Happy Birthday A!!

Okay okay, I know. Simba, Scoobs, and I had not planned to wish anyone a happy birthday but you know what screw that!!

Alexander Skarsgard has offered us hours of inspiring work through his many projects and recognizing him today is what I think he desrves. So instead of just wishing him a Happy Birthday let’s thank him for his amazing work and his willingness to open himself up for his art.

A closet drama geek for years I am often in awe of the risks he takes and emotions he has induced me to feel. 

I think many of those who visit this site feel the same way. I also would like to point out Swedes do not celebrate their birth days as we do so instead let’s celebrate the man and his body of work. We want to know what is your favorite piece of Alexander? The marine? The Vampire? The Suicidal Transvestite? The Evil Boyfriend who meets his maker a la poison from Lady Gaga? (yes it counts) or maybe it’s a the geeky yet hot guy obsessed with steel?

I personally can’t seem to make up my mind. I adore me some tall blonde “I’ll Be Fine” Marine ……



*gulp* Alexander as Sgt. Brad Colbert



but the recent tall blonde “I’ll Be Fine” vampire took my breathe away…………


Eric Northman our Area 5 Sheriff

Eric Northman our Area 5 Sheriff





~ by lilbooth02 on August 25, 2009.

9 Responses to “Happy Birthday A!!”

  1. Happy Birthday Alex!!! Hope its a great one.

  2. It’s Alez’s birthday! 😀

    Well to celebrate his work…I have to say it didn’t really mean much to me when I saw him the first time as Eric. The hair was all weird and his apearences were so rare and short that it did pretty much nothing to me.

    The second season of True Blood changed everything. I can say my eyes were opened on this great Swede actor that not only looks divine, but acts pretty close to greatness!

    Then I discovered Generation Kill and I was literally blown away. This guy is on his way to becoming a pretty great actor! The Iceman had to be a pretty hard role to play since he was so reclusive and cut off. Early in the series you understand that in order to see how he feels about something, you have to watch his eyes closely. And Alex really pulled it off. I can safely say I am in love with the show and with Sgt. Brad Colbert. Put Alex in a uniform with an gun on his shoulder, a little dirty from all that dirt… mmm 🙂

    About this TB2 Eric…I have to say now I’m making amends for talking badly about him in the first season. Now I actually can’t see someone else playing Eric. The phissique, the attitude, the voice…perfect! Dreamy as it makes me want my own big Viking Vampire… le sigh!


    Happy birthday Alex! And please keep surprizing me!

  3. He’s a very talented actor & I look forward to see his future work.Happy Birthday & keep up the great job.

  4. I’m from sweden and we do celebrate birthdays just as you do.

    • That is good to know!! I have been told differently so it’s good to get the facts right!!! Thanks very much!!

  5. He deserves the exception, long and happy life for AS.

    My favorite character is the vampire, I don’t think even Charlaine Harris could have imagined a better Eric Norhman.

  6. I’m from Sweden too and I think we celebrate the way you do, now I’m a little confused… 😉 Cake and presents, that’s how we do it as far as I know. Or when older; booze and presents. 😀

  7. Happy birthday, baby! First appreciated you in the Jessica scene where you established your alpha standing. Your alpha trumps Bill, starting w/ the height and the steely blue eyes. Don’t worry baby, you’ll fill out, just like your daddy did, and he has always been magnificent. You are so like him! I have no doubt that Eric’s dialog will suit you and express your viking and scandinavian pride beautifully. I checked and the vikings seeded the shores of every continent. I see it in the Redgrave women especially, though they are only proof of the vikings well known taking of Britain’s shores…So great to see another swede making an artistic mark on the world. Many happy returns and please stay international like your daddy! We love you.

  8. HAPPY BELATED BDAY ALEX!You were the best choice to play Eric!

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