Tell Us What You Thought About “Frenzy”

So the episode just aired…What did you think? Post away!


Hey! It’s Lil!

Seriously we want to know! Laffy’s freak out! Jason restraining himself! Bud pooping his pants! We want to know!!!

Oh and by the way, Thank You To AB for finally involving Laffy in the blood!!! And for the record, I called it and the writers ignored it and AB had to come in and fix it……… Comment Away!!!

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61 Responses to “Tell Us What You Thought About “Frenzy””

  1. First off, Tara is Stupid. Yes, that’s right, the kind of stupid that warrants a capital ‘s’. I don’t know how she thought that just because Sookie Mr. Clean Magic Erased her mind before when she had the black eyes that she was somehow no longer susceptible to MaryAnn’s power. On that note, I love how Tara turned around and used the tricks her mother used on her when she used to be a drunk. Yes, that was sarcasm. I’m sorry, I agree with the next person when they say that Lettie Mae was a horrible, horrible mother in the first season, and that yeah, she did kind of deserve it when MaryAnn chewed her out for being ‘soulless’ (irony!) but I believe that Lettie Mae deserves a little break now and again. She’s getting better and I genuinely think that she cares for Tara. She even threatened to shoot her own nephew for Tara. Now if that doesn’t say love (or dysfunctional, whatever fits better) than, hot damn! I don’t know what does.

    Speaking of nephew who was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder because of the gun, I laughed so hard when Lettie Mae turned into Eric in Laffayette’s mind. Not only did Lettie Mae turn into Eric, but she turned into Eric in a Lettie Mae dress. Now if that doesn’t make you LOL then I just don’t know what does.

    Uhm- not sure if I was the only one, but I didn’t like at all how Bill turned Eric into the bad guy at the end when they were crossing paths outside of the queen’s house. Because we all know that Eric totally called Bill out on using the same tricks when Bill brought up Eric’s tricking Sookie… again. Dude’s running out of fresh ammo. It’s getting weak and pathetic now. In fact, I don’t like how the episode turned Eric into the bad guy, turning back to the selling of the blood again (which I hope is a clever sting operation) and how they make it feel like Eric’s selling out his own kind. Now, I realize Eric is rather manipulative and scheming (I haven’t read the books) but c’mon, give me a break… it’s more than likely a front.

    Basically, the episode was interesting but I didn’t like how it ended. And seriously, did OMGWTF, did MaryAnn lay an egg in the nest made out of Gran’s things?!

  2. Ok, so much to say/write/scream. Jason is just awesome. I love the way he was ready to “handle” the girl in the police station. Jason is such a horn dog….lol. His conversatio with Andy as to why Detective Bellfleur doesn’t like him was classic. Andy and Bud dancing…hilarious. Hoyt’s Mama…heartbreaking and entertainig at the same time. I feel so bad for Jessica. In the same situation, who wouldn’t have bitten that woman…hahahaha.
    Lafayette’s freak out was by far the best moment of all. He had the dress, the jewelry, everything…it was awesome. Of course, any extra Eric time is fine by me. I loved the scene with him and Arlene’s kids so funny…”Tea Cup Humans.”…awesome! Though I am not sure about the suit, or the way he just flew away… It was great to see Pam again. She’s fantastic and steals every scene. I love that she’s still hung up on her ruined shoes!
    Tara is ridiculous. She acting kinda Sookie-like in her blatant disregard for common sense or the fact that she thought she could resist Mary Ann.
    Sookie…annoying as she’s bee every week. Bill…uninteresting as usual. I was annoyed at the way he tried to threaten Eric, and once again make Eric the bad guy. He treats Eric like crap, when he should be respectful of his position and the authority it brings. I am sure that Eric has something up his sleeve (I hope).

    This brings me to my biggest concern…Sofie Anne. I have to say I was bitterly disappointed. I tried to remain open minded when I heard about Evan Rachel Wood being cast and decided to reserve judgement, but her portrayal was not what I had hoped. Yahtzee? Really? Sofie Anne in my mind was not what I saw on the screen. Plus, no Siebert or Wiegbert? What about Andrea? She came across as slightly vacuous. Plus, what’s with the whole 1950’s thing, right down to the vintage issue of Vogue? Also, how may times can one person drop the F bomb? Eric is in a position of power, and he rarely if ever swears. I am not a prude by any means, but coming out of her mouth it just didn’t seem natural and it really was distracting. Actually her whole performance was just lacking something. Hadley just didn’t seem necessary at all. Having her inquire about Sookie and Gran just was…well…dumb.
    What is with the Big Bird size nest in the bedroom? I had a complete WTF moment when I saw that. I am so afraid that the finale (in 2 weeks…oh come on!) is not going to live up to my expectations. I think I just need to go bad a couple of episodes and have some quality Eric-Godric time….now that was the perfect episode.

    • good point about the missing Andre, Siegbert and Weigbert. They are her shadows – she would never be anywhere without them.

  3. Well compared to last weeks episode this one was much better I think. We all know that the season’s coming to an end and thus the pace will slow in the episodes leading up to the’s all one big setup, I expected it so no complaints there. LOVED how Eric called Bill out on the whole blood thing. Part of me sooo wanted juicy details from Lafayette’s fantasies..and zomg..i cud not keep my eyes off Erics hands when he held that gun even tho he was wearing a dress.
    Best lines I think came from Jason tonight “there’s more than enough pussy to go around”..I LOLed
    Poor Jessica but Hoyt is probably thinking Maxine deserved that shit right now. [I mean what is she expected to eat tho?]
    I KNEW that Maryann was totally delusional and somebody PLS tell me they’re gonna find a way to not sacrifice Sam!
    Also..Eric can fly!!! [?] I wonder if Sookie’s gonna get any more superpowers? Are the Werewolves gonna save the day? I just know the season’s cliffhanger is gonna leave me totally pissed.
    **I will not comment on Tara smh…also WTF!? like we needed any more Eggs

    • Eric can fly in the books. Sophie-Anne once mentioned that all vamps have a particular power, and yet the only ones really discussed are hers (being able to keep her children with her) and Erics (flying).

  4. okay first off, i think that the first half of this season was better. this episode and the one before it werent great (besides the eric dream/flashback/whatever it was)

    idk about the queen. i feel like shes trying to hard to be nuts. some of her lines were good, but overall it was just awkward and weird.

    was she drinking from hadley? isnt she a vamp too? (i didnt read the books so im probably missing out on some stuff but whatever)

    i read on some blog that it was the queens idea for bill to go to bon temps and seduce sookie? is that true? does that happen in the books? i think if thats true, then what did they want her for? to make her a vamp too? cuz of her ‘powers’ but if shes a fairy then can she be a vampire as well? hmm. and maybe bill changed his mind about changing her. maybe he fell in love. but i kinda dont trust him cuz even if his intentions with sookie arent bad anymore, they were before. and hes being dishonest. one of my guy friends hates sookie cuz he says shes so demanding of bill but i think my friend doesnt realize that bill has lots of secrets. and this is sookies first love. but since she drank his blood right away, maybe she doesnt really love him. idk. very complicated.

    poor cody and lisa! thats sweet that sam takes them in. and i love that it was there idea to go to a vampire to fix things. they really have a lot of faith in the vampires. and i think that eric would do anything to save sookie. i think it started out as a game for him. then he became curious and got himself more involved in her life. and then her drinking his blood. i cant wait to see how it plays out. i also think that eric knows that bill is hiding something and i think he will reveal it when the time is right to sookie in order for her to snap out of this obsessed with bill trance thing shes in.

    speaking of bill, wtf is up with him not coming back right away. i know he cant say no to the queen and staying later gave him more information, but what the fuck. way to build everyones confidence in you. and you know hes just gonna give up sam asap cuz he doesnt care. i think if he lets that happen, its gonna really fuck things up between him and sookie. theres already a seperation there, that happened before she drank erics blood. and its just gonna get worse. im so disappointed in bill. plus, erics so sexy with his new hair and his tallness! what a sex god!

    tara is disappointing too. ive never liked her. she looks like a man and is so fing angry. i guess shes had a rough life so it makes sense, but i dont want sookie to have assholes like her in her life! annoying! and of course maryann is gonna turn her right away back to the black eyes. DUHHH

    sidenote: poor sookies house! maybe she can stay with eric while its being fixed!! 😉

    love pam. LOVEEEE PAM. love her outfit. the big hair. her atitude. love love love. hahaha and she hates kids! little mini humans. too funny. those kids were like groupies to eric too. little eric fan club. so presh.

    ERIC CAN FLY! ahhh of course he can, he can do anything!

    love jason and andy too. jason is so determined! and im happy for andy that he finally has a cause to fight for. and hes not alone anymore. hopefully it lasts.

    im so sick of maryann. why was she the whole fucking season? i mean really. shes an evil asshole. i never liked her. and stupid tara was the one who brought her here, of course.

    okay, i think ive run out of things to say. but you know the season finale (2 weeks away what the fuck) is gonna be rough and probably nothing will be resolved so we’ll have to live in suspense for another YEAR!

    love true blood tho 🙂 and loveee eric (obviously!)

    • Kelly… To answer your question: (P.S. Don’t read on if you don’t want to be book-spoiled)

      Hadley was a favorite of Queen Sophie-Anne. Yes she was a vampire, but I don’t think the books ever really said WHEN she was made vampire. Sophie-Anne however is the one who made her. It stands to reason that during the events of this season, it is very likely that Hadley was still human. One of her ways of drawing favor from Sophie-Anne was to constantly brag about her cousin the telepath, thus sparking Sophie’s interest. She did command Bill to go to Bon Temps and gain Sookies trust/loyalty/etc by any means possible (including seducing her). He followed this order, but in the books does end up falling in love with Sookie. I really think that they’re hinting around at this in “Frenzy” when Sophie-Anne seems to know much more about Sookie than she should and wants to meet her. Also, Hadley and Bill seem quite buddy-buddy like they already knew each other.

  5. Ive been taking a ‘no-books’ view of True Blood this season because I felt that sticking to my love of the books would completely ruin the show for me (since Alan has decided to change the story lines quite a bit). Because of this fact I, while being a rabid book!Bill hater, actually liked Bill. I thought that he was great during the first season and I was actually excited to see him involved in the story line. Now he’s just completely pissing me off…

    Reasons I Dislike show!Bill:
    1) I can’t stand jealous people. I am more over the “Sookeh is Mahn” thing than I am the Maryanne plot. He’s devolved into a whining, sniveling sack of pathetic. He may be terrified to lose Sookie (whether its purely because he loves her or a combination of love and fear of punishment for failing the Queen [if indeed that story line is added in]) but seriously… It’s gotten so over the top I want to puke.
    2) Complete lack of respect for authority. Come on Bill, Eric is your SHERIFF. He could tear Bill to pieces in a second without another thought and be completely justified since Bill has done nothing but be disrespectful and argumentative (not to mention that sucker punch during “I Will Rise Up”). Half of me is actually willing to give up the Eric/Sookie relationship just to see Eric snap and rip Bill to pieces.
    3) Lack of respect for Sookie. This has only come up recently, but some times I feel like Sookie should be kicking him in the balls for some of the things he says to her. Such as the “give me your wrist so I can heal”. Seriously, tell me that I’m not the only one who would have been pissed over such a ‘command’ even if it WAS my beloved boyfriend telling me to do it.

    But now to get away from my Bill-hate-fest (I’m sorry, I really don’t hate show Bill that much, but he’s starting to grate on my nerves =[)…

    I’m not sure how I feel about Sophie-Anne. In terms of look and attitude, I think ERW was pretty spot-on with the Sophie-Anne I had in my head from the books. Her dialogue however left something to be desired. It just didn’t seem like her. Sophie-Anne, while being extremely young when she was turned was always portrayed as having such an elegant air about her. I can understand AB wanting to change this, but I don’t think he quite went about it in the correct way. I’m not exactly sure why Sophie-Anne is rubbing me the wrong way, she just is.

    I said once before that I was having a really hard time liking Tara and now I think any hopes I had of warming up to her character are dashed. And I’m a little disappointed that Lettie Mae gave in to her trickery. But of course shes now back with the bug-eyed zombie freaks and I can just write her off as a lost cause.

    I feel so sorry for PTSD Laffy but I can’t help but laugh my head off every single time he imagines somebody whose yelling at him as Eric. I also like that he admits that his dreams about Eric are fantastic and amazing even if they scare the shit out of him.

    Sookie… Well, while she is really annoying me lately, I am glad she decided to go back to the house and get Tara (if only for the fact that she broke her promise to Bill). I think we got a glimpse of the Sookie that she should be (the strong, resourceful girl who doesn’t need vampires to rush in and save her every few minutes) during this episode. Now it just remains to be seen if she can stay in this stronger position or if once Bill shows up again she’s going to turn back into the dumb blonde damsel in distress.

    For me, Jason and Andy made the episode. I loved their interactions and the fact that they’re determined to help out (however misguided they might be). I also like to see Andy coming to terms with why he’s always been so down on Jason and then Jason coming right back at him and saying ‘Hey, my life isn’t perfect either so how can you hate me because you think I have everything?’

    I guess the one thing I was most disappointed about during this show was Eric (and no, not because there wasn’t enough of him). I was upset over the fact that it seems like AB has just reverted Eric back into the ‘asshole’ role. After everything that has happened, and how devastating Godric’s death was to Eric, seeing him being a jerk and joking about eating children just rubbed me the wrong way. I’m really hoping that it turns out to all be a front and we’ll see that he really has changed because there’s no way that anyone could have such a strong reaction to a life-altering event such as their maker’s death and come out on the other side EXACTLY the same as they were before.

    Though, as always, absolutely LOVED Pam and her want for retribution against the maenad (or at least a new pair of pumps).

    My OH YES YES YES moment: Tie: Eric Flying & Erick calling Bill ‘Billy’
    My NOOOOOOOO moment: Karl.. Seriously. I was really hoping that he’d be important in some way but it was just like *poof* he’s dead.. Oh well, moving on. I mean, he was the only one who was actually serving Maryanne without being under her spell (aside from Daphne) so I was kinda hoping that something would come of it.
    My WTF moment: The egg… Seriously AB… Can we get any more over-the-top?

    *flail* Now that I’ve written a novel I think I shall go 😀

  6. Evan-Rachel Wood did a HORRIBLY POOR job as Sophie-Anne. This girl has been “acting” all her life but the quality has never gotten higher than junior high musical. She can’t act and I would not bat an eye of the producers swapped her out for someone with more personality (suggestions: Kat Denning, Zooey Deschanel, Olivia Thirlby). What a disappointment to see that dripping leg and then get such a lacklustre delivery of lines. And GAW could she flick her wrist a couple more times? She was so SO unfabulous. What a LET DOWN!

    Not sure what was up with AS’s skin this week, but the makeup looked excessively caked on and he just looked rough to me. Maybe Eric has been on a diet or something? I must, however, say that I loved his “post-flight” hair. Hilarious!

    I am on book 5 and eager to get into the weres and stuff, but I thought it was weird that they brought them up in the show, since this is the first mention and I imagine a lot of non-book people would be confused.
    Finally, I am definitely not on the team of Bill-bashers, but I found Stephen Moyer’s acting weak this week (I think mostly the writers can be faulted for giving us a slapped-together script) and I completely couldn’t understand what he was doing. His behaviour was beyond baffling and when he showed up at the end scowling at Sam, I was like WTF?! Am I missing something here? Did Sam do Bill a wrong turn?
    I am getting bored of Rambo Jason and just want old philandering Jason back. I hope the next episode will be the final hurrah of commando Jason.

    • I hear ya Camille. AS did look really rough this week (though still hot). I think whoever is doing the makeup this season needs to be fired.

      • Yeah – AS did look raggedly this episode. For a moment, I was like – damn, did I DVR this on HD? Why does AS of all people look bad? 😀

        Maybe Eric’s been up days mooning over Sookie and how he didn’t get to cry on her shoulder about Godric. And forgetting to eat and complaining to Pam. 😉

  7. First off, I love the Queen. I know there are mixed reviews, but I think she was fabulous. She was acting like a child, which she should, but a child with age, wisdom, and a power trip. The way she toyed with Bill and enjoyed watching him squirm doing whatever he could to please her so she would let him get back to Bon Temps was a fun powerplay to watch. Then dropping the anvil on him as he’s walking out the door (“I do look forward to meeting her”) in that tone of authority yet playful was awesome. Bill feels all warm and snuggly being able to cozy up to the Queen, and constantly disobey Eric, but she drops all the rank on him in that one line–which was delivered wonderfully. I really think she’ll grow on people, and I have a feeling the exchange between she and Eric will help.

    Ok, Eric post-fly hair–omgeeeee adorably goofy but so hot! And of course AS’ range is just unbelievable. As Lettie May, “teacup humans”, calling out Bill, and even his reaction to Bill calling him out. Just wonderful.

    Pam–“she owes me new pumps” HA!! love you Pam!

    I was glad to finally see Sookie become resourceful again, versus damsel, like S1 and the books knocking out Lettie May and Mike Spencer.

    Jason and Andy were great. And Laffy was another favorite of mine, again, as well. I think we’ll see Laffy really teeter on the edge of becoming a vampire–btw his convo with Sookie and his interest of how Maryann made Tara feel, and his hallucination with Eric telling him his dreams are what a vampire feels like all the time, but better.

    But that makes me wonder–CAN Eric manipulate dreams and the mind?? I ask because between Laffy’s hallucination and him asking Bill if Sookie had said anything about him, it made me wonder. I really hope not…

  8. Okay, what the fuck?
    I think my main frustration over this episode lies in the fact that nothing got solved except for the reason why Maryann was in Bon Temps and I might have cared about that 3 weeks ago but now I am so over Maryann it doesn’t even phase me.
    Honestly, after watching twice and sleeping on it the only scenes that even stick in my mind are the Eric ones. Now of course I am biased but the rest of the episode just fell flat for me.

    Oh and just when I thought Jason was coming to his senses he up and loses them all over again. It’s great that he wants to save his town and all but he should listen to Sam.

    And the egg? What? Where did that even come from? I mean it seriously came out of nowhere and I do not like it. Hey maybe you have to smash the egg with the statue and that’s how you get rid of Maryann?!? *eyeroll*

    Okay, I’ve worked myself up now thinking about that egg so I’m going to stop and I’ll reply again later when I’ve collected myself. 😛

    • Oh I’m fully convinced that the way they’re going to end it now is one of the bug-eyed freaks is just gonna knock that stupid statue over and Maryanne will go *poof*

      Might as well… Thats how far the Maenad storyline has degraded =[

      • lol, now wouldn’t that be something?

      • I must say the maenad storyline was pretty rubbish in the books (at least in book 2). I mean she just got bored and left. That was la-ame. While I think this MA has been dragged on too long, I am glad that AB fleshed it out a bit more. I would have been happier with some middleground, but too much is better than the weak nub that CH created, it was screaming out for some flesh on its bones.

      • For Camille, she the maenad did not get bored and leave. She was satisfied with her human sacrifice in the form of the orgy goers on the porch. She moved on to the next town and the next orgy is all.

  9. I flat out hated this episode. I liked last week’s better than most people did, but this one just sucked. I hated Sophie Ann. She’s nothing like Sophie Ann in the books. I am SO TIRED of the black-eyed freaks. Tara is an idiot, then Sookie and Lafayette had to be idiots too and go chasing her. At this point I hope they all just die. They deserve it. I’m trying to have some empathy for Lafayette’s PTSD but I’m just sick of it. I’m pissed that they really are going to try to make Sookie’s dreams of Eric’s all about the blood. I hated them making Eric look wussy when Bill threatened to tattle on him to the queen. I thought everything about this episode sucked ass and I hated every second of it.

    • I am up to the fifth book now and I have to say the show has done a piss poor job of showing how Sookie is a sexual creature/ her interest in other men besides Bill. I really like how forthcoming book Sookie is about feeling desire towards other men — both Supe and human. She seemed to salivate over every other gorgeous man who passed her way and I love it!

      I certainly hope that with the appearance of Alcide (pleeeeze cast Jeremy Sisto!!) next season that we will finally see TB Sookie bloom into being more like the sexually independent and aware Sookie that we know and love.

      • Hmm – I would have never thought it, but Jeremy Sisto would make a good Alcide!

      • You are totally right about Jeremy Sisto as Alcide! I was recapping on the last episode of ‘Six Feet Under’ recently and I thought, “He’d make a really good Alcide.” Big, gruff & on the hairy side. Totally!

    • Gotta say I’m totally with you on everything you said. I, too, liked last weeks episode better. It was at least funny. This week, I closed my eyes and put my head back during all the Maryann stuff/Sookie in the house stuff/Tara stuff/Sookie and Laffy stuff and asked my guests to wake me when anything of interest happened. I thought Jason had one funny line about the Redneck/Dumbasses being American. I thought Eric w/the children really creepy and not in a good way. And Sophie Ann along with Bill were bores. Hated this episode, just hated it.

      • I agree about Eric and Pam with the kids. How many more ways can they find to make Eric into an exaggerated villain? Even as they show us there is more to him they want to keep him creepy. It’s annoying. I don’t want him to be all sweet Dream-Eric all the time, but come on. I can’t see Eric being all that tempted by the idea of “delicious” children. Gross.

  10. This episode was a joke. I was so excited when I heard that AB would be the writer…I thought it would be great to make up for last weeks dead (and short) episode…instead it only made me hate the liberties he’s taken more…and made me wonder if even the two amazing episodes w/ Godric are enough to redeem the show.

    The worst – the Queen. I wasn’t one that was opposed to ERW as the queen, I thought her look was acceptable…but the way she was portrayed had me cringing. The vulgar obscene manner was just unappealing. Even my husband – who is loathe to compare the show to the books and yells at me for doing so – complained about how they made her…not to mention Hadley (seriously? She looked like a HeeHaw cast member…).

    The Tara/Eggs/Laffy/Sookie storyline just made me want to puke. I mean, really?? How stupid and idiotic can you get? I didn’t even appreciate Eric’s turn in a dress because it was so stupid, contrived and in general assinine. PTSD aside…I’d much rather have Eric in pink spendex then this joke of a storyline. The sex parties were about human depravity and humanities fault – not a supernatural screw fest that were all led by the maenad. She just fed off of their darkness – not caused it. It’s all a convenient excuse by Alan Ball.

    While I adored Jason when he stuck up for his sister…he’s now thinking with his gun and using the FOTS’s screwed up logic STILL when he swore off it…and while it’s nice that he’s no longer thinking with his dick constantly, he’s still being a stupid prick.

    I hated Sookie in this episode. Period. Yes, that she finally did something of her own power instead of being the damsel is one thing…but she was just a total idiot ot just for going in after Tara…but for getting Lafayette – who she is well aware is exceptionally vulnerable (she IS telepathic, dur) – dragged into Maryanne’s influence.

    I know that Bill is going to force sam to sacrifice himself…I’m not stupid…and that just makes me hate him even more…it’s more of his selfishness and idiocracy and I won’t even go there…

    And Sam going to Eric instead of Sookie?? Seriously. If Sookie had ANY brains she would have called him before going into the maenad’s lair…she’s seen and knows very well that he’s more powerful than Bill and Bill had crapped out on her anyway.

    There was only two redeeming things about this episode…

    1. Eric and Pam w/ the children. HI-LARIOUS. This was classic Pam and Eric book 2…Pam totally not getting his interest in Sookie – and his blatant interest in her. I also loved his laughter when she said it would take a week to get the smell of the children gone…so frickin’ melt-worthy…

    2. Another Eric moment – when he called Bill out for giving Sookie his blood right off the bat. Like I said a few weeks ago – his comments after Eric tricked Sookie into drinking his blood makes me wonder if Bill wasn’t late that night on purpose…and I literally cheered OUT LOUD (pissing off my husband) when Eric called him out on that.

    So much that I hated about this episode that I’m loathe to watch it again…but I may have to just to expand on my thoughts (do I really need to, wow this got long!)…

    • Something else that just now hit me that bothers me…

      Maryanne claims it was the sham-exorcism that brought her to BonTemps? Um, then WHY did we see her in the very beginning of Season 1 when Sookie saved Bill from the Rattrays???

      • Something that only occurred to me after last nights episode and is also interesting to think about is that Bill actually completed the bond by licking Sookie’s head wound while she was unconscious after she had been drinking his blood.

        After realizing that, Eric’s “I’m dying, suck the silver bullets out of my chest,” ploy doesn’t seem so underhanded.

        Bill never told Sookie about what would happen until afterward and even then I don’t think he mentioned that he had completed the bond by feeding off of her without her permission…

      • I think MA is just saying Tara summoned her (MA) into her (Tara’s)life. Presuming MA is Callisto from Book 2, I think she was already hanging out in the woods looking for trouble before Tara got involved.

      • No, she wasn’t in the bushes. It was Claudine, who was cut from the the pilot.

      • Kathy is right, that was Claudine and if you will notice the chain is being pulled tighter on Rattray’s neck by an unseen force, that would be Claudine. But then she was cut.

      • Is Claudine cut once and for all or are they just planning to bring her in later in the show?

      • Wow – I hope they don’t cut out Claudine from the future plotlines. She’s another welcome comedic element that would be sorely missed from the series. I think she’ll show up in season 4 – since she originally shows up in book 4. If they were to excise her, then Claude would also be missing, and with only Niall, I think the whole faery heritage/family thing would be anemic, versus robust.

    • But see, Bookie (Book Sookie) has brains, Thookie (TB Sookie) does not! And so she does not call Eric, and instead goes to haunted house of orgy zombies with PTSD Lafayette. SERIOUSLY. I want to whack some sense into that girl.

  11. Agree with what a lot of people have said, this was not an episode I enjoyed. Granted there were a few LOL moments( Eric/Pam, Jason/Andy). I really have been totally disappointed in Sookie the last 2 episodes. They got back from Dallas and here MA is after Sam and not once in the last 2 episodes has she thought to call him, find out if he is OK or find out WTF is going on! Some friend she has turned out to be. I know I should let go of the books but honestly some things just don’t fly!

    • well in the books Lafayette was already dead and Tara was more of an occasional friend, so that gave her more time to be more buddy-buddy with Sam. sookie cannot be all things to all people. i think she did a sufficient job of being supportive to Tara and Laffy, but this storyline just isn’t bringing out the best in anyone. onwards to Jackson already!

    • I agree. She really ought to have called him. So much for Godric’s request for ‘you will take care of him, Eric?’

  12. Ok, I agree with the general likes and dislikes. Just a bit of a comment. It seems the situation is going to a smash -someone could have omelette for breakfast- And a disaster is on the way. The statue involved? We’ll see. They are preparing the finale, and it might have nothing to do with the books -it doesn’t mean I don’t like the idea, so far I can keep them apart-. Sometimes I think the writers -or whoever in that coven take care of that- are compensating the lack of interest in Bill with a kind of goodness that -for me at least- is not working. At the same time trying to remind us that Eric is not a blonde angel… that is not working either. We know he is not flawless, he feeds on humans, he can be hard and is not always in the compassionate side, but he is strong, and funny, and intense. Apart from gorgeous. Until Charlaine Harris put the final dot on this story -and even beyond that- I will be betting on him.

  13. I have decided to stop thinking about this episode until after I see the finale. Episodes 10 and 11 are building up for the finale and while I think they could have gone about it a better way(maybe combining 10 and 11 to make one awesome episode,) I have to think it’s going to pay off in the end.

    And yes, the Maryann storyline is better than the one in the books but not by much. At first it was interesting and then it just started to drag and drag and now it’s barely tolerable and that’s unfortunate because it’s finally starting to get interesting again and yet I can’t help but be bored.
    Maybe I’ve just seen one too many people chop their fingers off or play with their intestines that it doesn’t phase me.

  14. I just finished watching ‘Frenzy’ again and there were a couple of things I pickup up on that I missed last night.

    First of all, I completely agree with the comments prior to mine.
    BILL: His possessiveness of Sookie, insubordination toward Eric, and overacting to the nth degree has me wishing his character would fade into the background (like in the books). He’s haggard-looking, rude, selfish, and is creating a pissing contest he knows he can’t win. And, really? “If you don’t stay away from Sookie, I’m going to tell the Queen on you!” Wahhh!!!

    SOPHIE-ANNE: I flat-out hate the fact that they cast ERW for this role. I think she’s a terrible actor and last night’s appearance confirmed this for me. For one thing, SA isn’t a vulgar wanna-be 50’s pinup girl that uses modern phrases like “getting hammered” and “Hello?”. (Bad writing on AB’s part.) She was written as regal and sophisticated – something that was severely lacking in last night’s episode. I think I’ll play a drinking game when I watch it again. I will take a shot every time ERW flit-flit-flits her hands, rolls her eyes around or makes over-the-top facial expressions. That will get me “hammered” in about 5 minutes.

    I read an article with ERW about how she loved the show & contacted AB wanting him to let her know if there were any available roles in the future. Did he feel like he owed her a favor just b/c she showed interest? If that’s the case…Hey, Alan! I think I would be perfect for the role of Amanda! Call me!

    MARYANN/TARA/EGGS: There’s nothing to say. I’m totally over it.

    ERIC: What can I say that hasn’t already been said? He’s the fucking man! I hope the writers spin it so Eric has something up his sleeve when it comes to sticking it to Billy-boy. Oh, please! Pleeeeese!

    OTHER RANDOM THOUGHTS: It was creepy when Jane Bodehouse was singing ‘Lo Lo (whatever)’ to the tune of ‘Row Row Row your boat” as she’s slicing off her finger. Awww, how sweet! When Sookie is walking through the kitchen, it’s like an alternate universe nightmare. Did you catch that she was laying on the floor where her grandma’s body was found? Jason and Andy joining forces when (last season) Andy practically wanted to throw the switch. Nice turn of events. When Jason asked Andy if Sam turns into a chicken made me think, “I wonder if Daphne turned into a chicken and laid the egg that was on Adele’s bed?” After all, Maryann did thank Daphne for her services before Eggs (another odd coincidence in the name) stuck her in the ribs.

    That’s all I got. Let’s see if I have any more epiphanies in my drunken stupor. Oh! Another unnecessary facial expression! DRINK!

  15. There is this thing called “suspension of disbelief” — basically it’s the audience’s willingness to put aside what they know about logic and realism and just go with the story & the world the writer has created. In the Godric Meets The Sun episode, the performances sold it. We were right there believing that a 2,000 year old vampire was giving up his life, the dialogue was meaningful, the music was moving, the actors’ performances were flawless…they sold it…we Bought it. This week? Not so much. You could “see” the acting, the dialogue was pure exposition, the characters basically telling us what to think and feel rather than making us think or feel anything at all through their actions. And i’m so very sorry Mr. Ball…but…An Egg? Are you effing kidding me?? An Egg? Seriously, this had to be the worst one i’ve seen so far. Alexander Skarsgard, Nelsan Ellis, and Ryan Kwanten really do deserve Emmy’s this year…if for nothing more than having to deal with a script like that. I loved them, but once they were off the screen, that suspension of disbelief went right away with them. But still…I have my hopes up for the finale. However..If Eric is made to be the fall guy / bad guy / monster….well, there’s a whole heap of tough love coming hbo’s way. They probably don’t care though. They’re much too busy marketing fourteen dollar Sunkist soda…Seriously? An Egg?

    • you said it Skye. not only could I “see” the acting, I could “see” the bad script underneath it all. so terrible, so forced. the good actors were still doing their hardest to shine (Eric, Pam, Laffy, Jason, Tara, heck even Terry and Arlene) and everyone else was left looking like naked (Bill, Eggs, awful Sophie Anne).i hope the writers buck up their ideas for next season. Russell Edgington and the Jackson weres and shifters are gonna need some top notch writing to bring their wild world to life.

  16. I agree with you.

    If they turn Eric into the fall guy, I’m done watching. I can understand changing the storylines. I can understand keeping characters alive who shouldn’t be, adding new characters, changing personalities slightly. But if they take a character so vital to the entire franchise and basically rip him apart into nothing even resembling the character he is based on.. I’m just not okay with that.

    Didn’t Woo right the finale? If so, I’m really hoping for a good turn-around. Deep inside I keep telling myself “well, maybe the finale will be so amazing and so perfect that it will completely make up for the last two episodes and tie everything together” … I’m very afraid now that I’m going to be horribly let down.

    • ITA. There is a lot I can accept. I already know they’re not sticking with the books. But the continued butchering of the characters Charlaine Harris did such a great job of creating is making me ill. Not just Eric, but all of them. Not one character matches up with how they are in the books. Okay, maybe Andy (who is one of the highlights of the show, I think he’s hilarious). Sookie’s different, Bill the White Knight is different, Eric is different, Pam is different (I read an interview with the actress, who has not read the books, and says that Pam’s in love with Eric and jealous of Sookie-WHAT!?). If they keep this up I will have to quit watching because it’s just pissing me off.

      • I think Pam is pretty spot on (well aside from the way she dresses, but CH’s fashion sense gives much to be desired…). I also think Sookie is similar to book Sookie, but True Blood is more of an ensemble show centered around Sookie whereas CH’s books are all about Sookie. I frankly think that the show does a really good job of creating an entire interesting universe and has let a lot of really good actors shine (some for probably the first time in their career, ie. the girl who plays Jessica). We may hit roadblocks along the way (e.g. Maryanne storyline) but I think the show has its intentions in the right place and we people who enjoy the books would do well to appreciate that two different mediums sometimes require two different approaches. Just seeing the look on Alan Ball’s face at the Comic Con panel when he was saying no to waves of fan girls on the question of Bubba (oh God, leave that cheesiness in the books!) made me trust him enough to keep on watching.

  17. Hmm… I didn’t like this episode much. At least it was 54 minutes long. Yes, I counted, after the super gyppy 44 minute episode last time that left a sour taste in my mouth and tears in my eyes.

    Queen Sophie-Anne seemed – overacted by Evan Rachel Wood. She didn’t seem insane, stately, powerful, cruel, etc. just kind of like a teeny bopperish spoiled brat with more power than she knows what to do with. Sort of – Nero-esque, if you will. Or Caligula. Her sexuality felt too overt, brandished to the point of insecurity rather than asserted powerfully. Kind of like the difference between being sexy and being a stripper. The whole – you alpha males – fuck and get over it, I’ll watch – bit was lame. Although I’m glad she imparted knowledge about how to sorta/kinda defeat Maryanne, it was very much a deus ex machina reveal, much in the same vein as Daphne’s little elucidating ‘She’s gawd, ya dum dum’ monologue in the pond.
    At this point, if Maryanne and Sophie-Anne were in a fight, Maryanne is the pit bull I’d bet (and win) money on. RIP, poor Carl. We knew he wasn’t going to make it. But whenever do henchmen? And also – Tara is stupid. Lettie Mae is worse. Genetics at work, my friends. That Miss Jeanette, sure was up to some trouble! Fakers can still cause trouble. Funny that Tara summoned Maryanne, makes you wonder if Miss Jeanette was reading a spellbook upside down, confusing ‘batshithellfiresummons’ with ‘exorciseTara’spottymouth’. I am not liking the fact that Lafayette has gone over to the zombie zone. I’d much prefer him as a vampire!

    I was very gratified to see Eric back – the past episode’s 2 minutes just wasn’t enough. Although, I didn’t like how Eric and Bill seemed to be on equal footing, unlike as in season 1, where Bill was clearly, clearly his underling. I’m glad he brings up that Bill fed her his blood the very first night he and Sookie met – I think he knows about the Queen’s orders. I was annoyed that Eric seemed startled/taken aback saying “You wouldn’t” to Bill’s threat about squealing re: V-sales. He looked all wide-eyed (and well, had the Hugh Jackman eyebrow raise thing, which was nice to look at) and shaken, not stirred. I would’ve wanted Eric to smile, be wry, and say “You wouldn’t” and pretty much dare him to. What happened to my proud, in control, smooth operator Viking who said, “Are you picking a fight? I’d like to see you try.” and “It is done. I am part of her. Get out of the way.”? And the preview of the finale has him on the floor, subservient, knocked back by that bratty Sophie-Anne? And kissing her? EWW. What is TB world coming to? Alan Ball, I have only you to blame. Give me pink lycra, take back miscasting, overacting and shoddy scripts. May the squeees of millions of fangirls haunt your dreams daily if you emasculate Eric any further.

    Ok, I took a breath. Calm. Even with all of the above, there were nice moments. I think it’s cute that Eric’s been thinking about Sookie a bunch. By the way Pam rolls her eyes, he must’ve moped about Sookie to her, hehe! He’s like an insecure girl – saying how he wants Sookie as tribute from Sam, then asking Bill if Sookie had mentioned him. I think he *actually* likes her. I like how TB featured Eric’s ability to fly and how cute his hair looked all mussed up. It was adorable (albeit girly) to see him neaten it, but it gave me a major Skeemus flashback from Zoolander! If you put a mirror in front of him, he’d be giving Lafayette some serious competition for preening. (which leads me back to… Lafayette would make an excellent vampire – and Eric likes Laffy because they are very similar. Life, vitality, vanity, sass. HA! I’d love to see the two of them prep for a night out – can’t you imagine them in matching Saturday Night Fever outfits, doing disco moves together, bloodsucking together? I’m still Eric/Sookie, but this would be a hilarious Halloween episode.) It was cute to see Eric interact with the kids, pop some fang, fly off like supervamp. And of course, Pam is a riot. I love it when Eric and she communicate in old Swedish. She really needs to be in more scenes. She, Jason and Andy are the only laugh producers in True Blood (oh and Eric too, but it’s more sly, stylish laughs at how clever & sexy he is being). I’d love to see a spinoff TB with Pam, Jason, Andy setting up a detective shop in LA – oh wait that’s Angel. 😛 Jason is precious. What a wonderful dumbass. He recalls Brandon Fraser’s earlier works.

    I am tremendously disappointed that there was no Eric/Sookie scene, alas… I’m not demanding Eric/Sookie/Nookie, but another dream sequence might’ve sufficed. 🙂 Hmm. I was a little disturbed Lafayette was having sexual dreams about Eric too, I was rather hoping he was having fearful stuff, and not happy stuff, because that would point towards some solid feelings between Eric and Sookie. As in, the blood just brings out stuff, not plants stuff. I still want some Godric closure; I seriously cannot believe the whole Dallas storyline has been abandoned for this seriously inferior Bon Temps black-eyed Maryanne business. It’s seriously weak.
    Aside from that, I thought the ‘nest’ part was plain stupid. What is this, Rosemary’s baby? Now I’m convinced we are not going to get the pink lycra outfit, since that was worn to help with Sookie’s entree into the orgy. BLURG. Why didn’t Sookie have the brains to call Eric directly, since Bill won’t be returning for awhile, BEFORE infiltrating the orgy mansion by herself and PTSD Laffy? And why didn’t Eric just give her a text message to check-in to see if she’s ok “heard shit was going down, hope you’re ok, will be there to help you shortly”? BLAH! Season finale had better rock – 2 hours and resolution would about do it. 😛

    I’ll finish up by saying, Woo did not write this episode.

    • Thank you! I felt the very same way about Laff’s dreams… The perfect opportunity presented itself for Laff and Sookie’s dreams to be totally different thereby showing Sookie that her subconscious is actually attracted to Eric. I was so disappointed although I’ll hold out a glimmer of hope because Sookie sees Eric as the whole package in her dreams with him showing his more human side in the first dream and total vulnerability in the second one.

      • You and me both! I’m Team Eric (even more than I am Team Eric/Sookie, especially bc the TB TV version of Sookie can be downright stupid and annoying). So while I’m hoping for TV Eric and Sookie to get together in a beautiful way, I’m also hoping that it stays true to Eric, the “only for Sookie” and otherwise, calculated, cool, tough guy who can bring his guard down, but only with Sookie. And not portray them in an overly schmoopy way. I will not forgive Alan Ball if Eric & Sookie are as annoying as Bill and Sookie. If Eric becomes powerless and helpless because of love, this will become tiresome real quick.

        I’m just glad that in the next Charlaine Harris’ installment, Eric & Sookie are finally in a relationship! WHOO HOO! Thanks Lil for the good news!

  18. How on earth is Sookie going to live in that house again? *shudder* She’s going to have to burn that thing down and rebuild. Pity Charles Twining isn’t around to do it for her. Oh, right. That’s yet another plotline that can’t occur since Bill, not Eric, staked Longshadow in True Blood. Sigh~

    • I would like it is Eric got the house all fixed up for her good as new, but I fear it will be Bill. *sigh*

      And I disagree that AB has created a world as well as Charlaine did. In Charlaine’s world the supernatural is just a thing that people are. No giant nests with giant eggs, no town-full of zombie people that no one outside of town notices (if that really happened the news crews would be there in a New York minute). The beauty of Charlaine’s world is that you can almost believe it’s real. AB’s version is totally unbelievable. And besides demonizing Eric, that is my biggest gripe.

    • I actually think that is pretty easy to do. All Eric has to do is kill a vampire in defense of Sookie. I can actually see it happening in Season 4 when Eric has amnesia. Wouldn’t that be interesting? He kills someone but does not remember and it fucks him over. Also, it would make more sense later on because why would E kill someone for Sookie right after he met her? Plus, I don’t think very many people would like the show digging up something from five years ago for the crux of why Charles Twinning is in Bon Temps.


      • I didn’t much care for that part of the book myself.

      • I see your point. Although, I don’t know that Eric would be too fucked over by killing someone and not being able to remember. He’d most likely be fucked over by not being able to remember, period, since he likes to be in control (of himself and everybody). I liked the part in the book, though, because it was evidence that the rest of the supernatural community, in this case, vampire, recognized the fact that Sookie was the apple of Eric’s eye. In a way, that makes it real for Sookie and Eric, no matter how much it is denied by Sookie.

  19. I would like it “if” Eric….

  20. Most of the things I wanted to say about this episode have already been said so I won’t rehash.

    One thing I did want to mention is will they please STOP ALREADY with having all these different writers and directors.

    It’s just FAILING. It is really letting down what has the potential to become just an amazing series.

    The characters are being written so inconsistently you just don’t know who you’re going to get from one week to the next. One week we have Eric crying over Godric, being half normal towards to Sookie, telling Bill to get out of his way and daring him to pick a fight…two weeks later we have him looking actually half way afraid of Bill’s threats and salivating over little children. It has been two weeks and we have had absolutely NO follow up or even an acknowledgement of what happened between those two in Dallas. And I don’t think we are going to see it in the finale either. FFS! Pick a directon and stick to it!

    And don’t even get me started on Tara – WTF was up with her this episode? I loved season 1 Tara. LOVED her. Now we are supposed to believe she is a whiny bitch who calls Lafayette a loser and has cheap jabs at Sookie for screwing a dead guy? When she isn’t even under MA’s influence??? WHUT???

    Next season I would like to see:

    1. The whole writing team except Alexander Woo (who is awesome) and perhaps that chick who did I will Rise Up GONE. Let those two and Alan Ball do all the writing. (Yes I know AB did this one but I will forgive one bad ep).

    2. AB needs to direct all of them. PLEASE.

    3. They need to remember what the central story is here – vampires and other supes living amongst normal people in a normal town. Got that? NORMAL. That means no black eyed crazies. Get back to basics and start again with your plot lines.

    4. Give us what you know we want to see – more Eric. I am so over seeing his character shoved to the background. It’s not about seeing him and Sookie together, yet, it’s too early for that. But FFS, give us some progress here. At the moment she hates him more than ever, soon there will be no turning this around in any sort of believable way.

    • Oh Tina! You are so right! So, so RIGHT! Especially #4.

    • I have a feeling that Eric is going to be more in the foreground in season 3, especially with the V sales plotline. I really do think that Alexander Woo and Nancy Oliver should be writing most of the scripts, Alan Ball directing them.

  21. It was an enjoyable ep but a little sub par compared to the other mid season eps. I’m sad they reverted Eric a little with the whole teacup human exchange. It was like ‘Godric who?’. Thought the egg in the bed was just plain silly. The queen stuff dragged more than I think it should have, and she was stuck with exposition that was pretty clunky. I am reserving judgment on ERW till I see more scenes.

    Bill’s constant disrespect to his sheriff just has to stop. It’s beyond stupid all his insecure posturing and petty jealousy. He needs to trust Sookie. I really hope the Queen is in on the V trafficking and that it’s part of a more elaborate sting/blackmail plot.

    I hope AB has enough balls to finally start showing Bill’s shady, secretive and manipulative side. At the moment it’s like they are trying too hard to make Bill some kind of goody two shoes and Eric the villain, when in the books, the dynamic is much more complex and equal in terms of their respective strengths and flaws.

    To be honest, if they keep giving Bill heroic actions which weren’t even his in the books, and making Eric the fall guy, I probably won’t be around much next season.

  22. Oh something else I forgot to mention that I haven’t really seen discussed much.

    Jessica is heading for a very unhappy ending. I’ve thought this for a while and this week set it in stone for me.

    She hasn’t been feeding (except for old Maxine) since she returned from Eric’s and Daddy Bill is NOT holding up his end of the deal with her. He’s basically decided as long as she’s not eating random people under his roof he doesn’t care.

    It’s not good people, mark my words.

    Which is sad because I really love her 😦

    • Tina, I was thinking the same thing. I really like the Jessica character, and the way she has evolved. I want to hope that they keep her, but I have a nagging suspicion they won’t. Sad…

  23. Rather than focus on what I didn’t like in this episode, which was quite a bit. I want to mention some things I did like.

    I loved the childrens band-aids on Maxine’s neck after Jessica’s snack. It really cracks me up…you just know those were in the medicine cabinet next to Hoyt’s sunscreen.

    And of course the “tea-cup humans”…as well as Eric taking flight.

    Another interesting thought I had…the way Eric spoke to Bill about the first time Bill gave Sookie his blood after her injuries from being jumped by the “Ratts”. He mentioned it being too convienent…does that mean Bill’s tardiness that evening was planned on his part? I wonder if he intended for her to get a little hurt so he could get his blood in her. Also, he mentioned in the hotel in Dallas when he was giving Soookie the low-down on the after effects of having Eric’s blood. Bill spoke very shortly about how his blood bond with Sookie was commanded to be done…or something to that effect. Did anyone else get that impression as well? What do you all think?

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