The Hit List and the Shit List According to Simba

As promised, I now present you with my Hit List and my Shit List of True Blood’s second season, the best and worst of many elements on True Blood. I have ranked the key elements of the show, namely the characters/actors and the writers and a few things in between. The list is divided up into the Hit List, and the Shit List. Each member on the list has a small description.

The Hit List

Eric Northman/Alexander Skarsgård

Eric Northman proved to be the thing to watch each week on True Blood, the character we wait, often times arduously to make an appearance on the screen. His strength, charisma, badassery, arrogance, machismo, charm, violence, manipulation, humour, sarcasm and wit, but layered amazingly with vulnerability, loyalty, nobility and sensitivity kept us coming back each week. From the time he appeared on the screen, in the first season, he has simply captivated and enthralled us. We want to know more about Eric and what makes him tick. The second season provided us with that. We saw a wide range coming from Eric. We saw that he is capable of violence, cruelty but also of loyalty, compassion and love. Seeing Eric lose Godric was the marquee moment on True Blood. He had the best arc of the season, we see him rise into a person that we could admire and sympathize for, but still remain salty.

Alexander Skarsgård portrayed Eric with such believability and subtlety that proved his worth as an actor. His performance of Eric was charismatic and we were very much the vermin enthralled at the screen every time he appeared. Not only did his charisma draw us to Eric, he also showed an amazing depth that drew us in for possibly the best moment of the series when Eric confronts Godric for wanting to meet the sun. His acting in that scene was beautiful, stunning and deserving of an Emmy. He drew an emotional response from the audience and allowed us to feel what it was like to lose someone you hold so dear. His acting is excellent, but it is also grounded and subtle. We lose ourselves in Eric and never feel like we are watching television.

Eric and Alexander Skarsgård are quite simply the biggest assets to the show.

Jessica Hamby/Deborah Ann Woll

When Jessica appeared on the scene in Season One, she was either loved for her comedy or hated as this foreign entity. This season, Jessica became a character in her own right. She terrorized Bill with her teenage attitude and made us laugh. She warmed us through her relationship with Hoyt. She made us sympathize with her because we all know what it’s like to be the uncool kid, to hate yourself, to be insecure. Jessica gained so much depth. Jessica brings an exciting element to the show that was not there before. And her actress brings it every week. Her portrayal of Jessica makes us laugh at her teenage insights and sympathize with her heartbreak. Deborah Ann Woll made us come to love a character we had not encountered in the Sookie Stackhouse novels.

Godric/Allan Hyde

A true tour de force! Godric was AMAZING. He was so different from his conception in the books, but the television version simply surpassed the book version. Allan Hyde’s performance was astonishing. He encompassed two thousand years of life and wisdom and for an actor as young as he, it was nothing short of remarkable. Every scene he was in was exceptional and memorable. We believed that he was a two thousand-year old vampire tired of living. We believed he was a great leader. We believed his relationship with Eric. His scenes with Alexander Skarsgård will always be the level of acting each and every actor is drawn to standard on when appearing on True Blood.

Lafayette Reynold/Nelsan Ellis

Lafayette continues to bring it! He is fabulous, funky and awesome. He is practical, honest, a philosopher, but also a playa, a hooka, a survivor and an entrepreneur and we LOVE him for it! It was masterstroke to keep him on the show. He makes us laugh each week. This season, Lafayette was terrorized and suffering from PTSD, an element contrary to his fabulousness, but the portrayal of Laffy by Nelsan Ellis once again was just plain excellent. Nelsan Ellis is an actor who commits himself to this zany, vibrant character. He brought so much to Lafayette this season that worked, he still talks to Jesus, he knows how to survive, he is the maker of his own destruction, but he is still fabulous. He makes Laffy the guy we all want to be our best friend, but he also brought one of the most amazingly acted scenes this season as seen when Terry comforts Laffy after suffering from a hallucination brought on by PTSD of Eric.

The Eric and Sookie Romantic Relationship- The Start of the Love Triangle

All I have to say is THANK GOD FOR THE LOVE TRIANGLE! It provides serious relief from watching the utter torture and boredom that is Bill and Sookie. Eric and Sookie are extremely interesting and enthralling to watch. There is a push/pull dynamic to them. They are drawn to each other on a subconscious level. Neither wants to admit any feelings for the other, but there is a spark and a definite attraction. It is something that makes us go ‘Hmm…’ and want to see more of and watch it develop. Both have a better understanding of each other than they’d like to and can’t seem to stop thinking about each other. There is love/hate. The first scene in the series where we see a possibility of what Eric and Sookie together could be like was the best taste ever! We see that there is understanding, acceptance, love and companionship, the core of what the relationship is like in the books, the humour too! We see that Alexander Skarsgård and Anna Paquin have an amazing onscreen chemistry that makes their scenes EXCITING to watch. Eric and Sookie don’t feel forced and actions, like hand kissing, feel natural. Their dream sequences were sexy, hot, passionate, tender, endearing, sweet and fun at the same time. When Sookie’s dreams of Eric turned to comforting him after Godric’s death, we were shown that an emotional connection is possible. Not only that, it was one of the most interesting and symbolic scenes on True Blood ever.

Jason Stackhouse/Ryan Kwanten

Last season, all it seemed like Jason did was screw around and get naked. Ryan Kwanten brought an amazing emotional performance at the end of the first season, but we were largely annoyed by Jason because of the amount of screen time he had having sex. This season, Jason is an all-star. He brought some of the most funny, deep, twisted and emotional moments to True Blood. He made us laugh our asses off, he made us think, he made us look within ourselves, he made us emotional. It was a true turnaround. While we may have disliked Jason’s escapades in Season One, it didn’t mean that we didn’t love Ryan Kwanten and his obvious dedication to the character. The way Ryan plays Jason is just amazing. We simply believe him and he commits himself to everything Jason is. It is wonderful to watch.

Steve Newlin/Michael McMillian

The Reverend was HYSTERICAL. Need I say more? He was loopy, fanatical and crazy, but we couldn’t help but enjoy him. He was part of the most hilarious moment on True Blood EVER, getting hit in the middle of the forehead with a paintball. Michael McMillian was incredible in the role, he brought a physical performance to Steve that just made his bigger than life craziness shine through. His facial expressions were classic. He commits himself to a role of a religious fanatic and religious leader and we always believed his acting, no matter how eccentric Steve was. I hope he comes back next year!

Lorena/Mariana Klaveno

In the books, she is easily one of the most hated characters, but on True Blood, she had great depth and we sympathized with her. She was the bitch we LOVED to hate, that even though she’s devious and evil, we still loved her. Part of that is definitely due to Mariana Klaveno. However, when True Blood introduced Lorena’s unrequited love for Bill, it was masterstroke, we sympathized. Mariana Klaveno’s portrayal of Lorena was awesome. We laughed at her lines, her delivery, we sympathized with her unrequited love and we hated how horrible she was, but loved it at the same time.

Pam/Kristin Bauer

Pam rocks. She’s Eric’s right hand woman, sarcastic and deadpan with a dry sense of humour. But the Pam!Drought was a travesty! We want to see more of her! Her chemistry with Eric is perfect and when this duo snarks, it is comedic gold! They are SO Mean Girls, but we love them for it. We’re in on their joke. Kristin Bauer’s portrayal of Pam has always been dead on to how I envisioned Pam in the books (minus the height…but whatevs lol). She brings it. Pam’s sardonic sense of humour always sings and she pulls off the craziest outfits. We love her, laugh at her and with her and shake our heads with a smile on our face going, ‘Oh that Pam…’

Sam Merlotte/Sam Trammell

Sam was the unsung hero this season. Sam was brought through the wringer, but while we didn’t always like his relationship with Daphne for dragging too long, his sensitivity, his good-naturedness, his care of the others around him and his adopted town that didn’t really care that much about him made Sam the everyman that we love to root for. He went through such trials and tribulations, but rose above them and triumphed. Sam is the character who is most like his conception in the books. Hell, he even looks like Sam Trammell in my mind! Sam Trammell did a great job, especially in the finale and in Episode 10, he is the straight man, the level-headed one who thinks through it all when the crazy goes on all around.

Michelle Forbes

We may have hated that Maryann outstayed her welcome, but Michelle Forbes is simply an excellent actress and brought Maryann to life with amazing clarity. She was brave and compassionate to stand up to Tara’s mother, psychotic and humourous in her sociopathic ways and regal in her anger. Michelle Forbes ROCKED the character.

Alexander Woo

Aside from being handed the mess of the season finale, I think he did an admirable job of trying. The plot was horrible, but I think the writing that was a backbone was there…Despite the finale, I still think Alexander Woo is one of the most competent and great writers in the True Blood Writers’ Room. He has written some of the best episodes for the show and has shown a great understanding of all the characters he writes for in the confines of the show. (Hey, he has to deify Bill…) Woo comes up with the best one liners, “Is there no God?,” “Grow a brain cell!,” “52 inch plasma” and some of the best moments, paintballs…

Brian Buckner

Like I’ve said before, I really think Brian Buckner and Alexander Woo are the Andy Horowitz and Edward Kitsis of True Blood. He, like Alexander Woo also writes some of the best character moments, humour and one liners. Like the lady thinking Bill and Eric were gay lovers, the…Crazy!Bill…

Nancy Oliver

She was the first writer who wrote a Sookie I liked in Episode 5 (She wasn’t snarly). She wrote the best portrayal of Sookie in Episode 9. She also wrote the best episode of True Blood EVER, Episode 9, “I Will Rise Up.” She showed an understanding of character that I think is almost unparalleled on the show in Episode 9. Sookie had depth and we finally understood what was going on in her head. Eric became a character we could really sympathize with, a character with vulnerability. She also wrote one of the most memorable moments in the series, when Eric got turned. The dialogue was simply amazing and she brought Godric to life.

Hoyt Fortenberry/Jim Parrack

Hoyt had a great season this year. Largely a character without any presence in the first season, Hoyt became central to the story and had a great turn this year. From his heartwarming courtship of Jessica to standing up to his mother, Hoyt became the man of our best qualities of human beings, one who is tolerant and open. He may make mistakes along the way, but he knows what they are and rectifies them. Jim Parrack was great in the role of Hoyt because we always buy his connection to Jessica. We love watching them together. They’re incredibly sweet, but we never get bored watching them. He also portrays a range of emotions greatly. We’re on board for the Joyt train!

Andy Bellefleur/Chris Bauer

Last season, like Jason, we were annoyed with Andy. All he did was the bad cop routine, the hardass like Red Forman. However, this season he was one of the most comedic elements of the show. His buddy routine with Jason was hilarious and the strange Three Musketeers rocked. Andy made us laugh with his drunkeness, his war wound and his epileptic-on-meth dancing. Chris Bauer was excellent in bringing Andy alive and is an excellent actor.

Terry Bellefleur/Todd Lowe

Once again, Terry was the guy who never failed to warm our hearts and make us laugh. He is just so lovable. His quirkiness as a consequence of the Iraq War is tragic, sad and funny to watch all at once. His romance with Arlene is cute and his comforting of Lafayette in PTSD mode was excellent, one of the best acting scenes ever on True Blood. Terry made us laugh as a confident zombie eyed commander but also cheer when he stood up for Arlene. Todd Lowe plays Terry’s dichotomy well, a confident zombie and a quirky traumatized veteran.

Sarah Newlin/Anna Camp

Sarah Newlin was interesting. Part airhead, part fanatic, part religious, part sociopath…There was so much to Sarah. At the end of the day, she was just plain interesting and fascinating. She was hilarious in her over the topness. It would be easy to dismiss Sarah as nothing more than a harlot disguised in religion, but there was more to her. She was a woman unhappy in marriage and looking for a way out. She was a woman spurned. We felt sympathetic for her, but we could laugh at her too. Paintballs! Anna Camp, I think, just really encompassed the role well. She wore all of Sarah’s hats.

Rutina Wesley

Regardless of the fact that I hated Tara’s character arc this season and the bastardization of her character, Rutina Wesley is still an excellent actress. She simply brought it in Tara’s trials and tribulations. She sold Tara’s pain and sorrow. I believed her heartfelt love confessions…it’s just too bad the story didn’t back them up. Her run of a demon in need of an exorcism was creepy and awesome.

Carrie Preston

Arlene is a character I feel lukewarm about. There are times when I like her and other times I don’t, but Carrie Preston is always an amazing actress. She makes us all laugh at Arlene, ‘Nine out of ten!’, ‘…more Chins than in a Chinese phone book!’ etc. Her delivery of Arlene’s dialogue was always dead on and her one liners always made us laugh. Carrie Preston always sinks herself into Arlene and we believe it.

Kate Barnow and Elisabeth R. Finch

They wrote one of the funniest and most memorable True Blood episodes ever.


I really liked her character. She was levelheaded, smart and intelligent, but also the most human of the vampires we’ve seen. She has compassion, she loves freely, is open to humans and an over all good person. She brings a lot to the table and she’s feisty too.

Nan Flanagan

She’s an icy, cold hard bitch, but you love her for it!


She starts screaming and getting all spazzy and hypochondriac and I LMAO.

The Shit List

Alan Ball

I have been largely unimpressed, dismayed and dismayed by his writing this season. What he has given us as showrunner, the person who should set the standard and write the best episodes of True Blood has been worrying. “Frenzy” was riddled with plot contrivances. Episode 4 was mediocre at best. Perhaps most worrying of all is his oversimplification and dumbing down of True Blood through the portrayals of the characters. Bill is portrayed as good, the white knight, the saint and there is no room for him to be anything but those characteristics. The moment his sheen is tarnished, his issues are either wiped away, forgotten or magically absolved in the writing. Hell, we even have characters telling us how awesome he is to further absolve and almost deify him. They make Bill cool and give him an edge for two seconds and then take it away! Eric is portrayed as the bad guy, the evil one, the devil incarnate, the villain, the manipulative one and similarly, there is almost no room for him to be portrayed otherwise. Even when he does something good, like saving Sookie’s life and Lafayette’s life, he gets no credit through the writing because despite the fact that he did a good deed, the characters do not give him gratitude, thanks or credit for his compassion, it’s brushed under the rug. If he’s trying to set up a character reversal and emphasize it, it’s making it all too obvious because we can all see it a mile away. By the time it happens, will we even care? The portrayals lack complexity and have become so cliched, laughable and ridiculous through the repetitiveness. Another thing I have issue over is Sookie’s CONSTANT need for Bill and needing him to save her. It’s just too much. It’s the 21st century and dammit! Sookie is resourceful on her own and doesn’t need Bill to tell her to do something as simple as using her powers! We get a hint of Sookie’s resourcefulness, but she is relegated to damsel in distress and girlfriend, more times than not. If it’s to demonstrate that the Bill/Sookie relationship is toxic and codependent, there must be a better way to show it instead of subverting Sookie’s power.

Raelle Tucker

Her writing has also been mediocre at best. She writes the worst lines for characters and at multiple points in episodes, you can always hear the script. “She’s gawd, dum-dum.” Her understanding of the characters, I would argue, is also the weakest and when the actors portray them, it shows, particularly in Sookie. Whenever she writes Sookie, she ends up being a snarly bitch that no one likes, a person that we’d rather slap than watch a second longer. Sure, in Episode 3, Sookie’s behavior had a point, but it was MUCH too in your face and lacked subtlety. She was just plain annoying. Her writing emphasizes the worst characteristics of Sookie and she is the biggest offender of the inconsistent portrayal of Sookie in the series.

Tara Thorton

I used to love her and she has become a shell of what she once was. Tara is like Sawyer, she NEEDS to be salty. The goal was to soften Tara, but they softened her to the point where she lost her edge and what made her the Tara we loved, her sarcasm, brutal honesty and wit. Not to mention her arc was just so draining this season and made her look like a dependent drug addict. All she seemed to do was have the same conversation over and over with Eggs. She lost her intelligence and her fire.

Maryann Forrester

A character great in small doses, we got her in large ones. Maryann really wore out her welcome. Her vibrator schtick, the orgies, it all became repetitive and boring rather quickly. Her story dragged and so did her relationship with Tara and Eggs. She became boring quickly and True Blood just managed its time with Maryann poorly. She could have retained her cool, but by the end, we were all too happy to see her go.

Eggs Benedict

He had absolutely NO personality, so we just did not care about him. His relationship with Tara was boring and their conversations were repetitive. I never became invested in Eggs, so I was happy when his brains got scrambled. It was about time. He really wasted the viewers’ time and was just plain draining.

Sophie-Anne Leclerq

The problem is not that she’s different, it’s just that when you compare her to her book counterpart, she just doesn’t match up. She’s this Marie-Antoinette socialite who seems to do nothing but play Yahtzee and do squat to run her kingdom. It’s like…really? How the fuck did she get to be queen then? It’s very hard to take her seriously. She was more queenly in the finale, but she lacks the grace, finesse and wisdom of the original. Sophie-Anne was cool because she was so composed, so cold, so cunning and you always knew that she could kill you at any minute. She always had her game face on.

Sookie Stackhouse

She shows moments of being a strong, resourceful female, but more often than not she is reduced to a damsel in distress that needs saving from her boyfriend. She doesn’t take events into her own hand until she has no other choice, instead of seizing a situation immediately. Her strength and power is taken away. Our expectations for her are SOOO low that we are happy when she’s not portrayed as annoying on the show. We are happy when we don’t hate her. We’re supposed to like her…but we don’t. Not really. Her naivety is contrived and just too much. This girl is 25 and a telepath…she’s not 15! Give her some intelligence. She seemed to have it in Season One before she hooked up with Bill and then her greatest ambition seems like it’s to be a girlfriend…It’s very frustrating. She needs to open up her eyes to the reality of her relationship with Bill and fast. Her snarly and bitchy attitude has got to stop. I mean, I think we’re supposed to actually LIKE her. So why don’t you give us a reason to, True Blood?

Bill and Sookie Romantically

First of all, it’s schmoopy and boring to watch. Watching Anna Paquin and Steven Moyer attempting to muster up any of the chemistry they used to have onscreen is PAINFUL to watch. Bill and Sookie have become an expired, contrived joke. There is no tension, there is no passion, there is nothing interesting. The sex scenes are so obviously choreographed and lack any heat or passion whatsoever, making it painful and not hot or sexy to watch. To top it all off, this couple is incredibly insipid and vapid. They get up on their high horses and parade around in hypocrisy. The relationship is based on a first meeting that we are supposed to believe is SOOO romantic and loving…and yet is anything but. Perhaps worst of all, the relationship is extremely controlling, abusive, emotionally, psychologically and verbally and heading towards physical abuse. The relationship is ugly. It is based on Bill’s need to possess and have an ego prop to reflect the version of himself he wants to see. It is based on Sookie and Bill’s mutual loneliness. It is based upon Sookie’s need to have someone she can’t  hear. The foundation of their relationship are ideas and conceptions about the other person that they just cannot live up to. Sookie’s perception of Bill is that he is a good guy, humane and yet he has proved time and time again that he is anything but. Bill sees Sookie as good and tender-hearted, failing to see that she is ruthless. The moment these perceptions are broken, their relationship is done for. The relationship happened so quickly that we just do NOT buy that they are in love. The latter is all story detail and is probably the intention of the writers…but God, it is just annoying to watch two people with serious relationship issues, acknowledge that they have issues, just to have the writers brush it under the rug two seconds later. It’s so contrived and just lacks continuity.

Bill Compton/Stephen Moyer

Bill is the curdled milk in the back of your fridge that is only getting worse. He is just extremely boring and arduous to watch. More than that, he is no longer interesting, he has become a parody of himself in how laughable and ridiculous he is. He has one note and one dimension. He is so predictable. His three modes are yelling/angry/Sucky is MAHN!, dopey and mopey/emo/woe is me! He is hypocritical in his assertions of humanity and the hating himself and vampires is just SO overblown. I’m just TIRED of it. I’m tired of his self-righteousness, I’m tired of his disrespect, I’m tired of how he is so cut and dry, I am tired of how white he has to be, I’m tired of how the writers absolve him of any guilt or consequences for his actions, I’m tired of his lack of depth, I’m tired of his dumbed down portrayal. I’m just plain tired of Bill. He is draining the life out of this show and the verifiable monkey on its back. The harder you try to make me like him, the more I hate him.

In a cast as amazing as True Blood, Stephen Moyer just falls short and is often quite obviously the weakest link as an actor. His overblown physical gestures, the chest puffing, the hand acting, the twitchyness is contrived, cliche and a clear case of overacting. We are more times than not, made aware that he is acting. We notice it. His gesticulations are unnatural. His portrayal of Bill is melodramatic, “I WILL NOT TURN TO ERIC!” His ineffectualness affects other actors, most noticeably, Anna Paquin and Evan Rachel Wood whose performances are MUCH better when he is not in scenes with them.

Just Plain Weird Shit

Sookie’s Wardrobe

Two words: Pancake dress.

Sookie’s Hair

Shirley Temple is a cute, young actress, not a 25-year-old woman.

The Makeup

How can you do blood oozing out of the neck and yet make Bill look worse than the worst chain smokers, over sun worshippers and some meth addicts? Oh and Sookie’s makeup too…Harsh, dude…harsh.

Special Effects

Glow!Hands, the Photoshop picture that won’t go away, blue flames, the vibrator, the black void, 60s montage, the silver dart (Flying STILL sucks)…

If something was not mentioned on this list, it means it wasn’t good enough to be praised, but wasn’t bad enough to be shit.

Hope you enjoyed that! I’m aiming for Sunday to get the recap out. I’m reaaaaallly busy. The caps are from my old recaps…meaning that they’re from Marishna, and myself.



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  2. You nailed it. ITA, and it’s just proof that it’s not just book addiction that is making some of us not like the show. I also love all of the changes you mentioned (Jessica, Lafayette, Jason, expansion on the Newlin characters, etc.). You are so, so, so right about Stephen Moyer and it’s so nice to be able to just say it: he is awful! The fake accent, the melodrama, the gestures. I think he may be an ok actor; I’ve never seen him in anything else. But his portrayal of Bill is god-awful. I almost quit watching after episode 5, because I really thought I couldn’t take any more of the BS relationship (convenient initials!). Those 2 make me think of Joey’s assertion on Friends that you can tell when 2 actors are sleeping together in real life because they lose their on-stage chemistry. Certainly true in this case.

    It’s unfortunate that Alan Ball said in a recent interview (you responded to it I believe) that he doesn’t pay any attention to what the fans want because he doesn’t want the show to be affected by it. If that’s his way of doing things, I can’t imagine True Blood will last long. The Skarsgard fans are keeping the show alive. I know that at this point I’m mostly watching because his acting is so amazing. It seems odd to me that in a world where ratings matter, where shows are canceled if no one watches them, that he is not interested in public opinion. I think he’s doing a terrible job with this show, and I do NOT expect it or want it to just blindly follow the books. If I’d never read the books, I’d hate Bill & Sookie just as much as I already do on the show.

    I need to LIKE Sookie, and I just don’t. I think part of it is Anna Paquin. She is just not Sookie to me. She’s annoying in this role. I think the rest is really bad writing.

  3. Wow. This would be my list and I wouldn’t change a damn thing.
    Right down to He-who-I-shall-not-name heading up the shit list. Oh, so THAT for me right now.

  4. This is exactly what my list would be. It’s almost painful to see how black or white the main characters are portrayed. Grey, True Blood Makers, grey is the new pink! Thank’s for that list as well as for the recaps.

  5. It’s like we share a brain lol
    Another great analysis of True Blood Season 2.
    Alan Ball is going to kill this show if he doesn’t pay attention and do 3 things –
    1)Give us interesting from the 3 leads – and yes I mean Eric/Sookie/Bill – as well as the secondary characters. Nobody likes caricatures. Sookie should be strong, funny, capable…and the vampires should have both good and bad sides – BUT STILL BE VAMPIRES (Eric is, Bill isn’t)

    2)Focus on the damn vampires and know when a subplot is dead.

    3) Give up the Bill boner and recognize what he has in Alex/Eric.

  6. -applause-

    Absolute agreement!

  7. Bravo! Bravo! You’ve managed to put to words, almost exactly, how I feel about everything TB. Thank you, thank you. I only hope that Alan Ball happens to find this jewel. *smoochies*

    LOVE IT!

  9. blahblahblah Eric! blahblahblah Books! blahblahblah Bill is boring!

  10. I agree with everything except poor Stephen. I have been a huge Stephen Moyer fan for years. He’s a great actor. I just think the writing and direction for Bill SUCKS!!!! What can he do? I do hate the facial expressions, he constantly has a puss on his face. As if Bill has just eaten a lemon, but perhaps it’s because they haven’t given him much to work with. As an actor I usually notice flailing hands, and I have to say I’ve never been distracted by them, but I’ll have to go back to an episode I can stand to watch again and look for it.

    And I agree with Friends’ “Joey.” Now that they’re a couple they seem to have lost their chemistry. Because I thought they had it in Season 1. Again, though it could be the writing and directing. I mean, as you pointed out, Simba, they aren’t writing any real conflict between the characters. As for Anna, when Sookie’s not with Bill, I think she does a fine job as Sookie. It’s all in the writing and direction!!

  11. I think this person should write in article that doesn’t display an biased oppinion. He/She or whatever the heck “Simba” is totally an Eric fan. I think they did nothing but tear Bill apart. I think this crap needs to be taken down and re-written. I don’t think there enough room to type out what I’m talking about. Eric is nice to look at but he’s not the greatest actor on this show, and he hasn’t done anything that puts up to the top and Bill at the bottom. I think people need to stop posting crap with thrie biased oppinions

    • LOL! You’re a Bill fan aren’t you? So you’re biased as well. LOL. Though I defended Stephen. So it is possible to prefer Eric and still like Bill, if Bill is written well.

    • Well all I can say is you can choose not to come here and read here or post here. Here at BB we do not censor our readers and we certainly do not censor the creators of the blog, which Simba is one of them. So again feel free to not come here.

      I am not directing this at you, just reminding our readers/posters:
      just to make it clear disagreeing with an opinion is just dandy just remember on this board we demand everyone have respect for the actors and DO NOT blast them or share personal info aka paparazzi crap here. Yes I said crap.

    • Why go to a blog that is openly EL friendly if you don’t like the character? If you know you will be upset about what is written there?!

      *shakes head* I will never understand that. Never

    • “but he’s not the greatest actor on this show and he hasn’t done anything that puts up to the top and Bill at the bottom”

      Let’s leave all the Bill/eric debate for a minute and let’s be honest, Skarsgard IS one of the best actors on this show, and Stephen Moyer is a very very mediocre actor, it’s painful to watch him sometimes, he overreacts too much and uses his hands in a very exagerated way when he’s trying to do a dramatic scene, it’s like watching an amateur theater actor, this has nothing to do with Bill, it’s the actor.

      And now let’s move onto the characters, Bill is way behind Eric in general terms, in charisma, in development, his past, his present, his business, his human life was more interesting, even the audience likes eric better, that’s just the way it is.

    • If you want an unbiased review where someone tells you in a dry manner what happened…it’s not a review, it’s a description, a summary. This place is about opinions…I’m offering one. I’m also telling you what *I* liked and disliked. You’re free to disagree and to not like my opinions, but that’s what they are.


    • I think your comment needs to be taken down and rewritten because the awful grammar combined with all the spelling errors is making it nearly impossible to comprehend.

    • Unlike you, Simba has eloquently provided us with facts to support her statements. If you want to post a counter-opinion, please do so in a respectful, logical manner. Right now, all I see is a bunch of insults thrown Simba’s way and nothing else. Please be polite!

  12. Just stumled it, hope you get a lot of visitors:)

  13. A+++

  14. AMEN!!!

  15. I couldn’t agree with you more on the way the characters are coming across.

    as far as Tara goes in your Shit List. She seems to have lost her memory too this season. “I finally have someone good. I finally have love. Wah wah wah” Has she completely forgotten about the cousin who goes above and beyond to care for her and be considerate of the fact her mom sucks (coming back to take her to that party in the first season)? Or the fact Sookie and her Gran have always been there as a surrogate family? She’s no waif! Why is she acting like one? There is NOTHING worse than a girl who ditches everyone that has ever cared for her for a new man … and this was especially disappointing coming from Tara who was so blunt. She was (in Season 1) more the type of person to bitch slap a girl for acting that way than the type of character to become “that girl.” Awful!

    I think the dumbing down thing is why Sookie sucked so much, or at least in the way you described in your list. I think the writers were trying to show how being with Bill is “helping” her embrace and better hone her powers (encouraging her with Tara and telling her to use her powers in the finale). Aside from those moments of encouragement, which you’re right – comes off much more like she’s too stupid to think of using the ability that she has to work so hard to control.

    And writing the characters like we watchers are simpletons. What?!

    Perfect example of the Bill/Eric/Sookie characters in the book compared to how one dimensional they are in the show would be the Dallas house party. We all know the show: Eric telling Bill he protected Sookie, Eric sending Bill off after the attackers, Eric getting Sookie to drink his blood once Bill’s gone and Bill & Sookie’s disgust over that. Can you get more dumbed down than that ENTIRE scene?! Not to mention, um, Bill, you’re a vampire! Manipulation is your NUMBER ONE trait and you’re surprised by Eric’s use of what is your second nature? And you’re disgusted by it, mister I helped kill a couple and then slipped around in all the blood on the bed while having sex with my maker/girlfriend?! Are the writers not watching the other episodes while making up the character traits in their own? I don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong. I like the multiple writers and the opportunity that presents to build on characters and emphasize various layers of their personalities. I just wish they took advantage of that opportunity!

    Anyway, back to my point (sorry). The book was entirely different. There were so many more layers to things. Such as, Eric’s playful “I knew I’d get on top of you” comment which on the surface is Sookie/Eric banter at its best, but behind the arrogant, comedic remark we also are becoming aware of the sincerity behind his action – that Eric wanted to save her, protect her. And then there was Bill who ran off (without Eric’s command, if I’m recalling correctly) and eats Fellowship of the Sun people (“They attacked us first”), which had its consequences – it angered Sookie off and reminded us all that he is a vampire (not some white knight good guy).

    I too touched a bit on that in my blog “I understand some characters needed to be built upon and expanded from the books for the show, but SOME are quite developed in the books ::cough, cough, Eric, cough:: and I hope you don’t change them so much we barely recognize them. You don’t always need a good guy and a bad guy, you can just have flawed characters. And one girl doesn’t need just one hero … sometimes a girl needs a different “hero” for different difficulties in her life. Your first love (and lover) isn’t always your only one or even the right one.” ( – feel free to leave a book-long comment like I did here too. Sorry lol

    Thanks for taking the time to make up this list. The blog rocks for its uniqueness with stuff like this 🙂

  16. I just have to say, if you read the books, Sookie’s wardrobe and hair exactly match! She’s a poor country country girl. Not a fashionista.

    • actually not so. She wore a business suit to Stan’s. Bill and Eric supplied her with an account at Tara’s boutique and she would buy appropriate clothes for whatever mess she was about to get herself in. Ball dresses, cocktail dresses, slack suits have all been described and her daisy duke appearance for the orgy? Well she loathed being dressed like that. Sookie may have grown up in BT, but she isn’t ignorant. She is a well read individual who respects her self and all her pieces, even if it took her some time to see telepathy as a gift and a curse.

      • And don’t forget the underwear 😉

        She was also a sexual creature who while a virgin when she met Bill was not blind to other men…at ALL. Eric, JB (that’s right, right?), Sam…she was fervently attracted to Sam at times, and they got pretty hot and heavy at least once that I can recall (I think it’s time for a reread)…

        and none of that is portrayed on screen…she’s got blinders on and doe-eyes just for Bill.

      • Oh the underwear! I tell you, I am insanely jealous of book!sookie and her sexy underwear collection. CH goes to great pains to describe it at any and every opportunity.

      • I know!! I’m jealous of her underwear too…and the scene where it’s ripped off her at the hotel? Or when Bill goes ‘fishing’ for the key? Yeah…that was pre-not liking him in the books…he was fun and sexy then a little bit…but so was Eric…and Sam…and…yeah…a LOT of sexy men in the books *sigh*

  17. OMG Ginger was the funniest non-important character on the show! every time she cracked a spaz and started screaming her head off, it was the most hilarious thing ever. i LMAO every single time and still do when thinking about her scenes.

    i agree about Eggs…he may have a hot bod, but his character and dialogue was incredibly boring. the Queen scenes are almost as boring, as she does nothing but drink blood and play yahtzee (first to 5 million) *sigh* i feel sorry for Hadley and the blood bags that stay there.

  18. Brilliant assessment, Simba, totally with you on all of it. I just feel gratified many others see it as well, so I’m not feeling alone.
    I hope season 3 makes Sookie wake the hell up about Bill and her silly self as of late, get more gumption and strength, and of course, sees the lovely layers of Eric in a more honest way. I want to like Sookie so much more. Anna has it in her..maybe it’s direction too.
    More Eric has already been promised, and I think is inevitable for season 3. It’s all that’s bringing me back, really…looking forward to seeing if Alan Ball has re-thought anything…and maybe the stellar writers of the show will step up to do more writing, and some of the other weaker writers will just move on to something else…

  19. Excellent list.
    Although, I would change a couple of things. For one, I think Stephen Moyer is a great actor and a good Bill. I don’t think he’s the best Bill but I think he works well with the material he’s been given and let’s face it, the character he’s been given is so fucking one sided and predictable I’m surprised I don’t hate the character more. And that I attribute to Moyer’s acting.

    The other thing I disagreed on was Rutina Wesley. I don’t think she’s a great actress but I think she does a great job at playing Tara. I think she is Tara. I’d still like to see more from her and maybe we’ll get it in Season 3.

  20. I agree with this list in it’s entirety. I also agree with a lot of the comments posted. I find Anna Paquin annoying and if I have to suffer anymore “love scenes” between her and Stephen Moyer I’m going to shoot myself. Anna Paquin is just not a believable Sookie. In the novels Sookie is described as this vuluptous, vivacious, intelligent, and beautiful woman… does AP really fall under any of these descriptions? Didn’t think so. And seriously, what’s up with the oh-so-forced accent? Did anyone tell Ms. Paquin that she doesn’t have to be offensive to be realistic? I’m from the south and none of us sound that &^%&^% stupid! I guess I can’t put all of the blame on AP because AB is ruining the beautiful characters and wonderfully fantastic story lines that Mrs. Harris created. MaryAnne was dragged out WAY too long; Eggs was insufferable; Bill is a whiny little b***c; and Sookie is just this helpless (sorry to say it) airhead. One upside, thank you for NOT killing Lafayette; he is just this loveable, fabulously fierce, masculine diva. I am crossing my fingers and holding my breath that next season brings something more substantial to the table. Come on HBO… give me something worthy of my time!

    • Amber please no personal attacks on the actors. AP is intelligent and she has her attractive qualities. She may not be our ideal Sookie, but to attack her personally is not what this blog is about.

      Thank you.

      ~ scooby

  21. Well, since 5.1 million people watched the finale I have to say the show seems to be doing just fine as is. This is Alan Ball’s show and he can do whatever he wants with it. Charlaine Harris doesn’t complain about it. It is a fun and funny show not Masterpiece Theatre. Loosen up. Geez.

    • I imagine fully 3/4 of those people tuned in to see BAMF ERIC deal with the maenad, not boring tedious old Bill. A lot of those viewers won’t be back, the disappointment was so keen.

    • The ONLY reason I got HBO in the first place was to watch this show. Season 1 was amazing, yeah it had ddifferences…but I accepted them.

      Season 2 I came in with such high hopes, continuing to be wiling to PAY $14/mo for a station that I pretty much ONLY watch True Blood on (occasionally I’ll watch a movie-but not that often). The rumors and spoilers leading up to the season had me worried – but I continued to hold out hope.

      Yes, i’m a bookie…but all of season 1 changes I accepted…

      Laffy is still alive? I LOVE the character and was glad he was kept alive – but it worried me how they’d do the orgy storyline without him being dead…what would spark Sookie to help when it was Jeanette’s murder instead…curiosity and hope kept me watching.

      I suffered through the maenad storyline, and watching Bill become increasingly erratic and stupid and annoying…I cringed every time he and “Sucky” hooked up, trying not to throw up a little in my mouth. I watched this entire season hoping for one glimmer of hope that Ball would at least HONOR where this show came from like he did the first season.

      But he didn’t. Instead of continuing to honor these books that he claims to have enjoyed SO much – he’s spit on them.

      Characters rich with depth have been cartoonized into 2-dimensional characters. Sookie – who CAN be annoying in the books (seriously wanted to bash her over the head with a frying pan at the end of the last book) – became an insipid little girl that is a shadow of the flawed, but strong character she was in the books. Bill has gone from being a stoic, secretive, character that still manages to make me see that he DOES love sookie (even if he found her for the wrong reasons) – has become an annoying night in shining armor whose gross misdeeds are ignored by all around…and let’s not get started on how he treats Jessica!

      In the end, I’ve decided to cancel my PAID HBO subscription. I could use the money and it’s obvious to me that Ball and his minions only cared to give me 2 episodes worthy of my viewing this season. If it turns out that things turn around next year maybe I’ll be re-up my subscription…but I’m not going to buy Season 2 or continue to pay for HBO when what happened this past season made me so sick to my stomach.

      So HBO and Ball have lost at LEAST this viewer and my money…from the feedback I’e read I’m thinking I’m not the only one.

      I’ll get my kicks from the books, picturing AS as Eric and my own casting choices for the rest (really, I have nthing against AP, but she does not match the descrip in the books).

    • When HBO aired “I Will Rise Up”, they got 4.5 million viewers. It was AN EXCELLENT episode, their viewership rose to 5.3 million viewers for “New World in My View”. Only to drop to 5.2 for “Frenzy” and 5.1 for “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’.” Isn’t that interesting?

      The show got better and had a fantastic arc for an incredible character and their ratings surged. When people saw that the subsequent episodes were NOT as good, the ratings dropped.


    • Like I said in another posting, a show is not just about a creator and his views. He owes it to us, the audience, to produce complex, well thought out episodes that offer us intelligent, fully developed characters. Which he hasn’t.

      And regarding Charlaine Harris, let’s be realistic here. She obviously has to remain on friendly terms with Mr. Ball and HBO (don’t forget that she’s making money off of True Blood as well).

  22. The harder you try to make me like him, the more I hate him.

    Bill/Moyer is the main problem I have with the show. He’s not even one of those characters I love to hate, I just hate him. I’m sorry, but this is Moyer’s fault mainly. Look what ASkars has done with the little he’s given! He’s supposed to be the black hat yet he’s made an ENORMOUS impact on the viewing audience. Bill is in nearly every scene Sookie is in and yet most of the audience is just plain tired of him. SM does indeed over-act, in an old-fashioned melodramatic way that is hugely unappealing.

    What I am hoping for is that Bill is relegated to glorified extra status in the third season, just like Eric was in the first. Or maybe every time Bill and Sookie have a scene, Eric can hover over THEM for a change?

  23. I agree wholeheartedly, Simba! I started rereading the series and I finished LDID last night and it just made me more aggrevated with Ball. I don’t expect the show to be the exact equivalent of the books, but there were great things in the book that would have been awesome to watch on screen. I am not a Book Bill hater, but I have become a Show Bill hater. I loved the Eric/Sookie/Bill triangle in the books. I loved Sookie’s thoughts about the men in her life in the books. I loved that she was strong and independent, that she could be battered and bruised and her life hanging by a thread and she would say something so off-hand like, “Your gonna need a new rug”, or be more concerned with bleeding on Eric’s clothes than how bad her condition was. We haven’t seen ANY of the witty banter between Eric and Sookie. We haven’t seen ANY of the conflict that Sookie has with accepting Bill’s vampiric nature(not that Show Bill has any vampiric nature). By this point in the book, Sookie/Eric/Bill all have a greater understanding of eachother. Ball is rushing things that can be put off until later(Hadley and the Queen), putting off things that should come sooner(Sookie coming to terms with Bill’s true nature, Sookie forming a real bond and mutual trust with Eric not just in dream sequences), omitting things that are of importance to the characters(Pam/Eric and Pam/Sookie relationship, Sookie’s independence, orgy shack scene, Bill’s faults, and if you’re going to show the Queen this soon, where the hell is Andre?), and throwing shit in that doesn’t matter at all or just doesn’t make sense(Eggs[all of them], too much Maryanne, Bill’s proposal, Yatzee, Bill’s utter disregard for the vampire heirarchy). I really don’t know if I’ll watch season 3. I will probably give the first few episodes my attention, but if they suck as much as this season(minus 8 & 9), then I’ll just cut my Sunday night trifecta down to my Sunday night duo. And I think that is more of a reality seeing that Ball has openly said that he doesn’t get the fans infatuation with Eric. He said something along the lines of “sure he’s a bad boy, but I dont’ think Eric can love anyone but himself.” How can we expect anything more to come of this series if this is the interpretation of the show’s creator?

    • I’m the same way with Book Bill. Show Bill made me appreciate Book Bill. He’s a pretty decent guy, he loves Sookie for the wrong reasons, he’s clueless…but incredibly well rounded.


      • At this point(on the show) I’m not even sure if Bill really loves Sookie. According to the Queen he’s just in love with her because of her special blood so, yeah.
        I never doubted book Bill’s love for Sookie but I’ve got nothing but questions and red flags when it comes to tv Bill’s ‘feelings.’

  24. Nice list Simba.
    Sad about AP and Sookie. I know she can do better. But, I think the material she has to work with lacks depth. This season Sookie had no personality. She was told what to do by Bill. He blamed her for Jess going to her parents. If Bill was a better “Dad” Jess had a better chance in controlling her appetite as a new vampire.
    The make up was terrible this season. We know they are vampires. There is no need to make them look green.
    Alexander’s haircut was a great idea to get rid of the wig.
    Sam was a true hero this season,
    Jason and Andy did offer some of the funniest lines.
    I hate Nan ( so I guess I love to hate her)
    I just think that the romance between Sookie and Bill is a trun off. Specially, when Bill doesn’t behave like a vampire anymore.
    I don’t want to see Bill as a Saint. I want him to have his bad side showing. I want him to have secrets. The same way I don’t want Eric as evil. I want to see good in him ( like his interaction with Godric)
    I like Book Bill. He never disrespected his Sheriff. In the Show he is always doing it.
    I want to see the characters develop more complexity rather than simplicity.

  25. Wow…such a thorough and dead on blog I really have nothing to contribute except to agree wholeheartedly. I am annoyed and tired of being hit on the head over and over again this season that Bill=good and Eric=bad. Throwing Lorena into this season makes it quite clear that they have no intention of having Bill cheat on Sookie and they’re probably going to ignore the whole “working for the queen thing.” What have they done? They’ve had Eric manipulate Sookie and order Bill to go after the fellowship people, when in the books Bill did that on his own, putting revenge in front of his girlfriend’s welfare. The layers for Bill are completely lacking and it’s to the detriment of the show. Oh and SM’s makeup is terrible. Why can they make the other vamps look fine but he looks like a mime?

    The Mary Ann stuff did drag on way too long despite the acting and I agree completely about Tara. Adored her in season 1 but can’t stand her now. I hope they can revamp (haha) her next season.

    All your faves are my faves, all your hates are my hates. I need to come here more often!

  26. I’m right there with you Simba, your lists are dead on the money as usual. One of the main reasons i would put the TB creators & HBO producers on the shit list, is that they’re talking down to the audience, and not giving us the credit of our own intelligence. I’m insulted. They are definitely shit list material.

  27. It was fun reading the list and I tend to agree with most of it.

    I am a person that watched Season 1 on DVD, then read all the books and watched Season 2 weekly. I feel I am included in the majority of the viewers in that we read the books after seeing the 1st season and now have different ideas or expectations when watching the 2nd and subsequent seasons of TB.

    This is why I feel AB and the writers have not taken advantage of more people being interested in this show and staying more true to the book character relationships. 99.9% Book readers want Eric/Sookie. I am sorry to say that, but that is they way it is. PERIOD. This is clearly evident with the viewers wanting to see the book plots and Eric/Sookie when the Dallas-centric episodes increased viewership, gaining nearly a million more viewers in one week, and then falling down for the last three Maryann and Bill/Sookie episodes. I am surprised the viewership didn’t drop off that much, but maybe people were watching like me just to see what was in store for Eric.

    Don’t blame the bookies for wanting to see Eric. AB and the writers did this to us. They got us invested in this character from the 1st episode of season 2 when he killed a man in front of our eyes and kept one of the most beloved characters locked in a dungeon for 2+ weeks and then had us dabbing our tears at witnessing the loss of a companion/parent/brother in “I Will Rise Up” eight episodes later. This is one of the reasons I am so mad at the end of the season because I feel like the rug has been pulled out from under me and I am expected to go back to the way it was before with Bill/Sookie. At this point, I am no longer invested in these two characters.

    What I haved loved about AB’s intrepretation of the books is how he has brought to life the book 2nd tier characters. I now know Arlene, Terry, Andy, Jason, Lafayette, Tara and even Sam more. Yeah!

    Bringing the book 2nd tier characters to life is where Alan Ball can bring redemption to the Bill Compton character for me. AB tried to make Bill be independent in Season 2 by not following orders, being a non-existent parent to Jessica, recycling the glassware and etc. Unfortunately this came across as Bill being pathetic, chalky, old moody and possessive. Now that Bill is essentially a 2nd tier character from Book 3 through 9, we have the opportunity to see Bill’s “life” on screen and this is where I have the most expectation from AB for the Bill character.

    I have rambled too long and I am terrible at drawing things to a conclusion. I like the discussions because they make me enjoy the books and TV show far more than just an hour or day of entertainment.

  28. Bottom Line: When you have really shitty storylines, dialogue, AND special effects, everything hinges on the actors. Alexander Skarsgard and other great supporting actors (Lafayette, Godric, Jessica) are the only ones floating the boat. Everything else is just kind of godawful. Kind of risky, especially when you have such weak core actors (Anna Paquin is decent but completely overblown in her “moments of danger” Every minor injury sounds like she’s getting torn apart in pieces. We almost EXPECT her tragic wailing, that’s how standard it is). Stephen Moyer is really just not a very good actor. You would think hanging around ASkars would teach him a thing or two about subtlety, but he just gets worse and worse. When you see the contrast between the two of them in a shared scene, it’s almost embarrassing.

    I watch True Blood online and literally fast forward through every Bill/Sookie/Tara moment. Alan Ball should not be so keenly dismissive towards Eric, who he seems to view as a typical sexy dangerous guy. He needs to realize ALEXANDER SKARSGARD is the main reason for viewers, and not just because of his sex appeal. The point is that AS makes Eric so much more than that, and gives just fascinating performances.

  29. Bravo, Simba. You have pretty much said everything I’ve been trying to say about the season, but I just keep faffing about and can’t find the words. I agree with everything you said and have my fingers crossed for a better season next summer. I want the great story lines and complex characters of the books. It is not Eric I read the books for (although I do enjoy him immensely), but for what Mrs. Harris is going to come up with next. Every one of her characters makes me smile on some level and I really don’t want to lose that with the show. Ep. 8 & 9 were the best. That rooftop scene was beautiful and I hope we have more moments like that next year.

  30. I dare say I have to agree with what Simba wrote. The Bill and Sookie thing is getting old. We all know Sookie has a brain, let her use it instead of Screaming for Bill because she got a hang nail and can’t find the clippers.

    As for Tara, I readily agree with you, she lost her spunk. Sure it was nice when she found Eggs, but when she did, she lost her backbone bit by bit.

    The Maryann debacle…….went on way to long.

    I would like to see more of Pam myself, I think she could be a force also. In the books, she is great. It was a shame she didn’t get more air time this season.

    Sam – hmmmmm what to say about Sam. He is, I believe, a genuinely good person.

    Bill…..anyone who read the books knows what Bill does, the “Big Betrayal”. And I know the show is “loosely” very, tied to the books, but, after I read that, in all honesty, I just don’t care that much for him anymore. It was nice to see the background on him and Lorena though, that just proves he isn’t always “Mr. Nice Guy”. He does have his bad side with the flaws, makes him more…..more.

    I can not wait for more of the Sookie – Eric. I know, Bill Bill Bill. But honestly, as there relationship stands now, I can’t hardly stomach watching them on the screen together, what with her incapable of doing anything with out input from Bill.

    I guess that’s enough said, sorry.

  31. Simba, you are such a goddess…

  32. This list is completely spot on, and is nearly everything I’ve been saying about S2 and more, but you put it so much better than I could. You even put my favorite characters in the right order! I just can’t understand how the show has gone south so fast though. As another reviewer put it, it’s now a donut show, the empty center being the incredibly (and increasingly) boring Bill and Sookie (and you’re right – he’s now a control freak and she’s a passive-aggressive mess).

  33. Simba and Lil (7 any others involved w/ this Blog) I think you guys do an excellent job here, and just so happen to hit the nail on the head every time…and THAT is MY opinion! I have no doubt, of the many Bill-loving sites there are w/ Bill fans drooling over his every move, and that is not what this site is about. It’s not the “I hate Bill” Blog (although I wonder if that would be as popular as the “I hate Brenda” group)
    Regardless of the readers who disagree w/ what you write from week to week, I would like to extend a warm “Thank You” for making every week for every episode very entertaining, and it was so nice looking foward to “visiting” you and laughing every week…I’ll miss it very much….Again, Thanks for being there for us Eric-Lovers! HA! See you next time round!

  34. Brilliant! Thanks for taking the time to do this. It says what I’ve been thinking in my head. And honestly, after the disappointment that is the FINALE… I didn’t even have the energy to comment on it. It just sucked. PERIOD.

    ***The harder you try to make me like him, the more I hate him.

    I couldn’t agree more. And I didn’t hate Book Bill this much. At least he was more selfless and he accepted who he is. Show Bill just kept saying “Sookie is MINE”!!! Ok… we get it!!!

    And I think I notice that a lot of Bill-lovers who keep accusing us as just Bookies or that we always complain. They keep reiterating the fact that the book & show are separate. I think I just wanna say to them … is that w/o the books, there won’t be a show called True Blood. AB could’ve just created his own show called “Bob (the vampire) and Shirley(the empath)”… eehh. =) And as someone who loves the books, I don’t mind the little changes and extra characters. There’s room in the books for embellishment in those parts. I can even accept the “excuse” that there are just some changes necessary to make “better TV”. But I just hate it when they change the main/important aspects of an event or of a certain character itself. And the unfair/unbalanced changes they’ve liberally taken w/ Bill & Eric’s character is one reason why fans like me are complaining.

    • I think the majority of the issues people have with the show aren’t book related. Inconsistent character writing? Well…that’s the writers’ team. The oversimplification? Writers’ team again. You don’t have to be a fan of the book to see and to dislike the totally biased portrayals. Hell, as a fan of the show, I think they bastardized Tara…I loved her in S1. You don’t need to be a book fan to want Sookie to be more her own woman…I mean, it’s too much when every time she gets into trouble, her first thought is ‘Beel will save me!’

      Of course, there are overlaps with the issues…but for the most part, they stand by themselves outside the realm of Charlaine Harris’ universe and I question the objectivity of those who claim otherwise.


  35. Yes, to your hit list and yes, to your shit list. Again, how are you in my head??? LOL As for next season…I’m hoping for the best and expecting the worst. I just don’t get what AB is doing most of the time. Why would you bother adapting books, but ripping out the heart and soul of the story? Eric/Sookie is not always the focus of the books, but it is, for me, the real center of the books. I get that AB wants to change things up, but come on! Eric lets Sookie be herself in the books and to a certain extent, on the show as well. Bill is the controlling bf you have to get away from in order to grow as a person and TV Bill is absolutely the epitome of this. Next season? More Eric, more Eric, more Eric! Looking forward to your finale recap.

  36. PERFECTO!!!! This clearly lays out everything that is hot and not on True Blood. Fantastic, simply fantastic!!!!

  37. how did you ever made this perfect list?! it’s too long but i couldnt stop reading because it was like, OMG, its almost everything i wanteed to say but just couldnt put into words… LOL at this, thanks for pointing them out…

    I definitely agree to them especially with that os Sophie-Ann/ERW, SHE’S ACTING! for geez sake, when you watch her, it seems like she’s memorizing her lines that her facial expressions are OA already, she do really lack the grace, authority, and all the things i expected from “book Sophie-Ann” and how i imagined her character from all these years… she’s pretty though…

    there’s no pointing it out, BILL/SM is boring, what would make him more exciting is the betrayal thing…

    Laffie/Nelsan, Eric/AS & Jessica/DAW are indeed great in portraying their role, they make it believable… Though the are some points where AS/Eric is losing his “book Eric character” because of the flow of the storyline, it sometimes sucks!!!

    AB, i’m crossing my fingers for next season…

    Great job Simba!!!

  38. Thanks for telling it like it is Simba!
    I`m getting so tired of nearly every TB discussion ending with “Bill!Bill!” or !Eric!Eric!!, no matter what the discussion matter was originally. I love the show as much as any other fan and am also fan of the books, but luckily I don`t feel like I have to take a stand between Eric or Bill for Sookie. I think there are lots of other carachters and situations in the brilliant tv- series that are more interesting than who this gal chooses for her sexpartner. But that`s just me I guess. It`s just, like I started with; I feel that alot of the discussions over various stuff from TB very often seem to disappear into a Bill or Eric struggle between the different fans and I think it`S getting old.

  39. “His three modes are yelling/angry/Sucky is MAHN!” LMAO!!! OMG, you made me laugh so much with that sentence! I have to congrat you for this excellent assesment of the season. It really covers all the main pros and cons of the show, from AB and the writers until the f/x. Speaking of f/x, does SA’s HUGE and yellow ugly tiger’s fangs fill on that category? WOW, they are really ugly, and I really don’t understand the need of being so big (and yellow and ugly ..again lol). The only reason I could think for them to be big (but not necessarily yellow *yuck*) is the age of the queen (at least at the books), but this is not the case on TB because she is only between 300-400 aprox. And certainly, the show have other vampires older than her and do not have HUGE, yellow and gross fangs like hers.

  40. This list is so biased it’s ridiculous. LOL. I love Stephen Moyer’s portrayal of Bill, and so does everyone I know watching the show. We also like AS, and the other actors. What gives you the right to critique their acting or anyone’s writing? I thought this was a place to objectively discuss the show, but I was obviously wrong. This site is simply a place for disgruntled Eric fans to lash out at anyone who is keeping Eric and Sookie apart in their eyes or taking away from AS screen time. It’s kind of sad, really. Guess I will have to look elsewhere for intelligent conversation.

    • I’m sad you see it that way…but look at the title, it’s called ‘The Hit List and the Shit List According to Simba‘. Like I said before, if you want me to be objective, I’m giving you a description and a summary, not a review. A review is about an opinion, my opinion. It may be biased, but that’s the point. It’s a review that tells you what *I* like and what *I* happen not to like…If you see this site as a place for ELs to lash out…I think you’re missing the point. Just because *you* don’t have issues with the show, doesn’t mean that others don’t. Just because everyone *you* happen to know doesn’t have issues, doesn’t mean that people *you* don’t know do. It must be nice to have everyone you know like everything you do. Just because people have issues with the show doesn’t make anyone else any more right or correct. Your opinion of things isn’t the standard that everyone else should weigh their opinions to. No one’s is. I’m putting one view out there, but I allow ANYONE to disagree with me. That being said, if you disagree, I expect you to back it up with facts and ideas, so we can have a discussion. Hell, if people want to post their own reviews on this site, they can, they’re just an email away from having that ability.

      We don’t lash out at people, we discuss in a mature manner. If you can back up your ideas with evidence, cool. But if your opinion does not hold up…it doesn’t hold up. Just because I choose to counter what someone says, I do not dismiss what they say, I say, I see where you’re coming from, but offer my counter opinion…I’m sorry you see that as lashing out. It’s not. If you think we’re the ones lashing out, you surely have not seen other sites on the Internet. Try being a Slash fan on Gn’R site, “Here Today Gone to Hell.” Go read the comments on and YouTube and tell me that we’re lashing out.

      The issues with True Blood stand beyond Eric and Bill. It’s not about Eric and Bill. I have issues with Tara. I have issues with how women are portrayed on the show. I have issues with the stereotypes on the show. It’s about the Writers’ Room. But somehow because I happen to like Eric and show that, everything I say is nothing more than a disgruntled Eric fan lashing out at anyone who is keeping Eric and Sookie apart in my eyes or taking away AS screen time, regardless of the fact I write about so much more than just Eric and Bill…If people see that, fine, it’s their loss, but it’s also a reflection of their biases and perceptions too and the fact they jump to conclusions instead of actually READING what I say, because I happen to wear the fact that I’m an Eric fan on my sleeve.


      • Wow Simba, you’re really the bomb. All of this is just so well said, and so mature and well rounded. Bravo…!

    • I’d advise you to take note of what simba wrote. THAT is a constructive, well-developed, justifiable opinion. Yours, on the other hand, is sorely lacking in that category. If you’re going to insult a whole group of people, you should do it in a mature, thoughtful manner. Remember that for next time.

  41. Thanks, Dazy 🙂


  42. simba, I really, really loved your review! I am in total agreement about how women are being portrayed on the show, I hate that Sookie has lost her balls – she truly has a good pair in the books!
    I was upset for a long time about the additions in the series, I didn’t understand why Bill had to create a new vamp, and then, he didn’t really take his responsibilities with her!
    I like both Bill and Eric (both in the books and on the show) but somehow, I have a HUGE preference for Eric anyway. I think it’s his humour and his sexyness that gets me every time.
    I also agree with you that the changes in character makes the show hard to follow and like some times. Eric was the one who was supposed to kill Long Shadow, and it made so much more sense to me, that was a big eye-opener for Sookie, it showed her that there was more to Eric than being the boss.
    I have now bookmarked this site, so that I can come back and read more – and also put in my two cents as well!
    Thanks for taking the time to make an excellent review!

  43. Whether or not simba;s treatise is constructive OR justifiable is up for debate, but to clarify, I wasn’t insulting anyone, just making an observation that seems to hold true on other boards that I visit. People who are neutral, or who prefer a suitor other than Eric for Sookie, are generally quite happy with the show, the actors, and Mr. Ball’s writing and direction. The loudest, angriest fans are those who see Eric as the be all and end all of the books, find Alexander Skarsgard attractive, and expect instant gratification from the show. It’s quite obvious to me that this is a primarily Eric-centric site, since I have yet to read one positive comment about Bill (or Sookie for that matter), and every comment either praises AS’ acting or bemoans the supposed glorification of the Bill character to Eric’s detriment. As I said on another thread, I don’t have a dog in this fight, since I adore Sam, but to be honest, all of the nasty comments I’ve read here both about him and about Stephen Moyer make me want to root for Bill.

    Here’s the thing. Anna Paquin won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Sookie in Season 1. The casting director just won an Emmy. The dvds sales have been phenomenal. The ratings are the best HBO has seen since The Sopranos. The word of mouth and press for the show is uniformly positive. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    • I’m all for Sam as well, but everyone is allowed to express their opinion (and obviously an opinion will be biased!). I assure you that if you visit a Bill-centric site, you’ll find a lot of anti-Eric stuff there too.

    • But are they deserving of some of their acclaims? My answer is no. Not to mention things like ratings and DVD sales mean nothing to the actual quality of the show. X3 was a HORRIBLE movie, it was still one of the top films of 06, Season 4 of Lost was horrible, but the DVD sales rocked…

      Anna Paquin simply did NOT deserve a Golden Globe for Sookie Stackhouse in Season One of True Blood. She was simply not given the material that would deserve an award. She won the award, simply because of her name, she won an Oscar at the age of 11, and is part of the Boys’ Club that is the awards shows and is working with Alan Ball. That reputation alone is what won her the award, not her skill. So for her to win a Golden Globe…she did so despite the less than grand writing of her character, like a suffering or bi-polar disorder, riddled with inconsistency. The casting director certainly deserves an award…but ratings etc, don’t mean shit if the product can’t hold it up…There is room for improvement on True Blood. MUCH improvement.

      It’s good for you that you don’t see room for improvement, but others do.


  44. Actually, I have visited some Billcentric sites (sadly, I’ve yet to find a Sam-centric site) and for the most part, they are no where near as full of hate as the Eric sites are. Not only do folks on the Eric sites complain about Alan Ball, Bill and Sookie, and the acting, but I’ve read horrible personal attacks on SM and AP, blaming them for the direction of the show because they are engaged! Good grief. I just think people need to chill. It isn’t good to get so worked up over a bunch of fictional characters.

    • People care about the show. Let them get worked up over it if they want. You are in no place to judge.

      Anyhow, I don’t mean to sound rude. I just think we should leave the critiquing for the show, and not towards other people’s opinions.

  45. Which is exactly what you are doing to me. LOL.

    • Lol. Well then I apologize because that wasn’t my intention! Anyway, if you happen to find a Sam-centric site, let me know! 🙂

  46. Not a problem, although I think the Bill and Eric fans are using up all of the bandwidth!

  47. Simba, I completely agree with this list. Spot on the hit and shit list. I have to admit that I too am a little biased and a big fan of Eric/Alexander Skarsgard so putting him on top of this list is a perfect choice by me. He is the main reason why I still watch the show, and will anxiously wait for the Season 3 despite the disastrous S2 finale. The proposal and kidnapping of Bill was a total let down. You call that a big cliffhanger! I say good riddance, but then again its not great since everyone would assume Eric was the culprit.
    I admit that the Bill character grates on my nerves this past Season 2. I was and am a big fan of the books before the show even aired, but I have to admit that the TV show was also the reason I read the whole collection of books again and will probably do so for the third time during the hiatus. I have nothing personally against the actor, Stephen Moyer, but just believe the character is betrayed so inaccurately on the TV show, not much in Season 1, but way off course in Season 2. Stephen and Anna make quite a cute couple off screen, but unfortunately, their onscreen chemistry and interaction doesn’t sizzle or convince me to root for them as a couple on TV. Again, this is mainly due to the way the characters are portrayed and written onscreen. I don’t expect every plotline and aspect of the books to transfer to the show, but could they at least keep the personalities of the characters similar. I like Bill much better in the books. At least he was more accepting of his vampire nature and not this righteous and grieving for humanity bullsh*t. He also wasn’t so possessive and controlling and disrespectful (to his Sheriff). I really was Pro-Bill in the beginning until *SPOILER ALERT** his betrayal in Book 3(coming in Season 3). Even Sookie grates on my nerves in both the books and the show. Heck, I like Sam much better and probably pick Sam over Bill if I wasn’t such an Eric fan. You don’t want me to get started on Tara and Eggs (another ridiculous plotline on the show). Maryanne’s storyline was another ridiculous plotline and way overblown. When it comes down to it, it is the quality of the writing, not a Team Bill vs. Team Eric or Team Sam or the Books vs. TB Show. I’m totally a Team Eric of course and I still love the show, but I love the books better. If they kept true to the core of characters, I wouldn’t be complaining as much. I know Alan Ball can take liberties and creative rights with the show, but to completely destroy the basis of what is truly and really great about the books (Eric, Bill and Sookie, but mainly Eric) and twist them to make the show different and supposedly better than books didn’t in my opinion. In the words of the Queen(Sophie-Anne), “You suck at this.” However, I did like that they kept Lafayette and brought in Jessica(one great addition). Face it, without the basis of the books, there wouldn’t be a TV show. I just hope Alan Ball and his writers do justice to the next book, “Club Dead” for Season 3 and not leave out my favorite scenes, “SPOILER ALERT” (i.e. when Eric snuck in Sookie’s bed who and when they were almost naked in bed together after she got staked) Sorry, I feel like I’m ranting on with complete nonsense, but just wanted to share my thoughts and opinion. Anyone is free to agree or disagree with it.

    Sorry, I wanted to add, how is on the show, we don’t know what Bill does for living? (i.e the books he was a computer geek and working for the queen) and yet there is no mention of it in the show. Where does he get is money and how does Sookie not ask what he does? Does he have some kind of trust or money he save up or is his job solely watching Sookie and secretly he is getting paid by the Queen? Why has this subject never come up in their relationship or does Sookie just naturally accepts it because she is trying to be a model and respectable woman and not question things when its not her concern?
    Sorry of my rant now.

    • i agree COMPLETELY. I’m all for alan ball going off and introducing new elements to the show because that is what makes the show so interesting, but not to extent that he destroys what was originally there. AKA what he is doing now. All the complexities and depth of the characters that Charlaine Harris created have virtually disappeared from the show. The last two episodes of season 2 made a mess of everything, and I just hope they can get it together for the third season!

  48. Sorry, I meant to say that was the end of my rant. 🙂

  49. Switzerland, one rule in this forum is respect of all posters. Your ‘Bull****’ comment violates that. If you want to disagree with a poster, do so in a mature fashion, state your view and explain your counter opinion.


  50. That was as mature as I could be responding to that post. Sometimes you have to call it what it is.

    True Blood is supposed to be fun. Alan Ball did many years of serious drama with SFU, and movies like American Beauty and Towelhead. He is going for camp. There is a reason for Sookie’s characterization, as well as Bill and Eric’s. He isn’t taking it seriously. True Blood manages to be hilarious, touching, ridiculous, explicit, and pushes the envelope in all those areas. I read on a blog that the show doesn’t need to worry about ‘jumping the shark’ because it’s already jumped the shark, landed in the water and is searching for more dorsal fins. I think that pretty much sums it up and I am fine with that. It may not be what everyone is looking for, but it seems to be the direction Alan Ball is going with it, and I don’t think that’s going to suddenly change.

    As far as award worthy acting this season, I think everyone did a superb job, including Anna and the much-maligned Stephen, but my kudos go to Ryan Kwantan and Michelle Forbes. They did the most with what they were given and their performances are truly award worthy.

  51. Wow. I am really shocked that I have not came across this website sooner. I’ve just discovered it today and spent the last hour and half browsing, reading, and voting in poll here. I think this may be the best TB wesbite ever and it definitely just went on my Favorites list. 🙂 I think that I have yet to see an opinion in one of the blogs that I have disagreed with.

    And as for this Hit List and Shit List….I abso-freaking-lutely love it! It is pretty much the same things my friends and I have been screaming throughout the season and post-season.

    It’s so nice to find others like me! 😉

  52. You contradicted yourself. In one part you say that Bill is only shown as good. But later you complain that Sookie thinks he is good when he is really bad. I think Bill has shown he is bad – example in Season 1 he glamored the police officer and made him pee on himself in front of Sookie.

    • Just to clarify, it’s the difference between showing a character to be bad and absolving him. Bill is portrayed to show negative characteristics, but he is completely absolved and shown to be good through the writing. He killed Uncle Bartlett OMFG! …but he loves Sookie and they have sex. Bill acts like a totally abusive and yells at Sookie, calling her names! …but she nearly dies, so everything’s a-okay. OMFG! Bill killed Sidney’s girlfriend in cold blood and took pleasure in it! …but it was only because Lorena made him do it. Bill’s plan is totally hair brained and stupid! …but it worked and he gets two big ‘you’re the hero’ speeches, regardless of the fact it was stupid.

      See, when you take in those negations, Bill comes out smelling like roses through the writing. So the net effect is that he’s portrayed as good. Every time Bill’s character gets dinged, the writers come along and give him convenient outs meaning that he’s a character that gets a free card, carte blanche and never deals with the consequences of his actions. It’s never Bill’s fault something bad happens, it’s always someone else’s…and THAT I take issue with.

      In Season 1…all of Bill’s transgressions and things that would make him a bad choice for a boyfriend are pretty much absolved when he decides to become crispy for Sookie. It’s like after that moment, when Sookie for the first time has a male she can rely on, she just puts the blinders on herself to Bill and stops questioning anything he does critically because he’s only looking out for you, stupid, and you should be grateful, instead of being Debbie Downer and getting in the way of the happiness you can have. So Sookie’s basically in sit down, shut up mode.


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