Leave now if you are in Lil’s Spoiler Free Zone.

From TV Guide:

Any scoop on True Blood? The season is dragging for me. — Danny
MICKEY: Well, would Sookie and Eric naked in bed together spice things up for you, Danny? You’ll see that, and the death — yes, death — of two prominent vampires, before the end of the season.

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~ by simba317 on August 11, 2009.

9 Responses to “SPOILER!!!”

  1. I’m guessing Bill won’t be one of the vamps who dies, eh? 😉
    So I guess that was Eric’s blond head behind Sookie on the preview. I wonder how that will come about. I want to know how bill is really going to end up in the dog house too. He didn’t do anything bad enough yet this season to justify a break up (besides being fatally boring), though if they follow the books that would happen next season.

  2. I am so torn!!!!! I want to read but I can’t!!! But i need too!! AHHHHHH

  3. I am so confused! I thought we all agreed it wasn’t Eric!!!!! OMG

  4. Pfft. It’s not gonna be Eric and it’s not going to be Bill. As a veteran of many death watches, I’m predicting Godric and Stan/Isabel.

    The only writer who has gone THERE is Josh Friedman when he killed off Derek the episode before the finale, only to reintroduce him in another timeline on Terminator.


  5. C’mon it is definitely Eric, but I am guessing some sort of dream sequence or something. As long as we end up with more Eric time I’m happy.

  6. I wasn’t talking about dead people, i was talking about the bed!! LOL

    • Whoops! Still in Lost mode. I don’t really care about the hookups. It’s always about Deathwatch spoilers! Although Deathwatch 09 was kinda not as fun…I mean, everyone figured it out MONTHS ahead that it’d be Daniel and Juliet.


      • I hate when people die…..except people like Gabe, then I don’t care. I laways worry bout actors finding work after their character dies. I guess I am a little to soft hearted!! hehehehe

  7. Lol. I never worry what happens after a character dies on a show to an actor…I’m just more about the integrity of the storyline. If they had to die, they died. lol.

    It’s the Lost Effect, before Lost, actors had more job security, but you KNEW at least one, if not more, cast members would die each season, probably during sweeps, the premiere or the finale. Lost is also the show which made killing off at least one main cast member during the finale or just killing them in general, vogue.


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