Tell Us What You Think Of Timebomb!

What did you think of Godric, Lorena, Paint ball Guns, and the hug seen around the world!
Plus your favorite Eric, Sookie, and Bill moments!




~ by lilbooth02 on August 9, 2009.

28 Responses to “Tell Us What You Think Of Timebomb!”

  1. Every time Eric smiled. Whenever his shoulders and eyes were in the screen. Ummm… Did i mention Eric? Nerdy Eric, Fighting Eric, Po’d Eric, YuMMY Eric 😉
    the hug seen around the world was HILARIOUS
    I liked jason’s fighting nature.
    Sookie’s white coat was stripperific lol!

    I have to say this was one of the best episodes. We got soooo much Eric in it!

  2. Bill is so yesterday “she is mine, she is mine” blah…i’m loving the idea of Eric turning Sookie [hot] but Tara and Eggs are startin’ to get on my nerves, will somebody kill Maryann already? A week is just too long to wait for the next episode!!!

  3. also, that whole heart cooking scene is the spice!! ❤

  4. Loved Godric. So very, very sick of Maryann. They’ve made Lorena so pathetic. Will she be back in Season 3 to torture Bill a la Club Dead, I wonder? The Eric stuff was good, but still don’t like the way the character is written in the show.

  5. I loved it…..maybe due to the selflessness of godric we will start to see the “softer” side of Eric…and hopefully he will come in to the forefront of this epic journey we have all embarked on….can’t wait to find out.

  6. I loved this epi, could have done with less Bill but loved the more of Eric

  7. This episode had so much potential, so how did it end up being so boring?

    Godric’s long speeches dragggged on. Sookie (as usual) was shockingly stupid and dragggged on (best line of the night Steve Newlin: “What do they see in you?”). That Hoyt and Jessica scene dragged on. The Tara and Eggs eating heart pot pie and getting jiggie with Grudge eyes dragged on. Geez, they shoulda just had a special half hour episode if they had no material.

    *hand to forehead*

    Though in its defense, I must say, I am not one of those people that lusts after Eric and wants him in every scene of every episode. So I thought there was just the right amount of Eric, in fact there might have been a little too much for the sake of fangirl squees.

  8. I enjoyed this episode on the whole. I am over the whole Maryann thing is overkill and I am done with that. At least there was the one Laffy scene, which I would rather see way more Laffy over Tara/Eggs/etc.

    I am a Eric fan girl so I can never see enough of that character or Alex for that matter. Those cute little smiles…man HOT!

    I don’t hate Bill, but seriously Stephen is so hot and Bill just gets uglier with each episode, what is up with that?

  9. Loved loved loved this episode and already jumping around wanting the next one. Even though I am a tad annoyed at the writers for not putting in parts in the book I absolutely loved, I still think the show is amazing.

    I got a little bored with the whole ‘back in Bon Temps’ storyline. Yes I do love Sam because he is dependable. No I don’t want to see more of Maryann and her freaky stuff (though I DID enjoy the heart close-up 😀 – I’m sadistic, I know!) along with Tara and Eggs. I just want Eric/Sookie!

    Bill was being his usual whiney self and I think Lorena put it best – “Blah, blah, blah” – hehe. Also I was kind of looking forward to Hugo being ‘tortured’. He doesn’t deserve the mercy Godric bestowed upon him.

    Jason was quite hilarious in this episode (as usual), but his love for his sister and how he protected her was so cute! It is typical older brother stuff – when everything is honky dory he only cares about himself; when something bad happens to you he rushes in, tries to be all heroic and save you. I also have to admit I LOVED it when Sarah shot Jason in the balls with the paintball gun (hehe).

    I loved the shoulder moments (you girls know what I’m talking about!!) and basically all Eric’s moments, with the exception (maybe) of him pretending to be a human.

    The last thing (and only thing that truly annoyed me) I have to say is the bomb. It was BULLETS, people!!! I don’t like the idea the writers have created by making Luke a suicidal bomber! Even though he was FotS I still, kind of, liked him.


  10. So… I guess I should go back on my resolution and download the episode?!

  11. Finally an episode a truly enjoyed!!
    Eric is starting to look like Book Eric. Can not get tired of it.
    Godric was awesome too.
    Jason fighting for his sister and dealing with Eric’s was great too.

  12. Yes Mima you need to watch it.

  13. Finally we get an episode with ‘plenty’ of Eric. It’s about freakin time. And whether you love him or just lust after him, that vamp can rock a black Tank. Praise the TV Gods for giving us that wonderful scenic view. i agree, Maryann’s gotta go. Tara & Eggs make me wanna hammer nails into my eyeballs, and miracle of miracles, i actually liked Jason in this one. He had some classic lines & i hope this is a turning point for his character. Looking forward, next week oughtta be da bomb.

  14. Haha Skye…loved your reference to next weeks episode!

  15. I loved this episode…and I HATED this episode.

    I loved Eric. He was funny, smart, sexy, wonderfully loyal (to Godric), and did I mention sexy? His smoldering looks at Sookie, despite his protests that he was doing it only for Godric. I laughed out loud when he acted all “Gawrsh”. His toying with Jason, affection for Godric…it all worked for me.

    Jason is finally likable again. He’s been a one-liner hit up to this point…but his defense of his sister and his great “When I was inside your wife” to Steve just made me love him again. I’ll be supremely disappointed if they just turn him around again into the sex-pot…he’s got so much more potential.

    I liked the depth that was added to Lorena…she turned Bill because he was noble and someone she could love and she thought would love her back because of his noble and loyal heart…but he turned out to be a person that is nothing like he seemed…he’s annoying, a “wet-blanket”, and totally UN loyal to anyone (including any superior apparently). We’ll see what happens next season…either way the chick is obviously off her rocker (whether I like the dept or not, the chick is nuts)….

    As always – hated Bill – but loved Eric just laughing in his face. Bill’s a bigger annoying idiot on the show than he was in the books.

    Sookie. Oh, Sookie. I love her so much in the books I named my dog after her…in the show I only like her around Eric. She was tolerable at the fellowship and I loved her looks at him when he told her to trust him and when it was clear he was in deep shite. Once Bill came around and the whole Lorena thing…she was good until she totally freaked – then she was just an ugly possessive bitch.

    I HATE what they did with Godric. Don’t get me wrong, I like seeing the (getting annoying) contrast to Bill’s relationship with his maker…BUT…Godric in the books was so much more…a complex contrast to the others. In the show he’s just another emo “can’t we all just get along” snotty brat of a vampire. In the books he was evil personified, which made the fact that he saved Sookie that much more…intense. In the books you felt sorry for him, al the while knowing he was evil…and the show his only appeal is his relationship to Eric. Otherwise he’s boring.

    HATE what they did to Stan to change Godric’s appearance as well. Stan wasn’t nice in the book…but he wasn’t a crazy ass bastard, either.

    Everything in Bon Temps bores me at this point…I dare not even comment on it…except for one thing…

    “I sodomized a tree…”

    Killed me.

    I have to watch the episode again…I have so many more thoughts…hard to believe, right?


    This WAS my fav episode so far this season…but it had a lot of bad points, it was a toss up!!

    • totally agree with what you said about the TB godric and book godric. you described the difference perfectly, and i also prefer the more complex version from the books. also agree with your thoughts on stan´s appearence. i liked the book stan because he wasnt the obvious texas cowboy he is in the series.

  16. Thought the epi was fun. Though Bill running in like a white knight AGAIN, just made my friends and I roll our eyes. Couldn’t Eric have saved her this ONCE???

    Loved Jason. I’m more and more impressed with Ryan’s acting as each episode airs. His is the most difficult in the show and he just rocks it.

    Maryann. Beh. Can’t stand that storyline. BORING. And because Sam is involved in her story, I don’t have time for the poor puppy.

    Just wish we could see more of Eric’s sense of humor and irony. Don’t get me wrong, I was grateful for the one moment with Jason, but haven’t seen any amusement with Sookie, other than not reacting to her slap all those epis ago. We need more. His teasing is what gets under her skin. Eh. Whatever Mr. Ball wants we will have to swallow, just like Tara and Eggs swallowing Maryann’s lusious cooking.

  17. All I have to say is, I can’t wait to see the recap of this episode! Finally! We get to see some Eric! and can’t you see how things are going? His idolizing Godric, how Godric views humans, his prior conversations about humans with other vamps…you can just see it coming! Too bad Sookie doesn’t deserve it. So when do we get to see him naked?

    Jason rocked this episode too. yay Jason! Godric is hot (but hotter as a savage IMO).

    • Hey vikinggirl I am also waiting for some Eric nakedness… C’mon we’ve suffered through Bill this season we deserve some naked viking.

  18. Overall, it was a good episode, but I did expect a bit more. I was actually hoping there would be more action when the Dallas vampires came in.

    Jason was funny and I’m glad he’s moving on from the FoTS. His exchange with Steve Newlin was hilarious and both actors were great.

    Loved Eric and I’m both happy and surprised he showed so many range of emotions. He’s been successful in showing how he is loyal to his maker and yet also a menacing leader.

    I’ve been bored with Bill this season, and even when he’s given the chance to swoop in and be the hero… it just seems to be anti-climax. I actually sympathized with Lorena a bit… which is a contrast to my reaction when I read book.

    And I think I finally realize why I’m not into TB’s Sookie as much as when I was reading the book. I’m disappointed that Sookie in TB seems like a supporting role. We’ve lost the chance to see her inner conflicts. Most of her scenes in the first half of this season is just being Bill’s girlfriend or vice versa. It’s like her own identity as a woman is gone. And now, she’s getting b*tchy with Lorena over Bill, which seems like something that Book Sookie wouldn’t do coz that’s beneath her. Anyway, I’m hoping they’ld improve her as the season ends.

  19. Where’s my recap??? LOL. I loved this episode, but I can completely do without the MaryAnn storyline. My favorite part…”he’s your make isn’t he…”Don’t use words you don’t understand….” You have alot of love for him…”Don’t use words I don’t understand.” The look in Eric’s eyes spoke volumes. However, everything about Eric speaks to me!! Jason seemed back to his old self which was soooooo nice. Oh and if Lil is reading this…Eric’s neck was particularly yummy this episode.

  20. *sigh* I think I am one of the only ones out there who does NOT want Luke to die. The Lukenator was my favorite character and I’m really really hoping that the bomb is a dud and that something else makes that house explode……*curses at Alan Ball*

    Jason COMPLETELY stole the episode! He was definitely the night in shining armor! Hysterical, ass kicking, and a being a good brother…..this episode was definitely Jason’s.

  21. oh and another thing. what the heck are they doing to stephen moyer? he used to be hot but now he´s just ugly and pitiful. i liked his hair in the first episodes of season one, a little bit messy, gave him a dangerous, adventurous look. now it looks like he doesnt get out of the house without blowdrying it straight. what is up with that? the hair is looking very unhealthy, not to mention the fact that bill now looks nerdy. is it supposed to match his new annoying personality? (“the blowdryer is MINE”). if so, good job TB stylists.

    • ”the blowdryer is MINE” – LMAO

      I have to say I was taken aback by how smoldering Stephen looked in the Comic Con videos because YEAH they seem to hit him with the ugly stick every week on the show. But, then again, it might just be so we don’t miss him. They have also been making the height difference between he and Eric very pronounced in the last few episodes, whereas before they had Alex go through pains to hunch down. Yeah, I think it might be intentional…

  22. First of all, I haven’t read the books and I am glad because I have nothing that conflicts concerning watching the HBO show. Every week I get new fresh information without preconceived ideas which keeps everything new and original for me.
    How did I like TIMEBOMB? OMG! It was such a tender, touching episode in many ways. The scenes between Sookie & Jason talking about how they had to carry on because all their family was gone, and telling each other how much they loved each other – very sweet and endearing scene. Also really appreciate the great acting ability of Stephen Moyer especially the facial expressions he used when telling Sookie about the consequences of drinking Eric’s blood. I thought he did a stellar job in that segment — of course, he is always excellent but I thought he was really tender and sad while explaining the consequences to Sookie and I was able to see a deep and brooding fear in his expression because he knows the problems that will arise now that Sookie has Eric’s blood in her veins. Every time there is a tender scene between Bill & Sookie I remember Bill telling her, in Season One, that after 140 years she gave him a reason to want to exist. And I also remember him telling Sookie that he was going to bring her to life. WOW!
    Timebomb was poignant in many ways concerning Godric. He was tired of existing, tired of the politics, tired of it all and simply wanted to end it for himself and yet he was wise enough to know that those were his feelings and did not attempt to push those feelings on any other vampire. He was humble and gentle and insightful. Oh how I wish we could have had Godric around a bit longer. And my gosh, the scene on the roof was amazing. I cried because of the child like innocence that Godric offered as he faced his own death. He was so very sorry for any transgressions and was ready to leave the world that he knew to experience something else, something perhaps at a higher level of consciousness? It was heart wrenching – the conversation between he and Sookie. What a thought provoking scene, and so beautifully crafted by the actors involved.
    Of course the dream sequence with Eric and Sookie was delicious. I’d be a fool not to admit it. It was lovely to see Eric in a more vulnerable and tender state lying naked in bed with Sookie. It was not just his physical nakedness that was impressive but rather the fact that we got some insight into his playfulness and sexiness. Sookie is so beautiful and Eric so handsome – the scene was intoxicating!
    I must admit that I laughed out loud when Sookie was sucking the “silver” out of Eric and the sly smile he wore on his face and also the snide remarks he made to Bill during the segment. And I loved Sookie telling Eric that she couldn’t suck the silver out because (a) it is gross and (b) it’s you (Eric) – HOW FUNNY! That whole scene was too funny. “I think I’m going to cry.”
    Look, this show is so good that it is difficult to define how I feel about it. To say I love it seems so shallow and trite, but I do love the show. It is about the only show on television that I have actually been excited about. Everything about the show is appealing. The actors are beautiful and convincing and the music selections are right on target with the scenes and the sets are amazing – keep up the genius of the show – it is simply outstanding.

    • how have you not read the books? shame!
      the are a must read indeed. You really feel the characters more in the books. I really think you should read them

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