Calling All Fan Fiction Fans!

Eric and His Giant Pumpkin need you!!

Do It For Me Lovers?

Do It For Me Lovers

Betas are needed to help writers edit and polish their submissions.

ALL contest submissions must have a beta.

Normally qualified betas have to meet certain site requirements

As a SVM FF reader have you ever wanted to be a beta but don’t write?

Have you ever wanted to be on the inside of a story?

Part of a creative team that earns a great feeling of fulfillment and may even help you find your inner writer!

Well here is your chance to beta without having to fill those requirements and explore your creative side!

If you feel confident you can help a writer make their submissions the best possible piece

than please go to this thread:

Writer\’s Corner & Beta Requests

Then don’t forget to read all the entries for the contest!

Press Here For Contest Details & Story Links



~ by lilbooth02 on September 28, 2009.

3 Responses to “Calling All Fan Fiction Fans!”

  1. *makes out with Lil*

    You’re so fuckawesome!

  2. I love you so hard right now.

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