The Bloodie Awards- Day 8


Today is Day 8 of The Bloodie Awards. Today we have 6 categories for you to vote on and these polls will close on Oct. 3rd, 2009.

  • Best Recurring Character
  • Worst Recurring Character
  • Best Character Arc
  • Worst Character Arc
  • Best Vampire
  • Worst Vampire

Please Remember To Read Each Poll Heading!

Best and Worst Recurring Character


Ok, do I really have to say anything? Other than yeah that's neck porn....


Turned out Terry wasn't the Crazy Cousin, wouldn't have guessed it by his accessory choice


A lesser actress would have drowned, I know it's not a funny caption, but it's true.


Thank God it was only a chair and not Eric's lap!


Hoyt! Two Words: Silver Condom.......hey it's worth a try. ;D


Bud pooping his pants was a visual I honestly have to say surprised me. Did. Not. See. That. Coming.


Wow Steve, that is a really good look for you!


Baby Vamp's Got Game


Took shaky voice lessons from Arlene


Broken arm, lost his job, obsessed with a pig,.......he needs to set new goals.


We got this instead of more Eric.....I would have taken more Bill.....hhhaaa gotchya!!!!! JK!!


Dear Lord can you please talk without whining!


I don't care enough to think of a caption....sorry......

Best Character Arc


And I thought his shoulders were sexy.......


So this funny thing happened on the way to meeting the sun....


This one time at church camp.......


OMG, you are soooo lucky Gran never did buy a new fly swatter!

If Bill wasn't so wrapped up in his own selfish world he would have seen his Child was lying and in trouble. But all he thinks about is Sookeh!!!!

If Bill wasn't so wrapped up in his own selfish world he would have seen his Child was lying and in trouble. But all he thinks about is Sookeh!!!!

Worst Character Arc

Honest and Moral? I Just threw up in my mouth a little.
Honest and Moral? I Just threw up in my mouth a little.

If only her story arc was as good as her hair......

If only her story arc was as good as her hair......


How many times do you need to get hit upside the head with reality? Arlene may actually be smarter!


Gran would be rollin' over in her grave....

Best & Worst Vampire


You know what they say about the size of a vampire's fangs right? 😉


Beeelllll? Who the hell is Beeelllll? Ohhhhh Billlllll!!!!!!


Aww Come on Godders just let me eat one!!!!


Is that a battle ax in your loin cloth or are you just happy to see me?


Izzy loves her human…*sigh*….he so deserves to be chained to a wall! Thanks for nothin’ AB!


I showed you mine, now show me your’s! *groan* Poor E

AAWWW Wook! Wittle Tea Cup Vamp os showing his teefers!

AAWWW Wook! Wittle Tea Cup Vamp is showing his teefers!

Baby Vamp Asserting Herself. Maybe was Laffy given her lessons: Neck Roll! Snap those fingers!

Baby Vamp Asserting Herself. Maybe was Laffy given her lessons: Neck Roll! Snap those fingers!

Worship him? Worship ME Bitches!

Worship him? Worship ME Bitches!


~ by lilbooth02 on September 29, 2009.

38 Responses to “The Bloodie Awards- Day 8”

  1. Heehee. Best: Eric. Worst? Beeeeeeeelll!!!

  2. BIG and I do mean BIG Thankies to Lil for putting these up these past few days.


  3. Neck Porn LMAO!!! (believe me, I understand your neck obssesion… *sigh*). I have a tie between Jane Bodehouse and Eggs for the Worst Recurring Character. Oh my Lord… it’s really hard to decide which one was worst (you must know it’s very difficult to choose between the finger & the pickles and the emotive giggles for an ostrich egg… *roll eyes*…).

  4. Great polls and captions! Poor Pam -overlooked in the recurring characters category. Had to give Jane worst recurring character though. Eggs was dull, but every once in a while, he and Tara would share a WTF look over something Maryann said/did that would crack me up.

  5. Who the heck is Beeellllll or Suuukieehhhhhhhhhhhhh?

  6. I was worried about the captions! I was having major issues in between yawns and dozing off at the end there. by the way I have discovered drinking a cup of coffee late at night does NOTHING to keep me awake!

  7. I thought about putting Stan as worst vampire but then thought “at least he had balls”. Not to mention he is definitely dead on TB so guess who I marked as worst….Beeeeeeelllllll!

  8. Ok, I tried to fix Maryanne’s pic..AGAIN… and it won’t work, so I give up!

  9. more like “Eric Mops up the Bloodie Awards” amirite??

    • LOL
      Hey, if BL’s and SL’s and whoever else wants to come and vote they are more than welcome. We have several more cats to get through. As of right now each poll is getting a large unique vote count. I say the more people voting the more fun to be had!! So tell your friends who are fans to come vote!

      • oh i have been! definitely been spreading the blood bonds love around 🙂

        i just think it’s a no-(biased)-brainer 😀 hehe

  10. LMAO! at Sam as the fly!

  11. I have no access to the pools… :S All of them look as the closed ones to me. 😦

  12. you guys have got me cracking up with the captions today.

  13. Best Vampire: Eric, of course!!! Worst: Sophie-Anne. Yahtzee?? Puh-lease! Even Beeelllll was more interesting. 😉 Not to mention the rumor of EWR having her hooks in the man in real life.

    I had a tough time deciding between Sarah, Jane and Mike as Worst Recurring Character. Still, it’s those haunting visuals of Mike writhing around shirtless w/ or w/o women that finalized my decision. ICK!!!

    • Thanks for voting and commenting. Please just remember we don’t talk about the actors private lives on this blog. Birthdays wishes and happiness for engagements are allowed as long as they are polite…I made up that rule after I insisted on giving AS a shout for his B-day! 😉

      I could have edited this post but we have a strict rule in NOT censoring our readers, just gently reminded them to play nice with us and their fellow posters. Come back tomorrow for day 9!!! Your Mike observation is dead on!!! LOL

  14. Where are the polls, I can’t seem to vote..nothing to vote on, nothing to click on…? hmm…


  16. We made the polls one time voting polls that blocked unique users not just cookies and it seems some people are having a hard time voting. hhhmmmm what to do what do to…..

    • Oh, thanks for explaining lilbooth..I haven’t had a chance to vote today though, bummer! Hope this isn’t a big problem for others…I’ll keep checking..maybe later on from home I’ll have better luck, I use Firefox at home, and work is stuck on Internet Explorer…

      • If you haven’t had difficulty voting from home before you should be fine. I believe many business IP’s will not work for the vote, which is a shame because many people vote from work! LOL

        If it does become an issue I may just change the poll setting for a designated hour for those who couldn’t vote, but it will have to be kept on the DL and I will need your emails to let you know when you can vote. I know it’s all very Mission Impossible of me! LOL But we are trying to keep the voting fair.

  17. Oh – hey! Yayyy! I refreshed and the polls showed up, woot!

  18. It was ok for me at this pc, a couple of days ago. Something is happening today, there is no possiblity of voting. I’ll check from home this evening.
    By the way… if I cannot cast : Eric… and Godric… and Eric… and Eric………. sorry… 🙂

  19. LOL there are so many worst vampires its so hard to chose one.

  20. i agree with you all, the ‘worst’ are soooo difficult to choose from…but everything keeps coming up Sophie i’m afraid. Sam was fly & Beel was a bore, but Sophie was beyond suckage. Way beyond.

  21. It is hard for me to think of Eric as a recurring character, but he is.

    Best recurring – Eric
    Worst recurring – Eggs
    Best arc – Eric’s shoulders
    Worst arc – Beeel hurling out the hatchback window
    Best Vamp – Eric
    Worst Vamp – Sophie-Anne

    Choices if Eric was a lead character?
    Best – Lafayette

    • It’s because he owns the screen when he is on. You are so profoundly affected by the little time he is on screen it feels like he’s on more. And I don’t mean that in a stalkerish way, I mean AS’s talent affects my inner drama geek! LOL

    • I feel the same way…if Eric was considered a lead, Laffy would get best recurring hands down.

      And well said lil! If he doesn’t get an emmy nom next year I see a mutiny in our midst!

  22. These captions were so funny, i love the Godric one, ‘is that a hammer in your loincloth’ oh bahahaha cracks me up! Best recurring- Eric dah! lol all of them were pretty much Eric. Worst vamp – Gah Sophie Ann, I mean Yahtzee? Come on.

    Can’t wait for your next one!

  23. I’m thinking Sophie Ann is actually *worse* than Beeeeeeeel or it’s a frakkin’ tie. Either one of them gives me the dry heaves. Good actress + F’d UP script = *booooooooring!*

  24. […] The Bloodie Awards- Day 8 « Blood Bonds – view page – cached Today is Day 8 of The Bloodie Awards. Today we have 6 categories for you to vote on and these polls will close on Oct. 3rd, 2009. — From the page […]

  25. Hmm, best (Eric) and worst (Beeeeellll) vampire? No brainer LOL

  26. Eric is the best in so many ways, and Sophie Anne is the worst vampire imo, she just seemed stupid, not scary and powerful as the Sophie Ann I had in my head after having read the books.
    Thanks a lot for doing these awards, and the captions! I always have a great laugh 🙂

  27. Hey the fans are always right! the Best – Eric, Worst – Queen Sopihie Ann and most funny scene Bill hurling out the car window!!

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