True Blood Stars Stand UP 4 Whales!

As a long time supporter of animal rights and vocal supporter to end Horse Slaughter For Human Consumption in this country and export of American horses to Mexico and Canada for slaughter to be sold in Europe and Japan as a delicacy I would be remiss if I did not pimp Tales For Whales right along with Alexander Skarsgard and Kristen Bauer.

Alexander’s Tales for Whales picture is gorgeous! But of course it would be considering he’s the subject of the photo! What’s great about the Tales For Whales program is we can join in and be a part of bringing awareness to the situation our oceans are in too! It’s super easy to do and it’s actually kind of fun. Me and my girls are still trying to decide which picture we want to use! I’ll make sure to let everyone know when we finally decide.

I understand Kristen’s passion and devotion to something that touches one’s soul and forces us to stand up and say something. I have been there, done that, and will keep doing it. We can’t all get articles written about our passion but we do have ways to make a difference. Make sure your ELECTED government representatives know what is important to you. Support your favorite charity or if you do have a talent you think your charity can utilize… volunteer! Volunteering is very fulfilling and often cost you nothing more than gas money to get your volunteering butt back and forth. 


International Fund for Animal Welfare campaign Tails For Whales  is meant to raise awareness to the threats whales face in the natural habitats such as whaling, pollution, and climate change.

Many fans of Kristen already know her passionate love for animals  and her work to make this a safer kinder world for them. Kristen recently came out in support of  Tails For Whales and like I mentioned above it looks like her friend and our favorite Viking Vampire has joined her. Here is a link to the pic. (By the way  is a great website take a look a round while you are there!) Click here for Alexander Skarsgard


Kristen Bauer Official Website

Tails For Whales Article

IFAW Website

Photo 64Emma’s Whale Tail

Okay I am jumping off my handcrafted Soap Box but if you want to learn more about horse rescue and the amazing rescue I have worked with in the past please check them out Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue . They do amazing tireless work. 


Thanks for indulging me!!!!




~ by lilbooth02 on August 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “True Blood Stars Stand UP 4 Whales!”

  1. Right on Lil! I’d like to get my tail wet with Alex 😉 LOL Go Tails for Whales!!

    P.S. Emma is a cute munchkin!!

    • Thanks QT!!! We want to take a better one out by the pool today. I can decide on my pic, I am simply not photogenic in any way!

  2. Great pic and I really liked Kristen’s website, which I had never seen before.
    Doesn’t AS look so much better when they don’t have him looking all strung out and like he’s battling a bad case of pinkeye? Drives me crazy on the show.
    I think pic by the pool would be great, little nod to our wonderful whaley friends! And I love that they symbol of the group is to make a whale fluke. Very sweet. I will have to add them to my animal causes I donate to. I’m glad I caught this post!

    • I was so happy to see clicks for the Whales For Tales! Thanks for making a difference.

      And yeah me and my make up artist sister have discussed the red eyes. It makes me crazy and I don’t understand this part of AB’s vision.

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