Alan Ball Lays a Goose Egg

The recap is up! This one was probably the hardest I’ve ever had to write.

Anyways, as usual, click on the picture!



~ by simba317 on September 5, 2009.

25 Responses to “Alan Ball Lays a Goose Egg”

  1. A whole omelette. I didn’t dislike it as much as you, I am waiting, because I think this is preparation to the finale -a lame preparation though- Eric just as the bad guy is an understatement! He is not a hero -well he is but he is not- but he is much more… I hope they will keep on developing him.

  2. I cannot entirely agree that Eric’s loss of Godric has been ignored or forgotten. In the show, it has been roughly 36 hours since they returned from Dallas and we haven’t seen much of Eric in that period of time. He has never struck me as someone who wears his feelings on his sleeve, especially when in the company of Sam, a mere “shifter”, so the opportunity to show the aftermath of Dallas has yet to present itself. There are hints that his thoughts are on Sookie, because he mentions her in both of his scenes, but I have a feeling that until he is actually with her again, they aren’t going to address the emotional impact of the trip. I really enjoyed his interaction with the children, which never seemed so much ominous as it was a way to flirt with the “teacup humans” and have a dig at Pam. His charming wink at the end and need to impress them by flying away into the night was such an Eric thing to do, and his verbal jousting with Billy only cemented further that old rivalry between the men. We discovered in this episode that Bill is not at all what he seems, and his inability to address a situation rationally has now caused him to threaten Eric, which is about as intelligent as trying to dance with a rattlesnake. In this season, we’ve seen Sookie grow into her own as a woman, no longer fully dependent upon Bill to get her out of situations. While a slow process, when considering the length of time covered in a season, it hasn’t really taken that long. I imagine that next season will begin the disintegration of the Bill/Sookie relationship, as the audience is finally let it on the secrets Bill has been hiding, and that Sookie will become much more independent. She already started that process in Dallas, standing up to Bill on more than one occasion when he attempted to quiet her down or keep her from doing something she wanted to do. Eric is portrayed as a much more gray character than one drawn in shades of black and white. Where Bill tries to be something he’s not, denying the vampire part of his psyche, Eric embraces it wholeheartedly. Which is why you get these situations where Bill is supposedly a “hero”, when really his actions are motivated by self-loathing and built upon lies. In the end, I think this will serve the audience well, because when Bill’s fall finally comes, it will be much more shocking not only to the viewers but also to Sookie, who has built him up in her own mind as perfect. Now, I wasn’t really a fan of this episode. I thought the Queen dialogue was clunky and overly complicated, and it would be nice if they addressed Eric’s experiences in Dallas, but with a little patience I think we’ll get to that. I’ve high hopes for Woo in the finale!

    • It really nice to hear optimism and someone with a fresh view. Thanks! I do agree with everything you’ve said, it’s just for me, this episode was extremely frustrating because while it was made to thrust the plot forward, a LOT of character got shoved to the wayside, which always makes me cranky…because you start to see all that’s wrong.


      • It was a frustrating episode for many reasons. I completely agree! But I can understand why AB wrote it this way, even if some parts could have been improved upon. I’m watching the first season again, and it’s striking how little we see Eric. His role is very small when you compare it with season 2, so the progression of him into the storyline, while seemingly slow, is actually being done at a pretty brisk pace. We go from thinking he is this cold, vampiric presence in Bill’s life, there only to stir up problems with Bill and Sookie, to seeing him as this complicated personality who is fiercely loyal to those he cares for. I’m also struck by how often Bill is intentionally misleading in season 1. He sees Sookie as this fragile girl who should be protected from the truth, so he does things like kill her Uncle and tells her that everything will be fine after staking Longshadow, then neglects to inform her about Jessica. It shouldn’t be too surprising, because Bill lies to himself all the time about who he really is, so lying to Sookie is just a natural extension of that. He thinks he’s protecting her, but really he is hurting both her and their relationship by withholding crucial information and hiding behind this facade of humanity. It is made more evident when you watch the scene with Arlene’s children. Where Bill disguises himself, using candy to show his fangs to the kids, Eric is very much about being a vampire. You want to see fangs? Okay, here they are. Now what? I’m really enjoying the character development this season, so it gives me a lot of hope about season 3.

      • ITA…I just felt like the last episode yoinked the development of Eric away. It was like ‘Yeah, he’s a complex guy and he lost this person that was everything to him, someone he would do anything for, he’s not totally detached.’ and then here comes episode 11 and he appears every bit as disaffected as he first did on True Blood.


    • Yes! Well written.

    • I totally agree! This was a great point of view. After watching the episode I felt like I was missing something and when I read this blog, although I did agree with most of it, it seemed a bit harsh. And I really hope that the finale turns out well like you think it will! 🙂

      It still was a very frustrating episode to watch, the only parts that kept me interested were Erics scenes. Now that we’ve been given a little bit more of him as a character, I’m just dying for more!

  3. This is the best review I have ever read. Spot on! I would have never of seen it if a poster from the HBO blogs hadn’t linked it. I will def be stopping back now that I know. You have voiced everything so perfectly that has been in my head. Thanks for a great read!

  4. Simba thanks for the great recap. You made lemonade out of a lemon of an episode. Well played Simba.

  5. Eric was hardly flirting with the teacup humans. He wanted to drink there blood. Dare I say, he wanted to kill them. And he embraces his being a vampire. So are you saying that he embraces being a murderer. He wanted to kill those kids without a doubt. Why do people refuse to accept that.

    • Because what he was doing was needling Pam. Watch again.

    • Just because Eric embraces being a vampire does not mean he’s a cold-blooded killer. He had reasons for killing Royce, he didn’t kill Royce just to kill him. He killed him because he is the sheriff and the vampire political authority of Area 5. He is in charge of punishment for crimes and Royce killed three vampires in cold blood. Are his actions questionable? Yes. However, justice was served. Is he a cold-blooded killer? No.

      We have no clue what Eric really wanted to do. He is written as ambiguous for a reason, however, he didn’t start eyeing the kids like meat until Pam made the comment that she was so glad she never had kids, hence, he’s messing with her.


      • We’ve seen Eric in bloodlust (Scratches) and we’ve seen him charm. That was charm.

      • Agreed. Eric was being what he is: a vampire. I’m sure children are a delicious treat, but you can’t go around nibbling on them anymore after the Great Revelation. I’m sure that at some point in his thousand years, Eric has tasted kids. In fact, I’ve no doubt. Godric, while it wasn’t necessarily discussed, had so much guilt for all that he had done in his long lifetime, decided to meet the sun as a way to atone for all of his “sins”. He, too, was a killer, but he taught a lesson that evolution of the “soul” is possible. That whole episode was about rising up, ascending into something greater. Eric is still learning that lesson, because where Bill wants nothing but to embrace his humanity, Eric doesn’t understand human emotions. That was Godric’s gift to Eric, in that he taught him what it meant to feel something again, even if it was great loss and despair. I hope we see that explored further, because I think it’s a powerful statement about the transformative power of love. Eric may not understand it yet, but I really believe those episodes leading up to Godric’s death were a lesson for our favorite Viking, a lesson he will continue to learn through his interactions with Sookie, his connection to humanity.

    • Eric winked at them and took off like Superman to impress them. That tells me he did not want to eat them.
      Would E have done that in front of Pam (or other ‘vampers’)? Probably not, but away from Pam he showed another side. Dare I say it was endearing? Yes I would dare.

      When Pam was complaining it would takes weeks to get rid of their smell, Eric giggled! GIGGLED! LOL He was so screwing with her and yes SAM! He knew he would get a rise out of Sam, a shifter, and Eric “the lover” of all things fun could not pass up the chance to tease/challenge/screw with those in his retinue. (and Sam a second natured supernatural being living in his area is in his retinue.)

      • Exactly and how many times has your grandma said that ‘You’re good enough to eat!’ No, she doesn’t want to actually eat you.

        And all humans are food to vampires in some way, but that doesn’t mean that they want to kill them all. If they kill off all the humans, they die or at least lose a significant amount of their workforce and no vampire wants to do menial jobs…


      • yeah no humans = no dry cleaning!!!

      • But even if it did mean he wouldn’t mind tasting them, Eric knows that such a thing is no longer possible. He would never actually do it, but that doesn’t mean his mind won’t toy with the idea. I see that as nothing more than Eric being himself, a vampire who is now living in a society which would never condone violence against children. Him being a sheriff, he knows the importance of appearances, and he knows that taking such actions would land him in a world of trouble. If nothing else, Eric is a pragmatic leader. He rarely lets his primal desires get in the way of common sense. We only saw him out of control of his emotions when it came to Godric, especially in the scene where he ate Royce’s face off. I also think he was enjoying being able to pick at Pam about the kids. She was obviously annoyed, which tickled Eric. It’s just like her thing with the shoes. After making her go out and ruin them, he commented on how great they were, simply because it would get on her nerves. And yes, when he flew for the kids that was his way of being charming. He didn’t have to indulge them at all, and honestly, he didn’t have to indulge Sam with even an audience. But Eric is an opportunist, and you can bet he’ll be calling in this favor sometime next season.

    • I actually do think he was bloodlusting – his eyes are glazed and he is staring at them almost trance like. He seems to need to make a real effort to snap himself out of it after he calls them “delicious”. But why shouldn’t he crave them – he is a vampire and it is well known that children are considered a delicacy (for want of a better word). I have no problem with that, that is his nature. That’s what he is and he doesn’t deny that aspect of himself.

      But wanting to feed from Cody and Lisa doesn’t equate to wanting to kill them. Vampires his age don’t need alot of blood, and they don’t kill unless it is deliberate. He would never feed off those kids. He has chosen to come out and live amongst humans – it is not in his best interests to go around biting random children. He has self control…which is more than we can say for Bill, who has bitten more random people in fits of rage than I care to tally up right now 😉

      • Do you? Maybe. No fangs, no unbreakable stare – but hey, I’m fine with it if he was. 🙂 He’s an old, controlled vampire. Sometimes I stare at creme brulee on the dessert cart, but know I’m not going to eat it.

  6. Well first it is “their blood” not “there blood”. Second it boggles my mind that even after Eric called out Bill for giving Sookie his blood the first night they met (and he was dead on) some people are blind to it.

    Think about this. Bill was late. He has vampire hearing, sight, and other talents. He did not show up to “save” Sookie until she was beyond traditional human/medical help. Convenient? I would say so.

    • My thoughts exactly. And I wonder if his vast discomfort in telling Sookie about her sexual attraction to Eric came from him wondering if her brain would make the connection over his “donation” to save her life…

      • Probably. He doesn’t want her to make the connections. He wants her to keep being his ego prop. He wants her to keep seeing him in a good light. So his language is used to reinforce that Eric is the bad guy here. Not me.


    • You know, none of that occured to me while reading the books. I didn’t even question Bill’s ‘save’ until I saw it on the show and even then I kind of pushed it aside because of my book knowledge of the character.
      Now, I think in season 2, the writers are doing an excellent job of hinting at the chance that there might have been some of ulterior motive to Bill’s very first blood donation as well as the circumstances that lead up to that donation.

  7. I liked Bill last season, now he is just annoying!

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