Who’s Your Favorite Eric?


It’s time to talk about the many faces of Eric Northman. I think I came up with the short list of who this 1000 year old vampire is. After choosing my four Eric’s for the poll, I soon realized about five or six other Eric’s we have had the pleasure of seeing during the first two seasons of True Blood. Who is your favorite Eric? And yes I did include the “other” option in the poll! Who loves ya baby? Who always wants to hear what you have to say? Who doesn’t censor their readers? Blood Bonds Blog… that’s who!!!!!

I just want to kiss and make it better.......

I just want to kiss and make it better.......




*sigh* One Good Long Hair Day









"You like?" *gulps* *nods*

"You like?" *gulps* *nods*


Impose my head here ________


~ by lilbooth02 on August 26, 2009.

37 Responses to “Who’s Your Favorite Eric?”

  1. I think most gulp when remembering ‘Dream Eric’…I know I do!

  2. I was an other 😉

    Greedy like Sookie wanting sun, moon & stars…I like em all!

  3. I voted for Season Two Eric but really…What’s not to love about all of the Eric’s.

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  5. *gulp* dream Eric…don’t get me wrong, even w/ a bad hair day, hes STILL hotter than any guy dammit! But Dream sequence Eric, oof! That just would make any womans’ day, I’m tellin’ ya! WoW.. I love that man…

  6. I like season 2 Eric the best so far.

  7. I love them all…

  8. Definitely the season 2 Eric…. even though i have loved him from the beginning

  9. I voted for Dream Eric. Sure, I’m completely in love with all of Eric, but I, like Sookie, really fell in love with the Eric we see in Dead to the World and to me, Dream Eric almost completely embodies that Eric. Hence why I voted the way I did.

  10. I like season 2 Eric much better. I would like to see alot more of Eric and Sookie together, like in Dead to the World.

  11. Another greedy lady here. I want them all! *dreams*

  12. Voted season 2, but I also think he is all of them.

  13. I had to pick other
    I love all Erics….

  14. First or Second Season I will take Eric any way I can get him.

  15. am a party one of when i saw long haired Eric is not half as sexy as short haired Eric…however I’d take either one…I’d just orgasm more with the short haired one.

  16. Well that was a difficult choice! We love all Erics!!!!

  17. They are all Eric. All different little aspects of his complex and wonderful person.
    And it’s very unfair to ask us to choose!!!
    I had to go with Dream Eric. I think it’s the truest version of his personality, the part he keeps locked up from all the ugliness he has dealt with in his thousand years of existence. And the one where he smiles the most. The only thing sexier than a male smile is a male laugh. IMHO

  18. i almost picked dream eric, lol, i swear! this is one of the hardest poll i’ve ever had, really missed him in season 1 but eric season 2 is much better imo… and the YUMan eric, i mean human is one hell of a viking…

  19. i prefer the side of Eric that’s sarcastic and somewhat submissive…examples….”Is there blood in my hair?!…Pam is going to kill me…” “I texted you three times. Why didn’t you reply?”

  20. Seriously – how do you decide? I do love them all! They are all different sides of the complex hotness that is Eric Northman. I think season 1 was really a Bill showcase, so Eric wasn’t fully developed. And since in season 2 they more or less share the stage (and tilted in Eric’s favor) – I like the ’roundedness’ of Eric in season 2, but sorta wish they kept his hair long for a little bit longer into the season. But then again, there’s a chance he would’ve looked too… sleazy/greasy with the hair and in the hustler outfit that’s coming up next episode. I think his short haircut shows off his face a lot better and gives him more mainstream appeal.

    My favorite Eric, however, is the asshole Eric who only brings down his guard for one woman. “Only for Sookie”. I think we all like the idea of a super tough guy who’s all liquid and carebear inside, but only for us! As in, without all the surrounding examples of whatta manipulative jerk he is, Dream Eric would be boring – just a simpering lovesick fool with no contrast to give his character nice lights and shadows.

  21. I chose “Dream Eric” because of the lack of tank top in those scenes. However I love them all!

  22. Guess my favorite is the one in the books… Master of his own, greedy, ambitious and funny as hell!

  23. I love the “only for Sookie” line in the dream. That was just hot. This was such a tough choice but I had to go with the Season 2 Eric because I love his mischeviousness.

  24. I was an “other” as well! I like to combine Dream Eric and Season 2 Eric. What a combo! heehee!!!

  25. I voted for 1 only because I mourn his long hair. I liked the way he looked in that first scene. That’s MY Eric. Though his hair should be even longer, IMO. Though he’s gorgeous no matter what. GQ Eric, is not the vampire I love, he’s simply Meekus with fangs.

  26. I would like a combination of 1 & 3 which is who I think he is.

  27. I think the long hair from season 1 is more true to the book Eric, but the shorter hair suits Alexander Skarsgard more.

  28. Well, yeah, I agree is suits Alex, but Alex isn’t a character on True Blood. Long hair would also look fantastic on Alex. He can carry it. If they got him a better wig, he would look fantastic with long hair. But then again, I’m a girl who likes men with long hair and we don’t see nearly enough of them.

  29. grrr “it” (shortish hair) suits Alex…. sorry for the typo.

  30. Aren’t vampires supposed to forever remain in the same form they were when they became vamps? If that’s the case, how in the world can Eric cut his hair, and not have it grow back? Hmmmmmmmm. I prefer the short hair, but it doesn’t make any sense.

  31. I voted for season 2 Eric. But really, Eric is sexy and ‘wantable’ however you dish him out for me 😀

    I love his sarcastic wit and sexy looks!

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