Want a Viking Ring?

cadsawan Janet Cadsawan is generously selling her jewelry through us! She’s the creator of actual pieces on True Blood. You’ll get to see her work on tonight’s episode. Pay attention to the Viking rings! You can find it in her store along with many other pieces relating to True Blood.

If you buy through us, you will receive a 15% discount. How awesome is that? If you buy from the link below, you’ll support the site as well, as we receive 6% from all purchases through us in support of this site, to make the forum better, etc.

Click here!

You’ll also find a permanent link to the site by clicking ‘Merchandise’ in the Blogroll at the right.



~ by simba317 on July 19, 2009.

11 Responses to “Want a Viking Ring?”

  1. Loin cloth is to long *cough* but I love the buckle!!!

  2. Where can I get one of those? The model, I mean 🙂

  3. hehehehe Mima, those are on back order

  4. woot woot! I’m the GP model!!!! Did ya’ll see the enlarged picture of the GP cuff bracelet?

  5. Oh, and yes, the loincloth is way too long!! lol Nice legs though 😉

  6. very very nice legs

  7. LOL, qt. You’re very very pretty!

    Wonder if there’s going to be a wind storm soon?


  8. Fabulous buckle design there Janet!

  9. Love the buckle! I agree about the loincloth. lol

    I ordered the Min älskare Hipster Cuff but am seriously considering the ring too. I want it all. lol

  10. I ordered 2 of the cuffs..one for me and one for my sister! Fingers crossed for a Thor’s hammer necklace to show up as an item to buy….

  11. I hope that’s not Daphne he has draped around his big manly hunky shoulders.

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