Sookieverse FanFiction Contest Part Duex

Zigster and Yogagal have announced the new Fanfiction SVM contest for the fall!

Eric and his Great Pumkin Contest is calling for all Fan Fic writers, readers, and betas to jump on in and join the fun!


Yes, that is right, your eyes are not deceiving you! You read it right! The contest is Halloween inspired and costumes will be a popular prop for the writers.

Hmmm all the ways we can imagine Eric we may just get! Viking, Doctor, Sheriff (*winksatyoga*), maybe even a little human Eric dressed as a vampire? Oh the possibilites! I am a lover of dark and twisted and it’s the season for dark and twisted so I am especially giddy!

So here are the rules and prize announcement yes I said prize! Just getting to read all the amazing fanfic would be enough for me but the ladies went and got prizes! They so rock!


All entries must feature Eric and Sookie as the main couple.

All entries must take place on or around Halloween. We’d prefer if costumes were involved (although not absolutely necessary).

All entries must have some form of citrus. Zest, slices and sips are great — they’re like the mini candy bars in our trick-or treat buckets. Tropicana Pure Premium explosions are the king-size Hershey bars that make Yoga and Zigs squee like little girls. These are preferable but not needed. Translation: We’d love to see some lemony goodness in the one-shot, but no pressure.

We encourage AU and AH entries, not just canon and vamp. (Alternate Universe and All Human)

All entrants must be 18 years or older. This is M rated fiction for a reason. If you can’t buy porn or legally vote, please turn around now and go bob for apples or some such shizzle.

All entries must be a one-shot and must be a new, original story. Minimum 2,500 words. Max 8,500. There is NO wiggle room with this maximum, so PLEASE do not email/PM us with exceptions.

All those who want to continue their stories — which we totes encourage — may do so once the contest has ended.

You may submit more than one story, but 2 is the limit. No more than two one-shots per author.

Collaborations are allowed.

All entries must be beta’d. No exceptions! If you need help finding a beta there is a thread on The Sookieverse forum to help y’all out. 🙂

All entries must be submitted no later than 11:59 PM CST on October 31st. Otherwise, Cinderella is hitching a ride home on a pumpkin (and not of the GP variety!). Voting will open to the public on or around November 6th.

All entries must be submitted to Once you’ve published your story, please send us the link via PM for official entrance into the contest.

All entries must feature the name of the contest in their story description, and the following heading:

Eric and His Great Pumpkin One-shot Contest


Your Pen name:



Any story that doesn’t adhere to the rules above will result in the expulsion of said story from the contest.


First Prize: Your choice of either the complete first or second season of True Blood, OR the full DVD set of Generation Kill. Yes, its fuckawesome, we know.

Second Prize: TBA

(Both winners will also be able to get some kind of banner and/or avatar from Zigs and her Gimp skills. winks)

Eric and His Great Pumpkin Official Contest Page

There is a Fan Fiction Community for all Official Contest Entries, It’s All About One Stop Shopping!

Eric and His Great Pumpkin Stories

No SNOOPS! I Swear Legend Says He's THHHIISSS Big!!!!!

No SNOOPS! I Swear Legend Says He's THHHIISSS Big!!!!!


~ by lilbooth02 on September 25, 2009.

4 Responses to “Sookieverse FanFiction Contest Part Duex”

  1. Give me MORE! I am so enjoying these!!!! YAY!

  2. *squees*

    Im so excited!

  3. Woohoo!

  4. I am so writing a one-shot for this one!
    Eric ‘trick or treat’-ing, now that’s what I would call eye candy *thinks about the possibilities and runs off to write them down*

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