The 50 000 Hit Milestone!

Thanks to Lil’s genius today, we’ve reached 50 000 hits! I would like to take this moment to thank all of you who came to this site, commented, posted and spread the word. You rock. We’ve only been around four months, but we’ve gotten 50 000 hits, to celebrate, we now have a hit counter under Blog Stats in the bar at the right.

This past month and the past two weeks and the last few days have all been milestones. For four consecutive days, we’ve averaged more than 1000 hits. We’ve been picking up more readers every week. We surpassed 2000 hits in one day. More than 2,300 hits have been given to the latest recap.

You bandwidth sucking whores have sucked 40.1 GBs of bandwidth at my photobucket account! I love you all! It’s been crazy. I’ve had to purchase a pro account to keep up with you all! I have to thank Swinka once again for her help in giving me the funds to do so by helping her sell her True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse novels related jewellery. Click ‘Merchandise‘ on the right for more details or here.

Our site is small and modest, we never expected much out of it, but thanks to all of you guys who come, you’ve made this site what it is, a meeting place for discussion and voices to be heard.

Thank you so much!



~ by simba317 on August 26, 2009.

13 Responses to “The 50 000 Hit Milestone!”

  1. simba,

    I love your blog and especially your recaps. I probably account for many of the hits especially as the week wears on and I get more and more anxious for a new epsiode of True Blood.

  2. Is Swinka = Cadsawan?

    and oh yes, I probably contributed a gracious plenty to your hit count – I’ve been reading your blog like mad as my obsession with both TB/SVM/AS has been escalating, much to my boyfriend’s discomfort! 😉

  3. Yes, Swinka is Cadsawan.

    Great job on the blog Simba. It has come a long way in just a short time. I’m happy to be apart of the founding crew.

    YAY US!!!

  4. Woot! Congrats! I come to your site several times a day to read the recaps, again, and again, and again. LOL Hope you hit many more milestones! Haha

  5. My genius? Hey all I wanted to do was have some fun and what better way to have fun then to fantasize about E and think over the last two scrumptious seasons of amazing Eric moments. AS has embodied Eric perfectly and since I think about him all the time (the plumber doesn’t seem to mind so much) I figured we should all get a chance to talk about our Fave E!!

    Simba you rock! Your recaps rock! And I am so glad we decided to partner up to make a Eric Lovers Safe Zone! Plus we love all the other characters…. really we do! It wouldn’t be TB without them!! It would be the Eric show…um wait, that ain’t a bad idea. *runsofftodream*

  6. Simba! We have to up our goal again! *shakesheadinwonder*

    I also want to mention this blog was the brain child of close group of Eric Lovers. Scoobs, Simba, and I offered to do it, but we all talked about it and we all gave input on the different aspects of the blog and our online network. Check out the Crew (side bar) for a little extra detail on those who helped and continue to help on the forum. It does need to be updated to include a few others who have helped us conjure up not only ideas but have continued to cheerlead us and spend countless hours watching Simba and I count hits and read comments after recaps are posted!

    This blog has become a safe haven for many who have been banned, censored or flamed and I hope to keep the tone going. I also want to make clear that while we do lean heavily to E’s side we also love and appreciate all the characters in the books and on the show. Also to keep in the spirit of a safe haven we will continue to stay away from commenting on the actors and their private lives….. except birthdays! On their birthdays we will celebrate their work and for sharing themselves with us! I just decided it! LOL …..Better get a list of birthdays!!!!!

  7. Thanks to all of you!
    I found this site quite recently, but it is already one of my favorites virtual daily visits.

  8. Congratulations to the crew here at Bloodbonds! This show started out as a guilty pleasure, but I am already starting to feel a Lost-like obsession coming over me and reading the recaps here has helped fuel that. I’m glad there’s a place where Eric lovers can hang.

    What’s this about banning, censoring and flaming? Doesn’t this sound familiar? Sheesh.

    • Z, it’s very much like the Great Exodus of the Skaters from the Fuse, an official forum…Mods started playing favourites and sided with Bill Lovers over Eric Lovers in a very blatant fashion. Posters are allowed to harangue and defame Eric as much as they want, but Bill, well, he had better stay a white knight…EL posts are edited by the mods…etc.


      • Hah! Aren’t they insecure? But Bill is no darling, and I hope we get to see more evidence of that soon.

        So what board is this? And how predictable. It’s like Jate vs Skate all over again.

        Eric’s not worthy. He’s bad news! It’s only lust! Bill’s noble and only wants to protect Sookie.

        Yeah, right. Sell me another one. There’s more going on in the various dynamics, if people paid attention and didn’t just let initial assumptions and prejudices dictate their viewing experience.

        Sookie’s view starts out very naive and black and white, but through both Bill and then Eric, she begins to mature and expand her world view. I thought it was very telling that she’d never been out of Bon Temps, and Dallas was an eye opener for her. Bill wants her to stay a small town girl, with a narrowed view of life. Eric, I suspect, wants to show her the world, in all of its beauty, wonder AND ugliness.

        I just get an empowering/liberating vibe from the way Eric deals with Sookie. Bill? Not so much.

      • That’s exactly what it’s like and it’s not only some TV sites, it’s some book sites too. It’s the general hateful attitude towards Eric Lovers, Eric and any mark against Bill’s name.


  9. I just don’t understand Eric hatred. Have the haters not read any of the books to see what kind of a prick Bill turns out to be, and experience just how steadfast Eric Northman has been for Sookie? He’s always there for her despite the lack of obligation to, starting from book 1. Even the nice things Bill does for Sookie, Eric actually does, in the books (i.e. staking Longshadow). In my opinion, the books tend to be Eric skewed (and I shore don’t mind!), so I guess TB needs to spread the glory to make it an even playing field for Bill and Eric.

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