Episode 11 Promo

Here it is!




~ by simba317 on August 24, 2009.

3 Responses to “Episode 11 Promo”

  1. Looking forward to seeing more of Eric in this one, (and he’s looking kind of different too…) especially the Eric and Sam business, since Sam’s willing to ask for Eric’s help when Bill isn’t/wasn’t.

    Also, I hope Jessica/Hoyt turns out… relatively alright…

    Basically, I’m nervous for the next episode, but at the same time, if last episode was anything to go by, this one can only be better… hopefully.

  2. Well this trailer is just taunting me.
    Is it Sunday yet?

  3. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of Eric in the next episode, because honestly, the previous one (ep 10) was skimpy in that department. Only 44 minutes and only 3 of them Eric? I don’t think they will resume the Godric/Eric/Sookie storyline though… too much to deal with in Bon Temps. (And yet – we totally deserve an explanation!) And if we do see Eric and Sookie sharing the screen, it’ll either be a dream sequence (if we are so lucky to see more AS hotness) or be an action sequence in which Eric and Bill will battle over who gets to save Sookie, with Eric winning and smug, Bill looking irked and helpless, and ultimately, Sookie saving them all with her crackling electric touch. Regardless, this will be the first time that Eric is wearing a suit, so I’m excited anyway.

    Actually, I don’t even think Maryann will be defeated, per se – she’ll just leave on her own to go and madden another Southern town.

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