly say Simba and I are not mean…..LOL.

Day 17 will cover the rest of the acting awards. As always today’s polls will be open for three days. Now go vote or be drained!!! Bwaahahahaha (@youbettago coined my new fav quote!) Please remember this is for the acting not for who we are crushin’ on…..*askarseyebrow*

  • Best and Worst Actor Overall
  • Best and Worst Lead Actor
  • Best and Worst Recurring Actor
  • Best and Worst Guest Actor

Best Actor Overall

Since this category has every actor listed, putting pics

up with captions would have just about sent me over the edge,

so here is the poll.

Best Lead Actor


Ryan Kwanten As Jason 'I watch porn to get more women' Stackhouse

Sam Trammel

Sam Trammell as Sam Merlotte, Dog, The Fly, The Owl, and The Bull

Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse

Anna Paquin as Sookie 'It's just the BLOOD not Real Lust!!' Stackhouse

Rutina Wesley

Rutina Wesley as Tara Mae 'I never get a clue' Thorton

Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton

Stephen Moyer as Bill 'Sookeh's MUAINE!' Compton

Best Recurring Actor

Carrie Preston

Carrie Preston as Arlene 'Nice and Easy and I don't mean my hair' Fowler


Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica 'Baby Vamp' Hamby


Jim Parrack as Hoyt 'I was a Virgin' Fortenberry

Anna Camp as Sarah Newlin

Anna Camp as Sarah "Hot Sauce" Newlin

Michelle Forbes as Maryanee Forrester

Michelle Forbes as Maryann 'The Vibrator' Forrester

Steve Newlin

Michael McMillian as Steve 'Mayor of Crazy Town' Newlin

Tara Buck as I am always ready for an attack Ginger

Tara Buck as "I am always ready for an attack" Ginger

Ashley Jones as Daphne Piiiiggg!!! Landry

Ashley Jones as Daphne "Piiiiggg!!!" Landry

Nelsan Willis As

Nelsan Ellis As Lafayette 'You wish you looked this good' Reynolds


Alexander Skarsgard as Eric "Trust Me" Northman


Chris Bauer as Andy "I know that Piiig!" Bellefleur


Mehcad Brooks as Eggs the Only One Who Wants To Take Responsibility For His Actions.....

Kristen Bauer as Pam Can I kick him Ravencroft

Kristen Bauer as Pam "Can I kick him" Ravencroft

Lettie Mae maybe it wasnt the vodka that made me crazy Thorton

Adina Porter as Lettie Mae "maybe it wasn't the vodka that made me crazy" Thorton


Mariana Klaveno as Queen of The Schmoop Busters Lorena


Tanya Wright as 'I could so take Andy in a fight' Kenya


William Sanderson as Sheriff Bud 'Still Can't Find My Pants' Dearborne


Todd Lowe as Terry 'I said Camo Not Commado' Bellefleur

Jane Bodehouse

Patricica Bethune as Jane 'Anyone seen my finger' Bodehouse


Dale Raoul as Maxine 'This Is My Natural Color' Fortenberry

Mike Spencer

John Billingsley as Mike 'Hard Body' Spencer

Best Guest Actor


Wes Brown as Luke the Premedicated Dick


Ed Quinn as 'It's not a's a WAR!' Stan

Evan Rachel Wood as Queen Sophie Anne

Evan Rachel Wood as Queen Sophie Anne


Lindsey Haun as Hadley 'Pawn 1' Hale

Alan Hyde

Allan Hyde as 'Thank you for making Eric' Godric


Valerie Cruz as Isabel the One Who Should Be Queen


Christopher Gartin as Hugo the flea


Chris Coy as Barry the 'I taste different' Bellboy


Adam Leadbeater as Karl the Towel Boy


~ by lilbooth02 on October 14, 2009.

37 Responses to “The Bloodies-Day 16”

  1. I think voting on the best actor is sufficient.
    To vote on who’s the worst is irrelevant and kinda mean. you have great site and I enjoy it immensely.
    Keep up the good work

  2. I LOVE the nicknames for everyone today

    Just a few, itty bitty spelling things I thought you might wanna know about = Today you called the awards the ‘Bloodied’ and in the poll about Ryan being a lead actor you called him Jason Kwanten

    Just thought I’d let you know, thanks for the awards!!

  3. lol Lil you forgot Pam in the list for best/worst recurring character!


  5. I didn’t quite understand how we were voting for the best and the worst actors in each category when there was only one list. I voted for them as though I were voting for the best.

    I love your sense of humor and, dare I say it, irreverance! You don’t treat it like nothing can be said bad about TB like some sites do. I get very tired of that. Some things about it bug the hell out of me. I’ve got you bookmarked now!

  6. I fixed the header so you can see what I did better. basically it comes down to this whoever gets the most votes wins for best whoever gets the least wins worst.

    To be honest I couldn’t do a Worst list, despite my cutting witty humor *rollseyesatself* I am a nice person by nature and the worst cats for the actors was hard for me. I took the coward’s way out basically…….


    • You should have asked for my help! I can always come w/ some hum… how should I say… not so flatering comments heheheheheh

      It was just great, Lil! Don’t worry about it 🙂

    • Ohhh! Sorry, I was a bit dense on that one. My brain is fried because I’ve been doing taxes for the past week. I’m off to mail them shortly! Nothing like waiting until the last possible day. I voted for Ryan for best lead, and AS for both best overall and best recurring. I LOVE that man. He is a great actor. I’m watching Gen Kill now, for the probably the 20th time. Best guest, AH. I enjoy your site.

  7. LOL on the captions. I had to stop and think a minute myself on how to vote for the best and worst, but finally figure it out. Sorry been working too long and after a work out at the gym, my brain is a little slow. Of course, my best actor overall and recurring character would have to go the one and only ASkars as Eric “Trust Me” Northman. Next season, his status should be changed and upgraded to LEAD actor/character and Bill/Stephen Moyer should be moved to recurring character/supporting actor category. Alexander’s name should also been seen at the opening credits right after or even before Anna Paquin. Just my opinion since his character will have a much bigger presence in the next Season 3 and practically in the rest of the book series. Bill is like almost non-existence, but knowing Alan Ball, he is not going to the follow the books and will include Bill any chance he gets. I’m just hoping its minimal.
    Okay, I went off subject so my vote for lead actor would have to go to Sam Trammell as Sam since Eric/ASkars is not in that list. Best guest is none other than Allan Hyde as Godric.

    Again, thank you so much for putting these together. You girls are awesome. I completely love that all of you possess so much passion, great humor and basically share the same obsession of a certain tall, gorgeous and extremely talented man.
    Can’t wait to see the results!

  8. even though he might sometimes be a little annoying as a character, i just had to vote for ryan kwanten as best lead and best overall actor! just seeing him in interviews where he has a totally different accent and overall posture and comparing that to this incredibly simple yet lovable louisiana redneck that is jason shows what a great actor he is. i found it pretty hard to choose between the recurring actors though. nelsan ellis is doing an incredible job. but still i had to vote for alex skarsgard, that scene on the roof alone shows what he can do, if they let him. godric/allan hyde was an easy choice for me.
    again, thanks so much for all the work you put into this! and i agree, it’s great that this site actually allows for criticism and isn’t all about “tb is great, flawless, perfect”. 😉

  9. I had to give Nelsan Ellis best overall actor factoring in his season 1 & 2 performances. He goes from tough drug dealer (interaction with Jason season 1) to manipulative user (Eddie) to comforting friend (Sookie after Gran’s death) to caring family man (Tara) to PTSD sufferer, etc.

    I’m just hoping TB doesn’t plan to turn him into a vampire. I don’t doubt he could pull it off, but I would miss him at Merlotte’s, and I would miss his interaction with Tara; they play well off each other.

  10. Hey Lil, I fixed the captions for correct spelling, but I cannot fix the polls. In the first poll, it should be Christopher Bauer as Andy, Nelson Ellis as Lafayette and Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica. 3rd Poll: again Nelson Ellis, Deborah Ann Woll and it should be Michael McMillan as Steve. I think that’s all of them.

    • I triples checked Michael McMillian and he has an i in there, but all the rest I am on it! Thanks Scoobs!

  11. And I don’t know why the first poll looks funky, I have tried to fix it twice now so I give up! LOL

  12. overall, I had to with the lovely Michelle Forbes…she can’t help the writing, overplayed orgies, or a lackluster finale, but she owned her role…OWNED IT!
    recurring was hard…Nelson Ellis or Skarsgard? Arggggggh!! guest, Mr. Hyde for sure.

  13. Skars for best and recurring, for sure IMHO. He has Eric down, I mean D O W N.It actually kind of creeps me out how well he plays Eric’s disinterest in most things human. Best lead was hard. I was torn between Ryan and Sam. Went with Ryan. Best guest Allan Hyde. I can’t help it. I love Godric.

    I loved the Bloodies!!! LOVE THEM! Thanks for all your hard work putting them together.

  14. who is laffy??? no one ever called him that.

    • Why are you asking who Laffy is if you know who he is? LOL
      I lovingly call him Laffy and I did the poll so that is how it is. If you notice I used his CH given name in the captions. Sorry I annoyed you enough you had to comment…*giggles*
      *be’s bad for using my shorthand*

  15. […] The Bloodied-Day 16 « Blood Bonds – view page – cached Day 16 of The Bloodies have arrived! Today we will focus in on the Acting Awards. Please remember they are for the actors NOT the characters. Instead of having two polls I am only doing one. So… (Read more)Day 16 of The Bloodies have arrived! Today we will focus in on the Acting Awards. Please remember they are for the actors NOT the characters. Instead of having two polls I am only doing one. So whoever gets the most votes is best and whoever gets the least ….isn’t. Day 17 will cover the rest of the acting awards. As always today’s polls will be open for three days. Now go vote or be drained!!! Bwaahahahaha (@youbettago coined my new fav quote!) Please remember this is for the acting not for who we are crushin’ (Read less) — From the page […]

  16. OK.. I was totally confused by this..not enough coffee perhaps? Best and worse all-in-one? Why?

    • Because. Maybe it’s my tender heart or something but I felt having an actual worst vote was kind of overkill. And since I am doing the polls I made a decision to use this methodology Most Votes = BEST Least Votes = Worst

      I am sorry about the confusion but this is how I feel. I can be plenty snarky when it comes to the characters but when it comes to real people and their craft I don’t feel I have a right to call anyone worst. I didn’t mean to annoy anyone but it looks like I have. Sorry

  17. Crap. In that case, my voting for ERW will be a vote for her as being the best guest appearance. Please delete one vote for her in that category when you are calculating the results! 😉

  18. Thank you for taking all the time to do this – it’s very generous of you.

  19. Oh no I messed up on the last question of the poll.
    I want Godric as the best guest Star!!!!
    Darn it!!
    Need more sleep and more caffeine.
    Thanks for the polls!!
    I love coming here. I have you guys on my google reader 🙂

  20. oh e.r.w. / sophie ann, ya’ll better be gettin the least votes.

  21. Is it just me, or does anyone else think Jason is channeling George Bush? I love it…
    Also love your site. You give me a laugh every day.
    By the way, how about a shout out for Dean?

  22. Love these polls…i am soooo addicted….

  23. can’t believe, that I’ve only just found this site now – it’s hilarious!!! I read and giggle and giggle and read and laugh at loud in the middle of the night. great job you guys! keep ’em coming!

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