Spoiler! The First Description of Dead in the Family! AHHH!

Thank you to Karen for telling me about this! It made me squee.

Lil’s Spoiler Free Zone Warning!

From WHSmith.co.uk

Sookie Stackhouse has finally settled into a relationship with the Viking vampire Eric, and her errant brother Jason seems to have his life in order, too. But all the other people in Sookie’s life – Eric himself, her former lover Bill, her friend and boss Sam – are having family problems. Eric’s maker shows up with Eric’s ‘brother’ in tow, the ailing Bill can only be healed by a blood sibling, and Sam’s brother’s marriage is about to take place …or will it? The furor raised by the coming out of the two-natured has yet to settle; some people are just not ready to sit down to dinner with a man who turns into a dog. And Sookie herself is still recovering from her last ordeal. She’s definitely improving, physically and mentally, but she’s always going to have some dark moments now. The werewolves tell her that there have been strange and ominous passers-by in the Stackhouse woods; now Sookie is about to come face-to-face with one of her more distant relatives …

OOOH… Post comments.


~ by simba317 on September 2, 2009.

65 Responses to “Spoiler! The First Description of Dead in the Family! AHHH!”

  1. Ahhh, that first sentence is wonderful. Now it’s going to be harder than ever to wait til May. I’m so, so, so hoping this is it. It would be nice to see Sookie get to have some post-relationship-craziness adventures, like in the Lily Bard series. And Harper Connolly. Hmmm…could it be a pattern? Please?

  2. Thanks for the warning Simba!!! LOL

  3. SQUEEEE!!!!!

    “Sookie Stackhouse has finally settled into a relationship with the Viking vampire Eric” makes me SO happy! Finally, I can get the real thing aside from the nonstop fanficing I’ve been doing lately.

    I do think the scheduling of Charlaine Harris’s novels and True Blood is cruel! Both are coming out May/June 2010. I may not last that long…

    • ohhhhhhhhh myyyyy gosshh the first sentence is all i needed!! haha im so friggin excited!!! i have to wait till may?! 😦 😦 😦 not a happy face 😦

  4. Oh this has got me wondering.
    SO happy to see the first line, of course. But I’m thinking that Appius is going to Mess This Shit Up, big time. From what Eric said about him in the last book he doesn’t seem like a particularly benign presence…and the fact that he has a new vamp in tow doesn’t bode well either. Of course it’s too early for happily ever after yet with at least three more books to go.

    I was hoping the silver poisoning was going to do Bill in….alas. I don’t get the reference to a blood sibling being needed to save him, Bill’s siblings are long dead so maybe that’s a pre-editing glitch. Blood relative perhaps? Andy Bellefleur I’m looking at YOU.

    Distant relative – I’m betting on Dermott but didn’t CH say the faerie story was done? I thought it was lame how she cut that off at the knees so hopefully she’s had a rethink.

    And it looks like Alcide will still be around with the reference to the weres looking out for her. So that should keep things interesting.

    Can’t wait for May.

    • Blood sibling will probably mean another of Lorena’s children. Like on Buffy, Angel turned both Penn and Drusilla, and they now are all part of the Aurelius bloodline, making them ‘siblings’.

  5. I’m sure Appius will find a way to mess things up for Eric and Sookie. And of course, Eric’s brother may himself be a contender for Sookie’s affections. I think Bill’s blood sibling refers to someone that Lorena has turned. And Sookie’s distant relative will be Hadley’s son, not faeries, or any other unexpected, new family relations. Then again, Harris can just knock my socks off and make all my predictions untrue! Gah, May is really, really far away.

  6. I’m sure Eric and Sookie will not be left to bask in conflict-free adoration. As long as it’s a fun journey that ends with them together I’ll be okay though. We knew we’d be meeting Eric’s maker. I’m sure he’s going to be a real pain in the ass.

  7. I’m with everyone else on being worried that Eric’s maker is going to hose things up.

  8. Oh yes, eric’s maker could be bad news indeed! Isn’t this supposed to be a “lighter” book? Please say it’s so! I would love another fun Eric, Sookie centered adventure.

  9. Lol. I’m celebrating for 24 hours and then I’m going to mope about everything that can and probably will go wrong.


    • As long as Eric and Sookie have sex in this book I’m going to consider it a win.

    • I am right there with you Simba. I read that first line and was not happy…..maybe it’s just the flu making me feel all paranoid. I can’t explain it right now, the nyquil is kicking in…………..

  10. I’m going to mope about how long it’s going to take before it hits the stands. 😦 mope mope mope.

  11. It is wishful thinking but… could it be possible to have situations, creatures, fights, humans, problems, vampires, solutions… and during all that Sookie and Eric together?

    • Frankly, I think it’s TOTALLY possible, given that Bill managed to stay in Sookie’s boyfriend for 2.5 books.

    • I know right? But I’m so jaded and they’re the ones that jaded me. /Aerosmith lol. You know…Lost, X-Men…CH…


      • Seriously, though, I recently read a fanfic that managed to have Eric and Sookie stay together despite shit-explosion, visits from family, portray Bill in a dignified light with a life after Sookie, without schmoopifying E/S, and appropriate amounts of hot nookie. So if a non professional writer can do this, I have got to believe that Charlaine Harris can, as well!

        As always, it’s a matter of personal choice – and therein lies the problem. Hopefully, Harris has chosen to write what we want to read, and if not, I hope her editors will suggest/steer her in that direction (Please Charlaine, they’ll burn down the office if you make Eric cheat on Sookie and then she stakes him!)

  12. I want to have that book now.
    The more Eric, the happier I’ll be…

  13. RELATIONSHIP. Oh yeah.

  14. I am so perplexed. why is May so far away? I am now oh so worried. I mean CH has figured out way before what’s gonna be the ending. and it involves Sookie staying human. Can Eric and Sookie make it till the end? I surely hope so. It would be devastating if they wouldn’t end up together. And I was also thinking, do you think Sookie will live in the last book??

  15. OOH I can’t wait! Sounds like it’s ging to be an AWESOME book and I can’t (no really I can’t) wait until May!!

  16. I shook up The Vault board by saying how happy I was. *sigh* ah well I hope we have a little bit of togetherness before the problems start. Never been sure Sookie would end up with a vampire anyway, but I love Eric so much would just like to see them have a happy time together for awhile.

  17. we have a few more books to go so this makes me think E is not the final love of Sookie’s life aka HEA. Or maybe they get their groove on break up and eventually get back together. My offer still stands to CH… Make me a fictional character and I will be E’s HEA! LOL So just kidding!

    • She can NOT build up Eric for like 9 fucking books and then not have him as the HEA…all I’m sayin’…The thought of that just makes me want to throw something…Seriously. It’s just UGH. LOL.


      • I know it would be cruel, but let’s face it could happen. I have a feeling E and his minions are going to be strung along for a bit longer. The first sentence was to good to be true. Remember she’s crafty!!!!

  18. lalalalalalalalalala :::fingers in ears::: “I’m not listening!”

  19. OMG … I am not coming to this post again. You’re writing my worst fears. I love him, and now with Starsgard image in mind is ten times worse!… no, it’s ten times ‘better’! In another parallel universe, they could be together, and maybe if CH is compassionate enough, in hers too. Wishful thinking at work!

    • aawww Fabi, remember last night I was all cold medicine and fever. Maybe when I am not sick I will have a brighter view. I can’t believe we have to wait until May!!!!!

  20. Ok, so I was happy about that first sentence. Hell, I even did a happy dance!
    But when I got the part about Eric’s so called family 2 thoughts came to my mind:
    1st, Appius showing up has ‘trouble’ written all over it, for both Eric and Sookie;
    2nd, does anyone got the feeling that the thing with Eric’s ‘brother’ will end up being a bad soap opera triangle?

    And who’s (or should I said what) going to Sookie’s new relative? A pixie? An elf? A nymph? Santa Claus?
    Uh, I know! The Easter Bunny!

    • I do not want another suitor. I just don’t. I think Charlaine exhausted the suitor card with Quinn.


      • Dude!!! BABE!!!!! NOOOOOOO MOOOORRRRREEEEEE!!!!! Unless it’s a chick, spice things up a bit!! LOL NO NOT REALLY! Remember I have the flu, I not know what I speak of…..

      • OMG yes she’s had waaaay to many suitors so far. I completely agree and it’s soo annoying that she gives them the time of day.

    • Oh god. I hadn’t even thought of that. As soon as I heard Appius was showing up with Eric’s brother in tow alarm bells rang. But I was thinking the trouble would be of Appius’ doing, not the brother. But that is entirely plausable. I wouldn’t be surprised if she brings in a new interest – Quinn and Alcide aren’t serious contenders any more. And I don’t feel that Bill is either despite what she was trying to insinuate in book 9. She’s still got at least 3 more books to go and can you even *imagine* the sparks that would fly if a new vamp related to Eric stepped up to the plate? Holy cow. Eric will lose his shit. And that has to be worth another couple of books.

  21. i’m on a plane but i’m so addicted to this blog i had to check… and yes! i think eric will lose his shit if ‘his brother’ hits on sookie. of course, it would be on appius’ orders to make eric heel and do some atrocious things o his behalf – maybe be monarch of louisiana?

  22. Hey, no Quinn bashing, please!!!! 😥

  23. That distant relative might be Barry the Bellboy. I mean, he’s a telepath too….and Sookie’s great grandfather told her, his son (her grandfather) had *another* child by a different human woman, which could have been a grandfather/mother to Barry.

    Just sayin’.

  24. i think that would be wicked if this “brother” of Eric’s was interested in sookie. it would really show Eric’s feelings and a fight for her….not to mention some hot makeup sex, right?!

  25. this is so cool that there are people as obsessed with this book as much as i am. i think sookies distant relative is her nephew. they ended the last book with him and he will deff. be a big part of sookies life now.

    ps i love eric!! anyone on bills side anymore? doesnt look like it

  26. i also want to add that i like the sookie books more then the otber teeny vamp books like twilight and vamp diaries cause we can read about the hot sex and instead of the dumb kissing parts by themselves. anyone else get fustrated with that?

  27. These books are definitely amazing. I agree that maybe eric and sookie will have a few problems but they have to end up together. its a must. like someone pointed out earlier, 9 books of the teasing of eric and sookie. it’s meant to be. if not i’ll probably cry.
    i really hate this fact that we all have to wait till may. i have been reading the first 9 over and over but its getting to be too much of a build up for the 10th one (haha).

    P.S- I believe its going to be Durmott who comes. As sookie’s great-grandfather said, he might not be in the faery world.. dun dun duuuuuuu..

  28. First pic of cover art!!


    Book 10, Dead in the Family, won’t be released until May 2010, but a picture of the cover art has surfaced. Even though we still have six months to wait until we can read it, it’s exciting to see a first glimpse of the cover and think about what will happen to Sookie (and I may add ERIC lol) next!

    *Happy Dance*

    • Okay…so it makes me feel better that E is on the cover…a very romantic looking cover and it’s a very easily interpreted one…not like Book 8…but every rose has its thorn and I’m like…I don’t wanna get my hopes up!

      But…but…but…the roses’ stems are intertwined…bloody but intertwined…and the rose with two stems somehow blooms into one…and they’re reaching out towards each other…and…



  29. “But…but…but…the roses’ stems are intertwined…bloody but intertwined…and the rose with two stems somehow blooms into one…and they’re reaching out towards each other…and…”

    Maybe trying to reach each other through the blood bonds (Appius-Eric, Eric-Sookie, Sookie-Hunter) Family issues that stand between them?

    Must be very difficult, but my only hope is that both interwined stems bloom into just one rose…

  30. First I’d like to talk about the cover art. I was absolutely thrilled when I saw that Eric was on the cover. (Then again Bill was on the cover of FDTW, and he didn’t have a big part AT ALL. But I’m trying to put that in the back of my mind.) I have a feeling that the intertwined bloody stems has a lot of meaning behind it, but I’m not even going to sit here and waste your time pretending that I’m smart enough to decifer the message.

    I’m a HUGE Eric fan, and so that first sentence is amazing to read, but I’ve read all these posts are you guys forgeting that Eric didn’t show up to save Sookie?! We still haven’t gotten that explanation. I can’t be the only one excited for it.

    I have a lot more to say, but I won’t talk your ears off so I’ll just end it with this: I CANNOT wait for this new book, or the new season of True Blood. Bring me some Skarsgard!! 🙂

    Oh and here’s my fanfic if you’d like to read it:

  31. First Chapter of Dead In The Family released at:


  32. ok so I read the first chapter from Dead in the Family and its good and totally makes you wonder what’s going to happen. I wonder if CH is just going to show the first chapter or if she will be super nice and just give us the whole book on the internet.. (praying she does!)
    Saw the cover art and its very interesting and the fact that Eric is on it is good since I bet about 95 percent of us are Eric fans.
    May 2010 is tooo long. True Blood needs to hurry it up too 🙂

  33. I was disappointed in the first chapter actually. I expected more than just 13 pages. I’m not sure if that’s the entire first chapter (I hope not). For me, I say the entire chapter needs to be rewriten. It seems like we missed a lot between Eric and Sookie after the whole Fae war. Seriously, what’s his excuse for not saving Sookie?! This is going to bug me so bad.

    I love my Eric. 🙂
    I agree, the new book and True Blood need to hurry up and get here already!!

    • I do agree it could use more but you read her first chapters of her other books and they barely ever start with anything great. I did maybe expect a little more since the 9th one did end qith alot of hangers but i guess we shall see. It did feel short to me too. But I just enjoy anyhting she writes and I’m just too excited to notice the writing till I re-read usually lol.
      I bet Eric won’t even explain why he wasn’t there till about the middle of the book.. (not a good thing.)
      I was super sad Eric wasn’t in the first chapter but the scene with Claude was interesting and I suspect something more will become of that…

    • i think she will go back to her first love.(BILL)even though she was hurt real bad by him,a girl never forgets her first true love.she his with eric only because of the amount of blood that he has given her,i dont trust him totally.yes there is passion between them,but remember how it made you feel watching sookie & bill together.oh bless.x

  34. i just read the books because i was never really into truBlood. My fiance is into the show until i read the books!
    omg.. they are amazing.. i have read books one through eight.. and can not find book nine at any book stores i have been through.. i am soo excited!! i absolutely love Eric! i was so glas that he got his memory back and remembered that he offered to give up everything for Sookie..

  35. oh my god I’m so excited!
    i just have to stop looking up true blood stuff before i loose my mind!!!!!
    where all waiting way to long! … alto i do think the wait will be worth it.

  36. has anybody thought that if his maker comes into play there will be a lot of trouble? remember, he likes men? didn’t he make Eric to screw men? didn’t he forced Eric to have sex with him? so, does that mean that he can come and force Eric have sex with him again? I mean, he is Eric maker therefore Eric has to do whatever he tells him to do… am I right?? I hope that Eric wont have sex with men… that would burst my bubble for him… and my heart will be on pain. What do you all think? any ideas?

    • Well, if Eric is forced to have sex with Appius, effectively raped, it’s hardly his fault and it doesn’t make me love him any less because…well, he was forced to do so by his maker. I think it’s something that Sookie herself would understand as well, being a victim of sexual abuse herself. I think it could be a bonding moment between Eric and Sookie if he is forced to have sex with Appius. Plus, Eric is not gay if he is forced to have sex with Appius. That being said, I honestly don’t have any issue with Eric’s former sexcapades with men or women. He’s over a thousand years old, I think he’s done it all and I don’t think any less of him for doing so. I think a lot of the older vampires are just beyond conceptions of sexuality, because they just appreciate beauty in its purest form whether it’s a man or a woman and well, a thousand years is a long time to only have chicken… I don’t think Eric/Appius sex will happen though, although it will probably be referenced.


  37. This just totally had me soooooo excited then even more so devestated because im left wanting more, the fact that sookie admits she loves eric and that they are still together is fantastic, i can only hope that they are still together at the end of the book, I wonder what was preventing eric rescuing sookie during the fae war????? Maybe it had something to do with appius being back on the scene???? Does eric love sookie back??? OOoooooo i really cant wait until may!!!!!! Iv read all my books over and over


    • mmm… Maybe what’s wrong with us is that we expect Sookie to have some dignity and respect herself and doesn’t misunderstands that having a “not perfect relationship” means to accept a man that cheats, use her and rape her.

  39. Bill also RAPED Sookie and then acted like it NEVER happened. And I am still convinced he allowed her to be almost beaten to death so she would take his blood to keep tabs on her and create her attraction. If Bill REALLY loved Sookie like he said he did he would have come clean with her long before Eric forced his hand.

    And please let’s not confuse Book E with TB E, Book E did one thing, the bullet sucking, really can’t compare all Bill did with that ONE thing, it’s simply not logical in my opinion.

    I got more to say but I have to go. BBL

  40. Yeah Im totally agreeing with lilbooth02 here, Bill was never made to be with Sookie, Hense the getting sent to spy for the queen. That is never okay and will never be okay. Eric has never deliberatly hurt Sookie, he might trick her in little ways like said about the bullet sucking but we all know his intentions are because he truly wants her.
    Maybe Bill fell for Sookie AFTER getting sent by his queen, but thats no excuse and it’s definitely too late in my books and I’m sure alot of people agree.

  41. Omffomfgomfgomfg!!!!!!!!! Im so happy sook and eric are together!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I cant wait!!!!!!!!

  42. Luv Luv Luv, I love it!!! I know most you guys dont want Erics maker to fuck things up, but come on! A little conflict make things interesting. Like I’ve always loved the way Sookie has so many strong admirers;] I think I just might absolutly love if Eric gets to show his bad ass side aswell as his marshmellowy side<3

  43. i was in love with it beforei even opened it. Probably because that little cartoon eric northman was all i needed to tell me that it was going to be wonderful. And even though i love Bill, Eric is just exciting =)

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