Fan Fiction Announcement! Teaser Mondays!!!!

I totes don’t a lot of time to pimp this right now, but Meads is my girl

and I have to support this fantastic thread she started on the Sookieverse,

and let me tell you a few of my fave writers have already posted teasers and WOW!!!!!

Introducing Teaser Mondays! You are going to want to subscribe to this thread for all the latest teasers on your favorite SVM fics!

Hello to all our favorite SVM fanfic writers! I am starting this thread to encourage you to post teasers to your upcoming new story or chapter, one in which you plan to publish sometime within the coming week.

For example, if you have your next chapter ready, but in the editing stages, and you want to give us a little teaser, then you would post the teaser here on Monday and then publish sometime between Tuesday thru Sunday. If you are anticipating that your chapter will take longer to be ready, then I ask that you wait until the following Monday to post your teaser.

Writers: This is a great way to feed your fans a little something to hold back the pitchforks, and it’s also a way to pimp your story, so please participate as often as possible! Share any part of your story that you’d like. The only stipulation is that you keep your teaser to 500 words or less.

Readers: Help me spread the word to your favorite SVM writers! Let them know about this thread so we can get as many teasers as possible!

PLEASE NOTE: This thread is exclusively for teasers to upcoming SVM stories. No discussion! All discussion will be deleted as only teasers are allowed! Remember: teasers may ONLY be posted on Mondays! Thank you!

Disclosure to all: Content on this thread may not be suitable for teens. Teasers from stories rated K thru M are allowed.

The More You Know announcement: Of course this genius idea is not mine. I totally bit it from The Fictionators blog post for Twilight Teaser Mondays. For Twilight teasers, please visit The Fictionators website at

Teaser Mondays Forum Thread Link


~ by lilbooth02 on October 7, 2009.

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