FanFiction Summer Of ’69 Contest Update!

Okay Fan Fiction writers and readers we are coming up to the deadline to submit your Sookie/Eric One shot! The deadline is August 15, 2009. That is this Friday!!!

There are just over 20 entries and I know a few more writers who have not submitted yet are almost ready to (SIMBA I AM WAITING!!).

An update on the Review Sections of It appears to be working again. I am happy to report I was able to thank all my reviewers this am through my stories review page! So I think we are back on track.

Having said that I think it would be great if fans of FanFiction would like to come here and talk about a favorite story, comment, review and discuss it would be a lot of fun. We also have a section in the Forum for FanFic posting, updates, discussion, and if you would like to share your story there you are more than welcome to. All SVM/TB FF is welcome!

All right one last thing. You need the link to the stories!!!

If you come to the page and find it empty it’s because the M rating is turned off. Simply scroll to M or put all Ratings and press Go. The stories will all come up. There are a lots of hella good stories in this bunch. Some of the best FF writers have submitted entries and even better are the first time writers who knocked it out of the park! I am super proud and dumbfounded by the level of talent! So with out further delay! *Drum roll please Laffy…………*

Summer Of 1969 Story Submissions


~ by lilbooth02 on August 12, 2009.

One Response to “FanFiction Summer Of ’69 Contest Update!”

  1. *hearts in front of eyes*

    OMG! Ladies, I love you!!!! Thank you so much for pimping the contest and the entries!!!

    You all totally rock my world!

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