Blood Bonds Poll! Trubie or Bookie or a Little Bit of Both?

The debate is on. Are the book fans really watching the show?Are bookie really that insignificant? We keep hearing how only 5% of the television audience has actually read the books.We want to know if that is true. Not only that but we want to know if because of the show you are now a huge Southern Vampire Mysteries fan? Or did you love the books and then fell into the trap we know True Blood is? Then after you take the poll please feel free to tell us your story in the comments.


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  1. Ooooh! Story time! 🙂

    When TB first came on, I said, “pfffttt…vampires?? no thanks HBO” and proceeded to point and laugh at all my friends that watched. “HAHA, you watch a vampire show! neeneer neeneer neeneerrrrr!”
    Then on NYE, while getting dressed to go out, my husband and I both got sucked in to watching a show in our hotel room that was on marathon. It was sexy! It was violent! It was funny! It was–wait? is this that vampire show I made fun of all my friends for watching? Shit…
    (btw…we never made it out, we were that involved in the marathon)

    So then I watched the remaining of Season 1 when HBO began to re-air S1 eps every Saturday in prep for S2. I knew my SIL was a huge fan, so I would talk to her about it. She kept telling me, “oh you HAVE to read the books! they are so good!” ORLY?
    After 3 months of her insisting and halfway through S2, I finally remembered to get the books from her when I went to visit. She didn’t have them all, only 4-7 and 9. I said to myself, “well I’m in S2, so prolly no need to read 1-3” so I started with book 4 (imagine my reaction: WHAT?!?!?? Eric?! oh holy mother! i need a glass of water…). I definitely went back to read 1-3 immediately upon finishing 4, then went out to buy book 8.

    I devoured all 9 books in one week.

    Now my friends have made a drinking game out of it…anytime I mention TB or SSNovels when we’re out, everyone drinks 😉

    Jokes on me! neeneer neeneer neenerrrr!!

    • LOL that is a good story!

    • That is a fucking AWESOME story lol.
      I can’t even imagine starting those books on Book 4 after only watching True Blood.
      WTF wouldn’t even begin to describe it!

    • glad I could entertain 😀

      and I’m so glad for this board and for being able to discuss both with courtesy, respect and have intellectual, and FUN!, discussion about both.

    • I just love your story. I felt the same. Vampire story–ewww! But I discovered Twilight (the movie) after much fighting against it. Then devoured the books. Was told about the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Read all in less than a week. Less than 24 hours per book. When on book 8 I finally slowed down realizing that it would soon be…..over! Then what would I do? The books are very easy to read and funny and hot! I’m totally torn between Bill and Eric…but I have to admit Eric is winning. All this time I had no idea I’d like a bad boy. LOL. Now I’m reading (slowly as I can…with great difficulty) Dead and Gone the final book (so far) in the series which only comes in hardcover. (So you can see I’m desperate enough to pay the hardcover price…only discounted online).

      I got my mother reading the novels too! Such a nice escape from our world reading about Sookie’s world.

      I hear we have to wait until June 2010 for S3??? Any suggestions on how to cope with that???

  2. i started watching the show first. i wasn’t originally planning on reading the books, but i heard so much about them that curiosity won out! i am a very fast reader, and i am now on book 6, and i have only been reading them for a little less than 2 weeks. i cannot put them down. i read book 4 in less than a day, lol! i started reading them so that i’d have my TB fix after the season was over. but i’m reading them so dang fast i’m going to end up with withdrawals anyway, lol. i love both the books and the show devotedly and can’t wait for the new season (so i can see more of Eric!).

  3. I watched all of season one, and when it was over, I could not WAIT for season two. I never even KNEW the boks existed until halfway thru season one. I have read the first 8 books. I am waiting for book 9 in paperback. Don’t know how much longer I can hold out, though.

    • Go to and you can get it NEW for $10-11 plus shipping. Total deal as it retails for much more. I couldn’t hold out It’s really good! Go get it!

  4. Wow this looks interesting already.
    I had never heard of the books when season 1 aired.
    I read them during the break.
    Now a rabid, devoted bookie, first and foremost.
    I suspect that my story is not unique…take heed Mr Ball if you think you can screw these characters and no one will notice or care.

    • I’m much like you Aaine. I watched Season 1 first then devoured all the books, including book 9 when released. This poll needs another option that says Started a Trubie now a devoted Bookie. I picked the closest one to that. 😉

      ~ scooby

  5. When I saw the previews for Season 1, I noticed Stephen Moyer was in it and having been a big Dark Shadows fan as a kid, I thought hmmm, looks interesting. In the promos they mentioned it was based on a book, so I went out and bought Dead Until Dark.

    I whipped through that puppy and ran out to get the next one, then the next one, I decided, this is stupid just get the rest of them. But at the bookstore near me, they didn’t have all of them so I started going to different stores to get them all. I had finished reading 8 by the time the show started and had started through the books again. I NEVER EVER read a book more than once. I get bored and start skipping. I read every single word again. And I’ve started through them again! I enjoy them as if I had never read them and savor SAVOR my favorite parts (Alcide & Eric of course!). I’m on Book 5 now and I know for sure I’ll be going back a 4th time. In between, I read all the other Charlaine Harris books, and I like this series best, though I’m quite taken with the Shakespeare series.

    At any rate. I loved the first season, even though it varied a bit from the books, I thought it was well cast and honored the spirit of the book. I anxiously awaited the Season 2. I was such a big fan that I started hosting True Blood Sunday dinners for friends (all at my own expense and I’m a struggling actor) I couldn’t wait for the healing of Sookie after the maenad scene. In fact, I was traveling to the mountains of North Carolina when eppy 4 $ 5 were going to air and I got HBO for NC just so I could watch those episodes. But I was disappointed and have been (other than eppys 8&9) the whole season. The magic of the first season was missing.

    I’m relieved Season 2 is finished. I’ve been so disappointed that it’s been hard to get the enthusiasm to put together the dinners. So I’m glad for the break. I’m hoping Season 3 will bring back the magic, but I don’t expect it. I keep the books close at hand so I don’t loose the magic they create.

    BTW, I hate Eric w/short hair and I struggle not to picture Alex when I read because the Eric in my head is much sexier with long hair and I want to continue to see MY version of Eric. Not that I have any other complaint about Alex. But Eric’s hair is KEY for me, it’s a personality trait as well as a physical one. He chooses not to cut his hair. Very important for me. I know, I’m a wacko!

    • I realize it sounds like I think Stephen Moyer was in Dark Shadows! LOL! I meant it was a combination of two things.

  6. I decieded to get the books at the start of summer for pool/beach reading material. I loved Season 1 and season 2 had started a few weeks before I got the books, I wanted to read the books before too much more of the show had been on. When I finished book 1, I thought wow, cheezwhiz… harlequinn romance for the vampire set. I prefer gruesome horror, and it didn’t quite quench my blood thirst (excuse the pun!) But b/c of the show( and I paid 55 bucks for the box set of 7) I contuined on…. I’m hooked! While Sookie still annoys the hell out of me in the books, and I feel Charlaine harris draws out a story, only to quickly finish it within 2o pages, I still feel the addiction of finding out what’s next… just finished book 8. I need to hit Barnes 7 Noble for #9!!!!

  7. I read the books long before the series started…. I didn’t start watching the show until the Season 1 marathon right before Season 2 started… I am hooked… I’m re-reading the books in an attenpt to remind myself of what happened and when so that I am on my game when the show starts back up…

  8. i read the books first and i am so glad i did. the books are incredibly better. the reason i watch the show is because i don’t want to forget the books and i want them to continue on. i like that they add things and change things that didn’t happen in the series to keep it new, but for the most part i find myself exclaiming “that didn’t happen in the book!”

    in particular when it comes to Bill. he was a lot more selfish in the book and it contributed to who Sookie later becomes and who she winds up with. i hated the season 2 finale. i don’t like that Bill and Lorena’s story has been changed so significantly.

    the first season was absolutely fantastic. loved it. hopefully season 3 can work Alcide and Eric into Sookie’s life like they had been in the book. I don’t see how that can happen though if Bill isn’t being an asshole.

    even though i love the books a lot more than the show, i still do love the show.

    • Well, maybe it was Lorena steaming mad who kidnapped Bill? Then they can work that whole storyline into the series and make it match the books more. I don’t like how they changed Bill and Lorena’s story either. They have it so we don’t let go of Bill. I still like Bill (even in the books) but I love how significant Eric becomes. I’m kind of disappointed they don’t portray Pam in a better more important way (as she is in the books) and how close she is to Sookie.

  9. I haven’t read the books and don’t intend to until the series ends and my withdrawals become severe. I’ve been disappointed enough with the way Bill is being portrayed vs. Eric and I don’t want to make it worse by reading the books.

  10. I think Alan REALLY needs to wake up and see that our “bookie” clan will not be brushed under the rug and the fan base is there!

    I know he has done a TON of interviews about the whole “team Eric craziness” and that he trying to not get sucked in.. Well ok Alex (erix) is hot but in the books he is so much more. He is deep and VERY dangerous but able to love! The books sookie doesn’t hate him any less then she does in the show.

    The whole Bill thing in the books bill was a jerk his role in the show makes him some pushover which isn’t true to the books at all.

    I understand that is a show and though its based on the books that’s not the angle he is going for. He is going to have some competition starting with the release of Twlight (new moon) and yes they are going with most of the books story line. Then you have the new show which again is based on books Vampire diaries.

  11. The books were suggested by my husband(the librarian) who thought I would like them because they had Vampires in them. And I was like “um.. no but maybe I’ll check them out later.”
    Then I heard that Alan Ball was optioning the material and being a HUGE Six Feet Under fan I started reading the books like a madwoman before season 1 started up.
    I was hooked! I couldn’t wait to see the show after reading the books and season 1 did not disappoint!
    So I guess I’m a little bit of both. Ultimately I’ll keep watching the show even if it does deviate a lot from the books because it’s still a great show. At least for now it is. 😛

  12. True Blood was the reason I had to get HBO. The books were the reason I had to see the series. The only reason I disagreed with the series was MaryAnne. Didn’t like the character getting so much screen time when we could have had more Eric and Bill. HAHA

  13. I started watching True Blood because of Fishbiscuitland…it’s got a side forum for other shows and this show, True Blood, kept getting more posts, so I got curious and clicked it. I saw AP was in it. I’m an AP fan. I love the X-Men, and vampires? Sure, why not…I kept reading the thread…I saw a picture of Alexanders Skarsgard as Eric and went…yeah…DEFINITELY watching it now. So I did. I kept reading that thread…and found out about the books.

    There was a break and I was a little desperate for more Eric. Not only that, there was an Eric drought and he had enthralled me in Episode 4. So I go into Chapters, wanting to pick up DUD. Only to realize…it’s not there. Neither are any of the first three books. All they had available was 4, 6, 7 and 8.

    So I went ‘What the hell?’ and picked up 4, DTTW, which I had read I was a heavy Eric book. I loved Eric. I picked up DUD, was thoroughly unimpressed, but knowing that Sookie as a character and the books did get better from reading 4, I picked up LDID and I was fucking hooked! I bought the boxed set on Amazon and shipped it with the hardcover for FDTW.


  14. I read the books long before the show was even thought of, I love the books and kinda like the show, Mr. Ball needs to quit messing the characters up quite so much, I understand why he might not follow the books 100% but come on did you have to change the basics of the story?? Bill is an ass and he needs to be put in his place by Eric He is his sheriff in the books Bill would never talk to Eric as he does on the show! Eric would rip his arms off and beat him with them ( Oh to see that happen) No I do not like Bill, it is because he is a liar and a cheater. I also think that Sookie deserves to be treated well and that is certinally not by Mr. Compton.

  15. My story
    I started watching TB as a New Year’s marathon. TIVO taped it for me thinking I may enjoy it. TIVO was freaking right.
    I watched all 12 episodes before and AFTER a New Year’s Party. (I was glad I was not working the next day)
    I have never read a vampire book before. I don’t watch scary movies.
    I found out TB were based on a book series. I ordered the first 7 from Amazon. I thought “this is great I can find out the end of the series” At that time I didn’t know CH had written more. ( Now, I have to wait a few more years to know the end)
    My favorite character is Eric (just in case my name doesn’t make it clear) and found Alex Skarsgard was/is the perfect Eric.
    So I was a Trubie then a bookie.

    • In addition, I will understand if AB wants to make changes to break away from the books. But, changing the whole plot line and giving some of Eric’s phrases to Bill is sad. (or for that matter actions …Long Shadow anyone)
      The books are great. Funny, entertaining, much more Pam. There is no reason not to try to follow them.

      • I do think Bill staking Longshadow made more sense than Eric. I mean, Eric just met this chick. Why would he be interested in saving her? She was just some mouthy human to him.


      • But Simba_317 in the books Eric was interested in Sookie from the first time he saw her, so saving her made sense.

      • Interested yes…but, his actions were very extreme…too extreme for someone you just met. I do agree with the direction the show took in that specific case, where Bill was the one who staked Longshadow…because Bill was so much more invested in Sookie than Eric was at that point. It wouldn’t have made sense for Eric to stake Longshadow. Hell, even in the books, I was a bit iffy on it…but I went with it. I do think in the books that Eric had more going on behind the scenes that lead him to stake Longshadow…because it was out there.


  16. Saw the first 2 episodes of Season 1 (just before the Season 2 premier) and immediately went on, bought the books AND the first season on DVD. Everything sort of happened at once for me!!

  17. I watched most of the first season before deciding to read the books. Before the show was created I had not heard of the series. Now I am devoted to the written word. Although I am devoted to the show as well, but the further the show goes away from the books the more upset I get.
    I love the cast, I think they are perfect. I am okay if they stray a bit from the books, but there are some things I believe should be kept at least close to the same.

  18. I started reading the books when I was finished with Twilight, yearning for more vampires.

    One of it had some promotion for TB printed on the front and I jumped in maybe in the midst of the first season. I remember that I liked Book!Bill very much in the beginning, till his betrayal came to light (I was really disappoint and sad about it). I did also like TV!Bill at first, but it all broke down when he scared that policeman into peeing his pants. I never warmed to him again after that.

    I think Pam, Eric and Sam are perfect casts. Book!Sookie and TV!Sookie are totally different, but I definitely grew on browneyed Sookie. What I really, really hated was the ending of season 2. Bill (!) sending her a dress! The proposal, bah!

    I really love the Sookie-Stackhouse-series, I read it twice, some books even a third or fourth time. I came to like Charlaine Harris way of writing so much, actually started reading the Shakespeares-series, too.

  19. First I just want to say thanks for all the feedback! It great so many people shared their stories. It is interesting though how the ratio to who votes and then comments to those who just vote. And now my own little “diddy” on how I became a “CRAZED” Bookie….*snickers*

    I was busy living life and actually watching show on pay cable for the first time. I had become addicted to shows like Big Love, Weeds, The L Word, and Entourage. So of course I saw the build up to True Blood. I honestly paid almost no attention to it. I was never a big vampire fan and though I had read Anne Rice the genre really did not grab me. I tried for my sister’s sake who loved them (*winksatJul*), but though a good read I wasn’t yearning to read more.

    I finally took the time one Sunday night after watching a full day of football to check out this new show True Blood. It was epi 4. I was always a fan of AP, so I was excited to see what she would do chillin’ with vampires. At this point I had no idea there were books associated with this show! I watched the epi and when E came on screen, I was like damn!!!! I have to say I hadn’t placed AS as Sgt. Colbert yet and when I saw GK I didn’t know he was swedish, I thought he was an American. I was like “hello tall drink of water, there would be no sipping you”, I may have even waggled my eyebrows.

    I loved the show! I was excited to see a mid season marathon listed on my show search on the DVR and scheduled it. I recorded them and proceeded to watch them over and over. I hadn’t fallen for a show like this…EVER. Ok well I did love Buffy, Rescue Me and when I was just a tot, I was a HUGE Little House fan. By the time the finale came along I was loving Bill, Laffy, Tara, Sookie and most of all Eric. I was already frustrated over the lack of E. After the show was done for the season I realized my DVR had recorded a Behind the Scenes of TB. So of course I watched it and that was when I found out about the books! I promptly put Book 1 on my christmas list, I was in the middle of reading another book so I figured I could wait.

    So last Christmas my Mom instead of sending gifts sent money and told me to buy my own presents, wrap them and put them under the tree. I did. I ordered the 7 book paperback set from Amazon and was awfully glad I did because B&N had them for $20 more! I got the package, wrapped it up in red foil paper, put ribbon on it and put it under the tree. Christmas came and we opened our gifts. We were having a lazy christmas last year just the four of us, so I had plenty of time to read. I started book two shortly after 8 pm Christmas night. I was hooked!!! I was in love with CH’s writing. The character were rich and layered, poor Laffy was dead!!!

    At the same time I discovered the books I also discovered I had a wisdom tooth infected, so I needed to have it removed asap, and through the haze of surgery and painkillers I read the rest of the books. I was so sad it was over and that was when the Plumber pointed out book 8 should be available already. (I really love that plumber!) So I decided to forego painkillers and drove myself to B&N and bought book 8. I finished it that day. I then proceeded to reread the series because let’s face it I was on pain meds through most of it and I knew I missed a lot. Without skimming I finished the books again…twice.

    The day book 9 came out I was sick. I had the flu. I sucked it up (pun intended) and drove myself over to B&N to pick up my pre-ordered copy. So while laying on the couch, my mac next to me (scoobs telling me to skip and read chappy 10, and they say I’m evil) I proceeded to read Dead and Gone with a 103 temp in about five hours. I loved and hated it and to this day I am still torn, but for the most part after rereading it I think I can safely say I liked it well enough.

    So that is how this Trubie became a Bookie. I do have to say if AB could have at least kept the characters in canon I could have lived with the changes to the plot. But to be honest to have such major changes to characters like Bill, Sookie, and Eric it feels like AB did not read the same books as me. I understand being empathetic towards Bill, but hello he is not an innocent and to think he may forever be TB’s Superman makes me feel a little sick, he was a major betrayer of Sookie in so many ways that it is hard to reconcile the way he is written now. As for E? He giveth then taketh away and damn if that didn’t make me want to turn the show off for good.

  20. actually need one other option…started watching TB…thought it was just okay…did not like the character development..but read forums where i heard the books were good. read the books….LOVE the books and actually prefer them over TB.

    liked this season better because it had more of Alex – he is amazing with whatever he is given. jason was funnier this year instead of the drug stuff last year.

  21. I remember when I first saw commercials for the 1st season, and was super dissappointed because we didn’t have HBO at the time. So, I just left it as is, never tried to watch it, and never herd of the books. THEN WE GOT HBO, and I was so excited, I was like, “Hey, isn’t there I show I want to watch…?” So I watch the whole 1st season online, and started reading the books before S2 came out. It was so much fun!

    I was upset when they made Bill stake Longshadow. When I was reading the book, and Eric did it, I felt that it got the ball rolling on the Eric/Sookie thing. At first thought, I thinking, “Eric totally has a thing for Sookie” whether it realizes it or not. I really LOVED that part of the book. It was kind of forshadowing what was going to go on between them, while Bill just sort of stood by.

    As much as Jessica is a good character, I hate her becuase she is never, ever, ever in the books in ANY way. Annoyed that they took out Bubba, who’s been around since Book 1, and added Jessica who doesn’t even exist.

    I’m almost scared to tune in to season 3. I hope it follows the books a little more. And I completely understand why SOME changes have to be made…like dialogue needs to be accounted for, character development needs to be defined, and of course PLOT needs some stretching, but if you change way too much, it is no longer the same story. And THAT is severly, dishearteningly, dismally upsetting.

    During the last three episodes I was just so overwhelmed I was screaming, “JUST LET ME WRITE IT!” Hahaha.

  22. I started reading the book after having spent the beginning of the summer reading Twilight with my daughter. I wanted more romance, and vampires, and someone said I should read the Sookie Stackhouse novels. That same person also told me about True Blood, so I ordered all the books, and the first season on DVD. I first read the book, then watched the first two seasons of the show.

    I LOVE the books, and I do like the show, but the books more so. Alex Skarsgard is perfect for Eric, and I am very happy with the rest of the cast as well. However, I really don’t understand the need of creating new characters, as there are already so many in the books!

    Whenever I see or hear AB talking about not understanding why people are so into Eric (and Sookie/Eric pairing) and wondering if it’s because of the danger, I just wanna ask him back if there is really anyone in the book or series who is NOT dangerous? And if he didn’t want all the women to fall for Eric, he just shouldn’t have gotten Alex to play him 😀

    I hope he’ll see that a lot of fans might have started out as TB fans, but that thanks to the show, they have also read the book. So his 5% of book-lovers could be quite changed now. I also hope that he will make sure Eric will continue to mature in the series as he has in the books! I love him 😀

  23. Way before the show, my husband gave me “Dead until Dark” on a whim, thinking I might be interested in the story. It sat in my book cupboard for a while because I wasn’t really interested. One board afternoon I picked it up and read it and still wasn’t sure if I liked it. Several weeks later, I picked up book 2 at my library and read it and fell in LOVE! As a gift, my husband bought me the rest of the series that was out at that time and I have been an utterly devoted fan ever since. (My husband has read and enjoyed them as well) I found out about the show just before it aired from a very small article in “People”. I live in a very rural area and we didn’t even have TV. (This is so pathetic) I actually ordered satellite TV and HBO just to watch True Blood! So, I take it very hard when things don’t go the way I want them to…;) I adore the cast and honestly that is what will keep me watching next season. So much of the show makes us just sit there dumbfounded. If I had a dollar for everytime my husband and I sat there infront of the TV on Sundays with our mouths hanging open going “What the?…why?” I could atleast cover the cost of paying for HBO. lol.

  24. I already enjoyed the books so I was thrilled to find out about it being a show. Sure there was the disappointment over the recasting of Tara but once I dealt with that I have to say I’m really enjoying the show and actually prefer the Tara in the show and of course I love the fact that they didn’t kill off Lafayette. And of course I love Eric although I’m still lukewarm when it comes to Bill.

  25. I am a huge fan of Charlaine Harris and the Southern Vampire Novels; that being said, I still really enjoy TrueBlood, if for no other reason than it kept LaFayette alive and made him into a warm, lovable scamp whom you can really care about. I don’t understand how the Maened storyline got so huge, it hardly deserved more than a chapter or two, and left no room for Eric in his bi-sexual duds! I suppose since LaFayette is still with us, the party Eric and Sookie were going to in the book wouldn’t make sense, but so many things have been changed, I am sure the writers could have found a way to insert it. Maybe next season. Hopefully we will see a more true plot line in season 3, as it would be a shame to leave out the Sookie/Alcide storyline, and if we are lucky, we will get to see Bubba, too. Also, if we don’t see Amnesiac Eric in itty bitty red underwear by season 4, I am calling for a strike.

  26. I watched the first few episodes in season 2, then watched all of season 1 then read the books. I read the books in less than a week and I even pre ordered A Touch Of Dead. I love the books more than the show now. I understood changing some things for TV, but I am disappointed in changing a character like they did to Eric and made things so black and white between Bill and Eric. Sookie isn’t as strong a woman in the show either. I think Lafayette living was cool, and having Tara in the show more. I guess season 3 won’t be like the book, since they can’t build it up the way it does in the book. And I definitely wish they had kept Bubba in TB.

  27. I’m pretty sure i’d love the books, but I haven’t read them yet..perhaps I shall to ease the pain of not hearing that precious sound of the opening credits on a Sunday night…

  28. I guess technically I’m a truebie that became a bookie – but I decided to vote the opposite – bookie that became truebie – in all reality, after about two episodes of season 1, when I discovered the books, I was off to the races – and have read every one of them, some of them more than once (or even more than twice!) The books made me love the show even more…

  29. I actually read the first book before I watched the show (well, I had watched a couple of episodes at my sister’s house while I didn’t have HBO – one was the one with Bill’s tribunal – one of the things I was most impressed by was Eric standing up for Bill, btw). I read the second book, and then started watching the second season of the show (since we got a new satellite service with free HBO – fuck yeah!) I’m not gonna lie, it wasn’t until after season 2 episode 9 that I started reading the rest of the book series (I work at Wal-Mart and I visit the book section every day – I promise, I’m not the only one buying the books lately!), I can now appreciate the show and the books as two separate

    universes, but I’m confident that the show will be more or less faithful to the books. There are a lot of things that I think the show has done better (keeping Lafayette alive, making Godric Eric’s maker, Jason joining the Fellowship, creating Jessica), but there are a lot of things that I will be heartbroken about if they don’t include them in the show (Eric’s amnesia, since it was amazing and because it’s such a central plot point for all of the future stories – and Amelia, since she’s one of the most vibrant characters from the novels). But we’ll just have to wait and see. I’ve had other fandoms where there were different versions in different media, and I don’t see a huge problem with seeing these as two different fandoms if need be. My ideal version is one where both media can co-exist – if I have to, I can pick and choose things from the books and the show that I like the most to make my own canon – that’s the beauty of having multiple canons.

  30. I started with the show and loved it. Had no idea it was based on books but once I found out I bought the first 7 books. Read them in about 5 days then found out there were two more books after that. I literally when nuts trying to find them to have them to read because as we all know CH ends every book with a cliffhanger and I was dying to know what happened next. Anyway, ordered the books, got them both the next day (yes I was stalking the mailbox) and read them both in one day. Then I called my brother told him he had to read the books and sent them all to him. Got him hooked on the books and show and now we go back and forth about how different the books are from the show and what we like about both. I loved Season 1 the best because it followed the book much closer even with the deviations. Some of the dialogue from the book was actually used in the show and I loved that. Season 2, not so much. Of course, seeing Eric naked in bed with Sookie helped, but didn’t erase all the other bad eps. Anyway, yes Season 1 turned me on the books and I am so happy it did. Thanks CH for being such a great writer and Simba, love ya and agree with all your comments! Keep em coming.

  31. i was at home when my mom brought home the first 6 books….i had just finished twilight and caught vampire obsession…..i looked at them and left them on my shelf for 2 weeks i finally got bored and picked the first one up….i didnt put it down for all of 2008 christmas vacation…i finished the books she got me and wanted more….then she brought home the first two sreies last summer on disc…omg i nearly died. it was the most amazing thing i have ever watched…i got the final 3 books and finished them in one weekend(im a fast reader)i ahve the date for season 3 marked on my calender and im waiting for the 10th book….CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

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