Tell Us What You Thought About “New World in My View”

Alright! The episode has just aired on the East Coast. Wasn’t that a trip?

Tell us what you thought about it!



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  1. IMO it was an absolute fail.

    I actually got someone to sit down and watch it to prove to them how amazing True Blood was and it just wasn’t up to par. There was hardly any action and all we have to show for it was that Bill got his own taste of rabies (lawls) when he fed off MaryAnn and that Sookie has super duper cool Jedi powers. Oh, and a foot shot of the vampire queen.

    Not only was Bill/Sookie disappointing in this episode (which, let’s face it, has become rather routine now) Jessica and Hoyt offered up very little entertainment either. Though I was kind of happy to see Jess finally sticking it (pun totally intended) to Maxine. Funny though, it seemed Maxine was more “herself” for lack of a better word, when she was all “bug-eyed”.

    Not to mention that as a newly converted TeamEric! fan, there was very little of Eric… especially since the opening scene was so full of promise! Epic sadness.

    The only thing I walked away from this episode with was a theory as to why Eric is pushing Lafayette to sell the V again.

    This episode was thoroughly disappointing compared to “I Will Rise Up” and “Timebomb”

  2. This was arguably the worst episode of the season. How they could follow up to what many (myself included) thought was the BEST episode of the season with this mess is beyond me! It was full of sloppy attempts at trite humor and overall just fell flat on its face. Nothing worked, nothing felt genuine…not to mention it was only 45 minutes long! C’mon, HBO! Thankfully the opening sequence made up for such a letdown of an episode (Eric and Sookie are sizzling!) The entire “showdown at Merlotte’s” scenes should have been scrapped before they ever hit production. It was a bloody crying shame. I expected so much more…

  3. So we know the power limits of vampirism AND that Sookie has more power than she has been aware of which means the season finale will pack more punch…just like in the world of magic this is leading to the Prestige.

  4. I thought there was some potential with the opening scene. For a few moments I let myself believe that they weren’t going to just glaze over the whole “I Will Rise Up” aftermath… But then it turned out to be a dream and it just went downhill from there.

    I was so psyched about this episode, and yet now I kinda wish I had never watched it. I feel so let down and I can only pray that it gets better next week.

    They managed to get in a few somewhat humorous things, but in general I am just so over the entire Maryann storyline. But now it’s become the ONLY storyline and that makes me sad.

  5. I am enjoying the wild ride. I LOVED the first scene with Sookie and Eric. Bill wretching out the car door was hilarious! Fav moment… was Laffy’s line after praying with Lettie Mae. Crazy Fun! Next the Queen! Eeek! Can’t wait!

  6. I enjoyed it, for the most part. I do agree that it was a bit of a downer especially compared to last week.

    I’m still processing the whole thing though and I’ll probably post more about it tomorrow.

  7. Well, even though I might be the only one, I enjoyed the show! There can’t always be action 24/7 – it takes away from the climax/ending. This episode doesn’t surprise that it’s a little lower-key compared to the others since it’s so close to the season end. This episode had a lot more humor in it than the previous ones. Come on – Jason pretending to be their god!? LMAO! The horns! The horns!

    Great foreshadowing in this episode as well, with Sookie’s powers and with the Queen…Also, for anyone that has read the books – remember patience? Eric has a great deal and it always gives him what he wants…almost.

  8. I enjoyed it, though I must say it was overwhelming having so many supernatural powers flying all over the place and also of course the Maryann storyline dragggggggin on. That said, Jason was AWESOME. Someone give that guy a spin-off! Also, I loved Bill in this episode, he was helpful and loving and just great.

    I am also curious as to why they are introducing all these big ideas (Sookie’s additional powers, the Queen of Louisiana) at the END of the season. But, after the geniusness of “I Will Rise Up” I trust the writers and producers and will just wait to watch it all play out.

  9. I’m surprised so many people didn’t like this episode. It’s the first one I’ve watched without constantly wondering, “When are they going to show Eric again?” I thought it was awesome. It’s the first time the whole Maryann thing has been interesting to me. Bill was even somewhat likable, trusting Sookie to stay in Crazytown by herself and keep her friends safe, rather than treating her like a child who needs constant supervision. I always want more Eric. If every scene had Eric it probably still wouldn’t be enough 😉 But I enjoyed the episode.

  10. I was definitely disappointed with this episode because of the Merlotte stuff – I am so tired of the black eyes. I think this storyline would have been much better had it followed the book, less is more, the entire town being involved, come on, that’s insane. Loved Jason shining as a controller and it being effective. Loved Bellefleur – he seemed to be more in control of hisself too, not so ludicrous. Loved Sam – he was thinking instead of reacting. Missed Eric. Lafeyette was wonderful.

    Now on to next week with only two more shows to be seen in this series. Will Tara remain in control of herself? What was the queen feeding on and why did Bill look so shocked when he entered the palace? Will Jessica reap a wild side and enjoy a human meal? And then, how in the world is Sookie going to get Gran’s house back in order?

  11. 45 minutes playing “let’s clue in everyone who was in Dallas about what’s been going on.” After two solid episodes, this one was a BUST! The only redeeming factors were Sookie’s laser-power, bringing Tara back, and Jason pretending to be god bringing the LOLs–“smite me motherf*er!” Most of the time I’m okay with a filler episode, but not this time.

    • When we only get 12 epis a season filler episodes are unacceptable.

      • While I tend to agree, as a former Sopranos watcher I knew every now and then I’d get a stupid filler episode…but then a great one would follow. After a few times of that happening I learned to semi-respect the filler.

        Alexander Woo wrote the next one…SO, stupid filler with *fingers crossed* greatness to follow. 😉

        But 45 minutes–AGH! I think that’s what burned me the most about Sunday. I watched it again last night to see if it would grow on me. Only the dream grew on me, again, and again, and again…

      • Correction…Ball wrote the next; Woo wrote the finale (awwwww hell yeah!)

      • Yep. Woo is my favourite. lol. Woo and Buckner kick ass.


      • I concur.

      • *giggles*

  12. I thought it sucked E had more time in the epi recap than in the actual epi. More to come later. Thanks Simba for posting. AT&T sucks and my DSL is gone.

  13. I’m mad and pouting…*huffs off*

  14. Not enough Eric. Too much Maryanne/zombie mess. Enough already. I did enjoy watching Jason kick some ass, but it wasn’t enough to save the episode. I’m SO sick of Maryanne. Her storyline does nothing to move any of the core characters forward. It’s just obnoxious.

  15. The episode started out Great, then failed when it turned out that it was just a dream and not real – all i thought about for a while after that while trying to absorb the whole boring Maryanne thing was what really happened when she left the roof???
    The Maryanne thing is better than what it was but still not captivating.
    Others may disagree but i did like how it ended as it built up with Bills walk and then seeing the leg and his face. Then it just ended, EARLY, i said no out loud before i could stop myself and then had to wrestle with my dissapointment that it ended so abruply. Who did the leg belong to, the Queen or someone else a meal maybe, would that explain the blood??
    While not the greatest episode it left me wishing it was Sunday today and not Monday just so that i can find out who that leg and foot belonged to.

  16. Overall I was pleased with tonight’s episode. I do think it was a bit of a segue episode and when we only get 12 episodes in a season episodes like that are particularly frustrating.

    Like so many have already said, not enough Eric. I mean what the fuck? Especially after seeing what happened to his character last week and the week prior I felt like poor Eric was rode hard and put away wet(as in covered in bloody tears.)
    The dream sequence was nice, though. It was interesting to see the changes between this dream Eric and last week’s dream Eric. This week he was more himself. I enjoyed the touching of the fangs, that was a nice nod to the books(although in the book she licked his fangs but I suppose beggars can’t be choosers so I’ll accept it.)

    I loved, LOVED the stuff with Jason at Merlotte’s. The Evil Dead franchise is one of my all-time favorites and I think that’s the same sort of thing they were going for with the Merlotte’s scenes and I just ate it up.
    However… I could have done with all the mustard licking in favor of some more solid dialogue.

    The Bill-Sookie-Lafayette-Tara stuff was nice and touching.
    The Bill-Sookie stuff, not so much. I was especially bothered by his tone with her in the car. “Give me your wrist so I can heal!” And she says nothing? Seriously?

    Okay, I think I’m done for now. I’ve only watched the episode twice so maybe I’ll have more to say when/if I watch again.

    *goes off and waits for Simba’s review*

    • I didn’t like the ‘give me your wrist so I can heal’ line either. It was wrong, we know from the books feeding to heal is not something a donor does as easily as drawing breath.

  17. i didn’t like much at how sookie had that power. it felt kinda cheesey to me. i also think it should have stuck more to the book, even if it might not have been as jam packed with action as the shows are.
    I also did not like the fact that there was barely any Eric in it apart from the beginning. And i did not like being desieved when sookie woke up from her dream with Eric. Very mean for someone who thinks that sookie belongs with Eric.
    I did like the part with Bill, Sookie and Tara. it was very nice how it happened. 🙂

  18. Just finished watching it. I can safely say it was a bitter dissapointment considering the last two episodes. How can you have two brillian episodes and then an episode as boring and without action as the one from last night?

    Except the first two minutes that are a reminecence of the previous episode and its genius, the rest of 43 minutes was average. Although you can see a slight difference between the old dream-Eric and this dream-Eric, in essence he is the same. She once again sees him at his weakest and the way she offers herself to him…brilliant!

    The action doesn’t really moves forward a lot. Bill goes to see Sophie-Ann while Jason and Sookie try to take care of the people under the menead’s influence.

    It was funny how brutal Bill was in his refusal to let Sookie call Eric for help. I suppose it’s male ego and all…although he tells sookie eric can’t help them and later he admits he doesn’t know of a way to kill Marriane. Bill, did you ever hear of the expresion: Two minds think better than one?

    Moving along, Jason was suuuperb…”This is the war I have been training for.” Haha…The flying condom scene just cracked me up. For once Jason was serious and someone throws a used condom at him? His god persona was hilarious and the horns were the best prop ever. I couldn’t stop laughing.

    Bill was a jackass as per usual. Sookie is really starting to feel like those abuse victims that have stopped retaliating. She pulls some new powers from her sleeve and enchants marianne with them.

    Sam was on top of his game. “Smite me motherf*cker!” Andy was somewhere in the vecinity.

    I guess that’s all for now. This episode really left me wanting more of the finesse and class of the previous two episodes. I just hope they give us something better in the next one.

    Waiting for your review 😀

  19. Not my favorite episode..since there was very little Eric/AS in it.
    Of course loved the Dream scene ..the chemistry between Eric and Sookie is there.
    Sam with his apron was great.
    Love Terry ..he can be a leader
    Poor Jess felt bad for her..she is not going to make any brownie points by trying to drain Maxime.
    Bill leaving Sookie..she has been attacked before by the maenad..she could die if hurt again…Now, if he left and we it is to uncover the deceit..then I’ll be happy..

  20. Appropriately titled, New World in My View was about the complete shift of everything in Sookie’s world on a cataclysmic scale. She knows intrinsically that the dreams of Eric are completely unlike the dreams of Bill she had prior to their hooking up. This attraction is not about fantasy, intrigue, or peace of telepathic mind. The Eric attraction Sookie has is completely a matter of empathy and understanding of his grief (she just lost her Gran, after all, which is the closest thing to comparable for Eric and Godric) as well as a new respect for him as a feeling creature. (Plus he’s fucking hot.) She’s completely aware now that the stoic and practical sheriff of Area 5 is in fact capable of true honor, loyalty, and love. Also, with the violently ill Bill (lol) hurling out of the side of her car, she automatically wanted to go to Eric for help. She trusts his judgement and capabilities in matters of crisis and duress in her world.

    I absolutely deplore that Sookie felt the need to shoulder the guilt of a town gone mad in her absence. Who died and made her Mother Teresa? Furthermore, the mutual “Healing” power that the blood exchanges provide is starting to be irritatingly convenient. Sookie gets hurt. Bill heals. Bill gets sick. Sookie heals. It’s not even a question. He just demanded her blood in a ragged angry voice and she stuck her arm out like some obedient, fleshed out form of Penicillin.

    Jason, Andy, and Sam were the saving graces of this episode, undoubtedly. Jason going into full on Redneck Rambo mode to confront the teeming hordes of sex zombies (lol. They totally looked like zombies, but instead of brainsssss, they nom on mustard painted each other.) was adorable. His dress up show of being Bacchus was equally hilarious. “You will all have… good crops… and… fair weather.” The Mary Anne plotline has been worn thin, or perhaps written poorly overall, but I’d like to point out that as an allegory, Mary Anne is both a positive and negative connotation for the people of Bon Temps and perhaps the society in which we live altogether. Some of her more positive attributes are that she incites a confidence in one’s self, and allows folks to exercise their carnal tendencies without guilt. Unfortunately, the manner in which it’s being portrayed is that the only way to do so is in the mindless manner of a horde of peons. Bad form, True Blood writers. You do not have to be an idiot or under a spell to enjoy sex for sex’s sake. But, speaking of mindless and Jason the Sex God, Sam hollering “SMITE ME, MOTHERFUCKER” was probably one of the more prolific highlights of the evening, along with Arlene shrieking to not shoot the expensive liquor, and Andy giving his One Eyed Man in the Land of the Blind parable. Love Andy Bellefleur SO MUCH!

    I really think that this episode was a forty five minute plot device, a staging for the utter change about to face Bon Temps and the supernatural and human communities of Area Five. The whole of the their knowledge is about to be thrown topsy turvey, and they are approaching this new world with questions, fear, and the usual desire of a region under the oppression of a foe. They will fight to protect what they have, but in doing so will never have it again. Everything will change.

    Overall, it wasn’t as awe inspiring or hair raising as the past couple of episodes, but it served it’s purpose in shifting the scope back from the Dallas story into Good Ol’ Bon Temps.

    As a footnote, did anyone but me notice that the flashy light that usually says “God Hates Fangs” in the intro credits read “Fetish Rules & Produce Flesh”? I found that intriguing.

    • yep. I thought it was funny too. All that mayhem and someone had the need to change the sign. hmmmm

    • I like you. 😉

    • Didn’t notice the flashy light! I’ll have to watch the epi again. I usually fast forward through the intro credits because the decaying wolf freaks me out.
      I agree with Sookie identifying with Eric’s loss, but I also think that the tenor of her dreams with Eric are different for more reasons than that. They have a stronger connection than her and Bill, although I do agree that it’s fueled by the fact that Sookie has learned that “sheriff Eric” is a role that he plays because he has to, and that there’s more to him than that. She knows now that in the vampire world it’s all about showing strength and no weaknesses, because weakness will get you killed indefinitely. Bill was her first boyfriend ever, and I now that she is allowing herself to actually be attracted to the opposite sex she’s realizing that there are different levels of attraction, and that lust and love can seem black and white when you’re standing on the outside looking in, but not as easily distinguished and separated into categories when your actually in the relationship.
      I see how the manead can make good for tv, but I too am really OVER Maryanne. I think it’s becoming overplayed almost, and while I love her attitude and craziness, I’ll be glad to see her go too.

  21. My friend caught the sign and made me back it up to see it better.

    I didn’t HATE this episode, but I didn’t love it. The first 6 episodes were throw aways for me. I just wasn’t into them, but starting with “Release Me” my interest picked up again. This one I will only remember for the luscious first few minutes and then almost peeing myself at the Jason/Merlottes scenes. Because Tara is so tied into the Maryann plot, I just don’t care about her anymore. She can stay a zombie w/Eggs for all I care.

    My biggest gripe is that we and Eric got no closure on Godric meeting he sun. I realize the sun was up and they packed up and flew home, but come on, we’ve seen the Vampires awake in the day now, albeit, in a light tight space. Though I think it’s too early for Eric and Sookie to get together, we could have had a tender scene of comfort.

    So far the only episode I’ve watched over and over again this season is eppy 9 and I don’t see that changing over much. I predicted these last three would be all wrapped up in stupid Maryann and I’m pretty sure I’ll be proved correct.

    Also, it was really a cheat to have the episode be 44 minutes long (that’s what comes up “on demand.” That 10 minutes could have been a wrap up of Dallas.

    Okay, there’s my two cents.

  22. I hate the Maryann storyline, but I loved the Jason, Andy, Sam combo. Sam in the apron was hysterical!! Jessica, Hoyt and Maxine were quite entertaining. However, when the episode ended at 9:45 I was TICKED!!! After last week I felt so let down. Suddenly Sookie has powers with the Maenad/Maryann? Her and Bill “free” Tara? That was a bit too much for me. I’m guessing that Sookie will be the heroine and destroy the maenad. I had watched season 1 over again, and Sookie was likeable, and darnit Bill WAS hot. I don’t know what happened this season, but the two of them just lack the electricity they once had. However, Sookie and Eric…now there you can feel some heat. This bring me to an important point………
    After last week I knew there would not be loads of Eric/AS, but less than 2 minutes? Oh Come on!!! Granted they were two beautiful minutes, but short nonetheless. I felt stunted. It’s like they were building towards something and just stopped. I also do not like the fact that they are introducing the Queen this early really bugs me. I am by no means a die-hard bookie, but this is just a bit much. It is making me think that the possibility of Eric in hot pink spandex is becoming less and less of a possibility :(. I did enjoy the preview for next week! Eric looked like some Vegas hustler in his suit….a very hot hustler.
    This episode felt like an overblown preview of next week. Nothing went anywhere really. Someone else said it, but I think bears repeating when a season only has 12 episodes, why have filler?
    BTW, am I the only one who was pining in just the tiniest way for Godric? Maybe it was just the lack of Eric or the loss of 10 minutes.

  23. After I watched it the first time I thought it was just silly. The 1st 2 minutes were great, of course, but after that ,eh! But just watched it a 2nd time and liked it better. I had had 24 hours to process it. A few thoughts. Anybody think Bill is going to catch hell for not going to Eric?I mean all this shit is happening in Area 5 of which he is sheriff. Isn’t it Bill’s responsibility to inform his sheriff of what’s going on? Or is that just the books? In TB land Bill sure does get away with acting disrespectful to Eric, a lot. They may have been rivals in the books, but the Vamp hierarchy was followed and they worked together a lot to help Sookie, etc.
    Did anyone also notice that Bill asked Sookie twice about what she did with her hand and can she do it again. Could this be possible foreshadowing of a possible mission Of Bill’s for the Queen? Since it’s TB who knows how AB is going to play that one out.

    • I actually noticed Bill’s lack of respect to his superior as well. I agree with you completely. Though I have not read the books, after re-watching this season’s episodes, it’s apparent that Bill can easily be likened to a kid throwing a tantrum. In the first season, he was careful how he spoke with his sheriff (even when Eric was chasing after Sookie to work for him) and now, he’s actually being bold and in your face which surprisingly, Eric’s letting him do. Now while I understand that the original question was about the last episode, I just feel like Bill really is just doing a bang-up job of proving what Eric said about his being a loose cannon. Bill doesn’t think, he just does and as it has proven time and time again, it doesn’t solve the problem, but merely sweeps it under the rug at best. Especially after reading the episode recaps here, it’s becoming painfully apparent that Bill doesn’t really care about anyone but himself and his own interests.

      Bill just keeps digging himself deeper into a nice little hole in my opinion.

      • I’m with you guys on this one. Eric is Sheriff…Bill is his underling. In the first season Bill was much more respectful, and actually encouraged Sookie to be so as well. This season Sookie has slapped Eric and Bill has full on whalloped him. Eric holds a position of great power and authority and Bill should be towing the line. I noticed that when they didn’t know what to do Sookie suggested calling Eric. Bill’s response was to vehemently say no. As Sheriff and the fact that he’s over 1,000 years old, Eric could probably provide some assistance. Poorly played Bill.

  24. Okay – this just occurred to me. With Bill being in New Orleans at the Queens residence, he has left Sookie alone in Bon Temps. She has already mentioned Eric as a helping source. Could this be where she calls Eric and asks for his assistance in destroying the hold MaryAnne has over Bon Temps people? Is this where we will get to see Bill and Eric work together? Or will Bill make it back to Bon Temps in a single night and return to save the day with the assistance of the Queen? Speaking of that isn’t it funny how they had to fly to Dallas yet, he can ‘run’ to New Orleans?

  25. I get the impression Sam is going to call Eric in. I hope Bill gets held up in NO and misses the whole thing.

    I keep hearing that Alan Ball really likes bill’s character. So I’m wondering if that’s so, why Bill always looks like such an idiot. Running into the church yelling for Sookie, then doing nothing while human Jason saves the day. Punching Eric then just stepping aside like a child with one word from him. He comes across as completely powerless. It’s odd that this is how someone would portray a character they’re so fond of.

    I figured out why Bill demanding Sookie’s wrist didn’t bother me. I think it’s just that I hate the simpering, broody, “I love Sookie more than my undead life” Bill soooooooo much that when he’s acting like as ass I actually prefer it.

    • It’s true. If Alan Ball likes Bill so much, he sure has a curious way of showing it. Not only does he act like an idiot, he look bad. At least with Jason, he’s an adorable dumbass. in season 2, Bill has been coming off like EPIC FAIL.

      Bill’s character basically says one of two things; “Thooookie!” “She is Mahn!” and he comes three modes, having vampy sex, chiding Sookie for being too naive, looking pissy and helpless simultaneously. He’s totally been a temper tantrum throwing child. I seriously liked him better in season 1, when he had nicer wardrobe and makeup people. Oh, and balls.

      By the way, I did a google maps thingy – it takes 5 hours to drive from Bon Temps to New Orleans. Bill probs decided to drive instead of fly bc of the last minute nature of his trip, tickets, Anubis Air coffin arrangement, blah blah.


      I think Sookie probably arranges for a meeting for Sam and Eric. Or maybe Sam just goes to Fangtasia, but it’s probably more likely that Sookie is involved bc Sam has almost no previous interaction with Eric in TrueBlood, except for the time the vamps came into Merlotte’s on the way to the tribunal (and they didn’t even speak then). Also, Sookie probably came to her senses and calls Eric, what with Bill gone for an extended period of time – not just overnight, as he promised – check out this scene where he has a pool-side R&R with Sophie-Anne LeClerq, Queen of Loozana when shit’s gone nuts in Bon Temps: . nice boyfriend you make, Bill Compton, while your beloved is in Bon Temps fending off zombies. So much for your devoted I’ll-fry-in-the-sun-for-you routine.

      So, Sookie probs called Eric for help/advice and hopefully there will be a scene where they can wrap up the Godric storyline. Because, honestly, we deserve that, just a little after Allan Hyde’s beautiful turn as Godric and the crazy chemistry (and strongest acting we’ve seen thus far) between him and Alex Skarsgard. Although, by now, the Eric/Sookie catch up will be much less potent than if it were in episode 10, since Eric’s prolly all closed up about his feelings and being seen in such a vulnerable state. So even if Sookie gave him Godric’s clothes and tell Eric how Godric met his end well, he’d be like “Don’t use words I don’t understand.” But deep inside, thanks to the blood exchange, Eric will know how Sookie feels and be grateful. Now Sookie needs to give him some blood, so the bond will be complete! Wait, Eric can just wait around Sookie, until the next time she gets beaten up in a supernatural situation and just take a fingerful. 😛

      SO! Maybe there is hope for Eric clad in hot pink spandex after all! Maybe Sookie will have to infiltrate a Maryann orgy after all… although – now that she knows her face, Sookie can’t go incognito anymore. Nonetheless, I’d also like to see the corvette hood/Eric Sookie action.

      And yes, I totes agree with y’all about Bill’s insubordination to Eric. There’s a huge difference between how Isabel and Eric relate to Godric, to how Pam relates to Eric, and how Bill relates to Lorena and Eric. I think Bill’s got something up his sleeve that makes him more insolent to Eric, from season 1 to 2. I mean, come on, he decks his sheriff. That calls for major tribunal action. The vamp who got his fangs ripped out merely drank off another vamp’s human companion!

      Seriously though? I’m putting my TB thinking cap on and applying a little bit of book knowledge. (The book and TB has been diverging quite a bit, so I’m not sure that it gives me much of an upper hand in predicting things). This is how it will go down imho. Bill’s gone to New Orleans and gets distracted by the Queen. We discover his secret agenda – he’s probably important to the Queen and vampy hierarchy, considering how rude he has become to Eric, his sheriff. As he hangs out with the queen, we find out what his position is, and discover something that would push a wedge between Bill and Sookie, of which we will get a brief glimmer but won’t get played out until the finale, which Woo will write beautifully for us.

      In the meantime, Sookie will call Eric, and get Sam and other supes (Weres, etc) to work together to get Maryann to leave. (BTW, Book readers – have you felt that Maryann feels a lot like Hallow the witch were in Dead to the World? She got the same ferocity and ruthlessness.)

      Jason will try to kill zombies instead of healing them Bill/Sookie style (bc let’s be honest, that would take a long time).

      Sadly, Eggs will die, Tara will learn a lesson, Eric and Bill will learn to collaborate in saving everything and everyone valuable to Sookie, hence why Tara, Lafayette, Sam will survive and Eggs will die, and Arlene will live for flaming red hair hijinks with Terry. And in season 3, they’ll have to explain why suddenly a shitload of people are STD ridden and preggers – because don’t even try to tell me black-eyed Maryann zombies practiced safe sex at orgies.

      The cliff hanger will be something about Sookie’s cousin and the lesbian Queen, and or… the announcement of new supernatural creatures – witches or fairies, oh my!

  26. I do think Bill will be held up in N.O. Read the epi description and see the photos of Bill sunbathing(?) with the Queen and Hadley. Eric I believe also goes to N.O. but I think he also makes it to Bon temps to help. Don’t know if Bill will make it back in time or not. That may be the first little wrench in their relationship if Eric helps and Bill doesn’t.

    • Personally, I’d like to see both Eric and Bill there at the end to help dispose of Maryann. I enjoyed how they joined forces together in the book and I’m hoping the show will do something along the same lines. It already looks as though Sam is turning to another supernatural being for help(Eric) and it made me wonder if perhaps Eric was just one of the many other supes he turned to for help. Could we be catching a glimpse of Weres before this season is over? I certainly hope so! Sam did tell Daphne he had met some Werewolves, didn’t he?

  27. I’ve enjoyed everyone’s comments and can’t wait for your great recap, Simba! 🙂 (discovered this after last week’s episode – a good time to find it!)

    For my part, I too would’ve loved to have seen more of Eric, especially picking up right after where the last episode left off (I nearly fell off the couch at the first few minutes – *really* upset that was just a dream!) But unfortunately, it seems the only climax that we’re working towards involves Maryann & her sex zombies, not S/E (alas).

    The episode made me laugh (or at least giggle here & there) – I mean, Jason as the god who comes was pretty amusing. And Terry is a pretty good leader! Interesting that he’s the only one who seems to still have something connecting in his head. Sam in the apron was great too! I also loved putting Maxine in front of the wii (I think?) as a way to occupy her (for a while at least)

    I was wondering if Sookie’s well-timed white light power comes from her Niall connection? (for book readers – I don’t want to give spoilers so I won’t elaborate) will they introduce that in some way, waaaaay too soon? Or – a bit out there, but is it because she survived the previous attack from Maryann? (kind of like a vaccination helps you build antibodies towards the real thing)

    I was also appalled at the 45 minute run time. I get my kids to bed early to watch TB (we’re in CST) and chase my husband away from the tv, so the least they can do is give me 55 minutes or so of my fix! Maybe throw a few more minutes into the dream sequence in the beginning – I wouldn’t have minded seeing more of that, even if it was a dream! 😉

    Anyway, can’t wait to read the recap, and then to see the last 2!

  28. For those of you who felt totally jilted by the woefully short Ep 10 and really wanted some resolution to Eric/Sookie/Godric storyline that Alan Ball denied us – I waded through a swamp of bad fan fiction and found this little gem that gave me some just desserts: The writer’s sequel, “You Deserve Much Better” moves it along nicely, too – and ties in the books by putting in a few Charlaine Harris mannerisms and phrases. Enjoy!

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