EW.COM Makes A Bloodless Weekend A Little Easier

Check out the little contest going on at EW.com. They are as upset about a True Blood Free Weekend too!

Winner gets bragging rights and SookieBT and friends will act out the winner’s epi on Twitter!!!

You have until 9am EST Sunday to get your epi in!!!

From Ew.com:

Courtesy EW.com

Courtesy EW.com

As we all know, there’s no new True Blood episode this Labor Day weekend. The season finale is Sept. 13.

But should we do without True Blood this weekend? Hell, no! Today I’m inviting you to participate in my “Write Your Own True BloodEpisode” competition.



~ by lilbooth02 on September 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “EW.COM Makes A Bloodless Weekend A Little Easier”

  1. I think Simba should try for it. So should Lil..

  2. Lol. I’m working on my fics instead. I’m honestly too uninspired with last episode to write. It was just too uninspiring to think of something to happen in the finale. The promo was not much better.

    I also plan on getting my version of a clip show out for next week…


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