He Lives in You

Dedicated to Swinka

Alright, first off, this week’s recap is dedicated to Swinka, to whom without her generosity, my recaps would’ve poofed. So please go and thank her. You can find her on twitter at swinkaa.

After much waiting, here’s the recap/review as promised! LOL. I know many of you have been jumping down my back anxiously lol. This sucker is also extra long, the longest yet! Lots of Eric cappage.

As usual, click on the picture.



~ by simba317 on August 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “He Lives in You”

  1. I haven’t read yet but I am about to pee my pants with excitement! I’ve been waiting all weeeeeek, yay!!

  2. Don’t make a mess on your computer! That wouldn’t be good.

    LOL, you’re very sweet!


  3. WooHoo!!! Swïnka Rocks and so do you;-)

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