100 000 Hits? OMFG!

Remember when we hit the 50 000 hit milestone? That was less than one month ago! That’s right! In less than one month, we’ve doubled our hit count! We got 50 000 hits in one month! You guys rock! Thank you SOOO much! We have only been around for five months and we built this site from the ground up. So to have 100 000 hits, you guys are just awesome, every one of you. Thank you for visiting, for telling your friends about us, for friending us on Facebook, Twitter and Myspace, for pimping us, for spreading our news and for commenting and interacting with us. You make this site what it is and you make it awesome, every one of you, from as far and as wide as Canada to Brazil, Portugal to Germany, USA to New Zealand and from Poland to Australia.

You know what else has happened? We’ve had more than 1000 comments. In fact, we’re less than 50 comments away from 1500 comments. The most gratifying thing about this site is probably having the goal of it being a place of discourse, discussion and analysis being met. It has really exceeded my wildest expectations.

So far, you guys have sucked down 84.7 GBs of bandwidth on my Photobucket account this month! Crazy! But keep sucking it. Thanks to Swinka/Janet Cadsawan’s generosity and all of you who brought her SVM/TB/Eric related jewellery, I have the funds for a Photobucket pro account. We put a lot of time and effort into this site and as our viewership grows, so does its needs to be facilitated. If you want to support this site and Swinka, please purchase her merchandise here. You receive a 15% discount off the regular price and 6% of funds goes to us.

I also owe an incredible amount of thanks to the ladies who help me run this site and also help me out with it. Lil, for pimping like crazy, for helping to mod the comments, for contributing her ideas and thoughts, for running Twitter and FB. Scooby for taking care of the myspace stuff, for watching the comments and posting articles. EBCM and OV for the graphics. And also a big shout to the Retreat Ladies who are great friends and whose views have shaped this site too.

All in all, for a small site like this, that focuses on its own, original content and the discussion of the fans, instead of spoilers and news…I’d say it’s pretty damn awesome to have what we’ve accomplished in such a short amount of time.

Thank you very much!



~ by simba317 on September 25, 2009.

9 Responses to “100 000 Hits? OMFG!”

  1. Congratulations hon, you deserve all the kudos you have generated.

  2. LOL, just making a comment to get you one more step closer to 1500 😉 Great site, i love it, always check back here daily…

  3. Yay the Retreat Rocks!!!
    Congrats. You have done a great job in making us laugh.
    Don’t go away.

  4. you’re welcome! keep it up and i’ll keep on keepin’ on 🙂

  5. *wipes tears*
    We love you too 🙂

  6. WOW! that’s amazing, you’re doing an excellent job! I just found this place a couple of weeks ago, and I love it here! Keep on keeping on, and you’ll have more hits than you’d ever imagined before the holidays 🙂

  7. Congratulations!!! You are doing an outstanding effort and work here, and you deserve it. Thank you so much for giving us a wonderful space of communication with respect without loosing the fun. You rock gals!
    *BIG HUGS*

  8. Big congrats to you guys. You deserve it!! 🙂 Thanks for making the site an enjoyable place to visit. *HUGS*

  9. Why are you even surprised? This place ROCKS! Eric would so hire you guys as his PR peeps. Congrats and keep it going strong.

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