Tell Us What You Thought About “I Will Rise Up”

So EPi 21 has aired and it was one amazing week!!!

From Godric meeting the sun, to Eric’s tears,

Sookie’s breathtaking dream,

Laffy and Lettie Mae’s intervention

and the beautiful love story between Hoyt and Jessica

we had quite the emotionally charged episode so please let us know what you thought!


Recap Credit Goes to Beerwolf!

Recap Credit Goes to Beerwolf!

 Let’s not forget Maryann, Sam turning into a fly, and Hoyt declaring he is a Grown Ass Man!!



~ by lilbooth02 on August 16, 2009.

44 Responses to “Tell Us What You Thought About “I Will Rise Up””

  1. it was great! i cried at the ending it was so sweet. mary ann is becoming a crazy bitch lafayette beating eggs was awesome and sam the fly on the wall can’t wait til next week!

  2. The only thing I could say for ten minutes after was HOLY CRAP. So much wonderfulness, I can barely compose my thoughts…but one thing that’s sticking out at this point…

    The scene where Bill is explaining that she’s likely to have sexual dreams about Eric (and seriously, why is he acting like a parent speaking to their kid about sex for the first time? Grow a pair, idiot)…anyway. He’s explaining this and all I can think is…

    Didnt BILL do the same thing in a way? By being late enough that evening for Sookie to need practically a transfusion because of her injuries he certainly heightened her attraction to him immensely. And since he WAS there to seduce her???

    Oh wait, we aren’t supposed to know that yet in the series…

    But really…pot-kettle, anyone?

    I have SO many more thoughts, but I’m busy rewatching right now…I’ll have to come back later.

    Simba, oy…and last weeks recap was long? I have a feeling this one will be epic. I could do an epic one right now!! (skmming over the stupid BonTemps parts..except Laffy, he’s rocking my world)

    Of course I have plenty to say about naked eric…but I’m too busy watching his final scene in the episode and crying with him…pardon me…

    • Oh, and to add one more thing while I get ready to watch it a third time…

      Did anyone else catch the tie-in? Maxine hates red shoes…Sookie was wearing red shoes at the FOTS church!!! *G*

  3. YUM!!!!!! Sookie’s dream was absolutely scrumptious!!! I was completely in tears at the end, both times I watched!!! This was the best episode yet!!! Can’t wait for future episodes!!!

  4. OMG!! I had tears running down my face at the end! 😦
    Definitely one of the best episodes yet! Is there any way possible True Blood can get any better???!!! I have NEVER been addicted to a show the way that I am addicted to TB! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

  5. Ah best episode yet, the dream was sooooo good, Eric running his big viking hands down Sookie’s body, *shiver*. Eric so distraught over Godric, his pain was so real! I was a little ticked that Sookie just stood by while Bill just punched Eric square in the face, so not the right moment, he is so inconsiderate. Mmm the silver sucking scenes.. Eric’s pleasure was priceless. I loved Eric and Sookie’s banter during the dream sequence, it just seemed so real, Alexander Skarsgård is such an actor. And I loved Laffy taking down Eggs, it was such a good moment, although I am so over the Maryann thing. Sam showing up at Andy’s naked was pretty funny though. I am dying till next Sunday, I can’t believe there are only three episodes left! Here’s hoping for another dream sequence next week.

  6. Amazing. This is why we need way more Skarsgard in every ep. Way more.

  7. – Very good episode! I sympathise with Sookie. I have been trying to resist Eric’s charms too, but AS/EN has officially got a hold on me. Wow. HOT. Just HOT.

    – I have a sneaking feeling that Jessica is going to have to eventually fight Hoyt off. He is sweet but increasingly creepy. She is going to live forever, so I don’t know how long that cling is gonna be appealing.

    – Not for nothing, but weird sexual tension between Jason and Sookie. Just stop it, stop it now.

    – Oh dear God, I am so glad Lafayette and Lettie Mae came in and grabbed Tara. I only hope that they are not gonna came back next episode with their own pairs of Grudge eyes, bowing down to Maryanne, the Queen of Snooze (makes me think of what Lor said about the alarm clock ha ha)

    – I am heartbroken at the loss of Godric. What a fantastic and well fleshed-out character. Three cheers for Allan Hyde, who did such a gorgeous job portraying him. I look forward to seeing him in other stuff!

    • So glad I’m not the only one who picked up on the sexual tension between Sookie and Jason. I was expecting them to make out!

  8. It seems to me that Bill is starting to get a little “desparate” acting. It’s kinda pathetic. Look at all the shit that Sookie has been through for HIM and he still acts insecure…it’s starting to seem a little sad

    • I have always thought Bill seemed controllling and put it off to the time frame of his life. However, after 100 years you’d think he’d be a more modern man!

  9. OH MY GOD
    I thought it couldn’t get any better than naked Eric but I think the end might have at least matched the dream. The dream…oh my…I kind of hate Anna Paquin a little right now. It’s just jealousy. the end, with Eric begging Godric not to die, then Sookie taking his hand and then staying…I actually cried and I never cry. Alex is the best actor ever in the history of acting. That scene was freakin’ amazing.

    Lafayette rocked this episode too! Love that guy.

  10. I just gotta share the love for this episode. It had a lot of different emotions and I thought last week’s episode would be difficult to top. Lots of things to say… but most notably…
    -Eric and Sookie’s “dream scene” might be just a dream… but the conversation had so much foreshadowing and I think it expressed a lot about the feelings and thoughts of those characters.
    -I love any scene with vampires and their “organization”. So the scene with Nan and her exchanges with Eric were just b*tchy classic.
    -The scenes with Maryann weren’t long and boring… so maybe that story is progressing as well.
    -Finally, I love the rooftop scene with Godric, Eric and Sookie. Godric and Eric’s lines were only a few, but I believe it shows us a lot about the maker-child relationship. (Esp to the people who haven’t read the books) And I have the feeling it changes Sookie’s understanding about Eric.

  11. I don’t have long to comment, but wanted to point this out. After Sookie drank Bill’s blood he told her, her libido would be greater not that it would make her hot for him. But we saw the evidence in that with her dreams about him and masturbating on the front steps of his house.
    Her dreams about sex with Bill were devoid of emotion. As a matter of fact she said in her dream can we just do it already to get it over with. An emotional connection simply wasn’t there and in the first dream there was a good level of fear on Sokkie’s side.
    With Eric there was a strong emotional connection, not to mention an amazing affection. The intensity of the conversation going from teasing light hearted to Eric claiming it was the beginning took my breath away and if I had been Sookie I wouldn’t have been able to breathe for some time!

    And for the record, Eric did not seem like Eric. I got the chills when I realized I was looking at Amnesia Eric and Sookie. That scene could have been easily used in Season four (if they use that as their outline) and it would have made total sense! So now Boookies!!! We have our Amnesia Eric prototype! And he is freaking HOT!!

    • I felt the same way about Eric being amnesia Eric! It seems just like a convo they’d have then…or in the most recent books once he’s remembered and they’re bonded. Eric and Sookie always have amazing conversations….*sigh*

      I never thought aobut the emotional connection level of the libido aspect. I just thought about the fact that Bill was calling the kettle black there…but you make a great point.

    • GO AMNESIA ERIC!!!! Hot is an understatement. Am I the only one that smiles like a doofy idiot when they think of that scene?

    • I cannot stop thinking about Sookie’s dream about her an Eric, honestly it’s been keeping my mind going the past couple of nights!!! haha

    • oh yes I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought of amnesia Eric after seeing that scene! Can’t wait for the real one, because I was thinking that the dream Eric was going to just be a fantasy for Sookie, but hopefully she’ll get to experience that kind of demeanor from him in real life (haha)!

  12. I think Nancy Oliver is my new best friend now, you guys. Seriously. She must be an Eric/Sookie fan, and maybe even read the books. It was *completely* a Book 4 moment, agreed.

    This was the first time in a LOOOONG time that AP has really acted like Sookie. She was compassionate, a little feisty, and not clingy. This is how she is SUPPOSED to be.

    The Eric/Sookie scene was hot, but I also loved their dialogue. It was very interesting, indeed.

    And I adored Godric, and was sad at his passing. But it was also a happy moment because that’s what he wanted. How could any of us refuse him that? I am quite happy now that they changed the canon to make Godric his maker so we could see the emotional range that ASkars is capable of. I think we all agree that we loved Eric a little bit more when we saw him break down like that. I can only hope Sookie did, as well.

    Ah – where do we go from here?

  13. I loved the episode. I’ve read all the books and so seeing Eric and Sookie together makes me happy. Alexander is so sexy and Anna Paquin is beautiful too. They make a good couple. I read your last blog on the recap from last weeks episode and i dont like Bill not in the book and now in the show i like him less. I loved this episode and can’t wait till them have the season on DVD so i can rewatch them all

  14. I’ve read all your comments and agree. There is one thing more that I think needs to be said about last night’s episode. So, for 2 seasons noe everyone has been commenting on Bill’s humanity and his struggle to get there. Well last night and the last few epis Bill showed absolutely no compassion. When Sookie wants to go up to the roof he says “haven’t we done enough for the Dallas vamps?”, the timing of Bill’s punch to Eric was soooo inappropiate. Sookie , hopefully took notice of this and may start to be rethinking her evaluation of Bill’s character. Last night showed that Eric had much more copasson/ humanity than Bill. I understand that he was upset but “poorly played Bill”

  15. I thought it was a great episode. Was a bit disappointed that Bill was the tattle tale (such a big baby). I much preferred Sookie figuring it out later on in the books.

    I finally felt I saw Eric in this episode. The dream sequence I suppose could be seen as the amnesia side of Eric, but the thing about amnesia Eric is that it’s the real Eric stripped of his defenses, so in a way for me it’s the real Eric. I also felt, I finally saw in that scene the what is between those two characters that I loved so in the book. The key line in that scene for me was “I used to think you didn’t have a sense of humor.” Since that’s the difference between Bill and Eric. Eric has a healthy sense of humor about himself and a sense of irony. Bill is simply humorless. Oh he’ll say something funny here and there, but he can’t laugh at himself. Sookie and Eric, just fit.

    I also loved the final scene. Such fine acting from everyone, even AP, who I sometimes think is awful, however that could be the writing. I agree for the first time in a long time she seemed like Sookie. And I was amazed how much I cried at the end. These people really know how to write mourning. Some of the finest and truest scenes for me in series 1 were the “Gran’s pie” scenes. Having lost my mother several years ago, I felt the writers had somehow been at the house during a particular scene at my dinner table.

    The epi and the last one are the only two I have wanted to watch over and over again. I loved both.

    Not looking too forward to the next three as I’m sure they’ll all be taken up with *yawn* Maryann. But then good God what to do with the next 9-10 months! LOL! Glad I do a bit of role playing to keep it going! LOL!

  16. I just keep hoping AB takes each show near to the books but everytime I believe an ah ha moment is coming he takes it another direction. I was disappointed when Bill came running back into the Dallas nest searching frantically for Sookie and why did Eric have to tell Bill to go kill the humans? Is Bill a lackey or is Bill is own man? Confused much.
    I have totally given up on the meshing of Eric, Sam and Bill saving Sookie when madness prevails at the orgy scene. And, why is Sophie Anne making an appearance this early in the storyline?
    At this point, I am not so sure we will get a romance between Eric and Sookie in next season. My questions will be more to the weres, who’s going to be Alcide? Will we get to see Eric fly?

  17. I agree, I thought it was a phenomenal episode. I never expected to get so much out of it. And the foreshadowing in the dream was incredible. It wasnt like with Bill, as Sookie was fantasizing about losing her virginity with him and just wanting to “get it over with” her fantasy with Eric was much more emotional and soulful and they spoke of love and companionship. Something infinately more deep than just sexual attraction. Which I think spoke volumes.

    In regards to the human Eric comparison, I can see shimmers of Human Eric here, however, I agree with Kathy when she said that human Eric is basically our real Eric with no barriers. So I dont think this Eric was false, he was like Sookie said “a big faker” lol. But it was amazing nevertheless.

    Im cherishing the moment for what its worth because who knows if and when we will get another. “This is just the beginning” definately held promise though. I hope they take them deep, as deep as BS got to go, Id like to see ES taken there too. They owe it to the amazing pairing of ES in the books.

  18. I agree with everyone! I just loved this epi. I am still processing out what happened and where it can all go from here.
    I just can’t get over that Eric giggled…it’s about time! The range of his emotions in this epi. was staggering (Godrick’s goodbye…heart-wrenching). I can’t wait to see more!

  19. Ok. All last season we were subjected to Jason’s naked Ass –whether we wanted to be or not. Over and over. Like every episode. This season we had to see Bill’s Ass (shudders) and we saw the asses of people we don’t even know or care about when we had to suffer through all those Booorrrriiinngg orgy scenes (yes, TB has made orgies a big ole snooze fest.) So, finally we have an opportunity to see some gorgeous Viking scenery, and we get…Nothin! Seriously? This guy is not shy. He’s Scandinavian dammit, he Loves to be nake. All i can say is… WTF AB. WTF.

    • Oh Skye I am with you. Such a tease!!!! C’mon he couldn’t have maybe rolled on his back…lol. However the tousled hair and gorgeous smile really did plenty for me.

    • So right skye..and the GP?

  20. It was just amazing.
    I loved all the different tears that were shed–Lorena, Sookie, Jason, Jessica nd of course Eric.

  21. Finally. They are getting Eric right and the episode didn’t drag for me. Last week’s was pretty good, but this one was amazing. Not so much dozing off on the Bon Temps stuff and lots-o-viking acting like VIKING! YAY!
    I completely agree with Sarah, I was having that EXACT same thought about Bill and the blood/attraction equation. And why WAS he being such a dork about explaining the effects to Sookie about Eric’s blood effects on her? And why was she like “Attracted to Eric??? EW!” Hello. Are you blind or something?

    Bill is SO incredibly unlikable. I know that Eric was extremely hurt and preoccupied when Bill chose that moment to try to confront him, but I was still proud of our boy for not taking the bait. Bill is such a prat. The scene between Eric and Godric on the roof was grueling and while I can understand why Sookie didn’t go over to comfort him, I also sort of wished she had. I was so glad when she took his hand before he left. I was very pleased that Eric was secure enough in his feelings to not even wipe his tears away when he turned to her. He felt what he felt, like it or not!
    The dream sequence, I had the same thought: Here’s our amnesia Eric, or as we all seem to feel, here’s our Real Eric. The person he truly is. I loved that they were talking and honestly enjoying each others company, and how affectionate he was with her…a perfect scene. Except…I’m sorry, but if AS were kissing me like that, I wouldn’t be talking to random dream people! Sookie was oddly distracted, which I thought was odd. It was a dream, however. Or did anyone else have the sneaking suspicion it may have been more than that? I had a thought that maybe it was something Eric may have projected to her, or has she not had enough of his blood yet for that? I might be getting my book references confused.

    Ah. It was great. I am so glad I have been DVR-ing this season now. That epi made it worth it.

    • All you guys mentioning about the blood=attraction thing … so I guess when Bill fans say that Sookie only dreamed of Eric because of the blood, the same can be said of Bill. I never thought of it that way, but it makes perfect sense. So Bill’s blood pulled Sookie’s towards Bill. So does that mean Sookie’s feelings for Bill was also “pushed” along with the blood exchange. I guess it isn’t clear and now I’m not even sure if the hints in the books regarding blood exchanges are applicable to the show. 🙂

      • Unfortunately the vast majority of Bill fans do not see that. There’s a major disconnect and/or misunderstanding when it come to the blood bond between Bill and Sookie and now Eric and Sookie.
        Some Bill fans seem to think Eric is some kind of fucking wizard with powerful blood that can overpower Sookie and trick her and basically mind rape her.

      • Can’t reply to the mind rape comment because the site won’t let me, but I thought he was tempting her, if that was him sending her that sequence. Bill’s in his way, he tricked her into drinking his blood, Godric isn’t doing anything tragic yet and all seems well….I thought Eric just might have been having a little fun with Sookie and trying to make her a little curious about him. If he had the ability to send her those thoughts. Which…in the books later on, he can communicate with her on some levels.
        That was really where my logic was going.

        And I definitely think Bill has pointed out his own double standard with his comments about the attraction factor. That was very clear to me. He’s not pointing out that happened with him! But that Eric, what a manipulator!
        *groan* I’m really starting to want to bounce Bill’s head off a wall.
        Can NOT wait for Simba’s review this week!

        You know, not that Eric isn’t a manipulator? He is? But I don’t like that Bill is pointing it out while deliberately not mentioning how he’s also been manipulative.

  22. After the episode finished, i had to sit in silence and digest. Nothing could have prepared me for the ending sequence. I had to wait seven hours for it to download here in Australia, and when it finally did my heart was pounding with adrenaline. It began, and i giggled through Eric’s deception, became amorous during Sookie’s fanatsy, and finally i cried and cried over Eric’s loss of his ‘father’. I was so moved by Alexander’s performance, that i sat for a long time, rewatching the end sequence over and over, before finally getting to bed at 1:30am. This morning, i have rewatched yet again, the last 5 minutes of this episode, and i have cried yet again. How can one person embue so much emotion into a situation that is nothing but an illusion? I have always thought actors were good at what they do, but now i am awe struck. I am sure this is partly due to the parallels i drew from the relationship between Godric and Eric, and me begging my own Father not to die. I believe this is why this episode resonated with me so deeply. Shivers ran down my spine when Eric broke down and just said “please, please.” The change in pitch of his voice, and the way he delieverd the line; literally tearing it from his chest; I have not felt so silenced by a moment in television. Thanks to the cast and crew of True Blood, and in particular Alexander Skarsgard and Allan Hyde for a truly mind blowing performance.

  23. I have never cried during a TB episode but Sunday I did. Seeing the range of Eric’s emotions was just heartbreaking. When he broke down and started begging in his native tongue I just started weeping. AS is amazing, and it’s about time AB really showed the world what he can do. I found that Bill wasn’t as annoying as he usually is. That isn’t to say I didn’t want to slap him around a few times, but it wasn’t that bad. However, the part where he sees Eric is distressed but yet he still confronts him about Sookie ticked me off. Not to mention the fact that he hauls off and hits that beautiful Viking. Eric’s muted response was perfect, “I am part of her now.”
    As for Sookie’s dream…nicely done. However, am I the only one that thought everything looked a bit airbrushed? Seeing Eric with that tousled hair and that boyish grin was adorable. I doubt that “real” Eric would lay there and chat like “dream” Eric did, but I have been known to be wrong before. Sookie was annoying in that scene though (aside from the obvious reasons). She was just so…I don’t know…dumb…I can’t find the right word.
    Godric end was magnificent. The intereaction between Allan Hyde and Alexander Skarsgard was beautiful. Godric final moments were both heartbreaking and glorious.

    • I cried during the lots part. Godric’s departure was very touching and I think lots of people felt that way.

      As for the dream …. in reference to a SPOILER … book 4’s amnesiac Eric had lots of after-sex conversations with Sookie in bed. And the way Eric was relaxed and laughing in the scene reminds everyone of Eric in book 4. So I think its a lot of foreshadowing.

  24. Hey I found this ya’ll and though yo’ll would enjoy it! I did!

  25. All I can say is OH MY!!! Yea that about covers it. 🙂

  26. Just gonna keep it short and sweet. This episode was brilliant! It covers everything!!!
    Naked Eric: Check!
    Emotional Eric: Check!
    Eric and Sookie bullet-sucking scene: Check! (although I wouldn’t have found it gross and probably would have enjoyed it as much as Eric did)
    Hot bed scene: WOW! Check!
    Boring MaryAnn stuff: Check!
    Irrelevant parts where Bill is on screen: Check!
    Crying: Me, Check!
    Screaming no at the screen during the last scene: Check!
    Wishing to hug both Eric and Godric and tell them it will all be alright: Check!
    Wishing I was Anna Paquin/Sookie Stackhouse during bullet sucking scene and bed scene and any scene where she is with Eric: Triple Check!

    So I suppose from all that you’ll get that I really liked all the Eric bits! Little personal fact: I rewatched the episode and when it got to the “Only for Sookie” and “This is the beginning” bits I bit my little finger by accident. My front teeth must be pretty sharp because I drew blood! This show is actually making me bleed!!! *grins* Eric can make me bled anytime! My phone number is…*giggles*

    Now that I’ve had my stupid moment over I’d like to say: want stuff with MaryAnn wrapped up. It especially boring. The stuff between Hoyt and Jessica is sweet and all, but it’s taking up precious screen time when I could be drooling over the Viking god!!! Needs more True Blood and more Eric…

  27. The best episode of the season. It will have been perfect if AB stopped making Bill an angel. Please, he was supposed to drain humans and turned his cheeks red from drinking blood.
    Love the Dream was a beautiful dream. Nicely done. Love how Eric can be funny. I had doubts about Anna’s chemistry with gorgeous AS, but she did a good job.
    Godric’s meeting the sun was a powerful moment. Poor Eric, he was devastated..his maker is gone.
    Eric should drain Flanigan. Don’t talk to my vamp that witch.

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