True Blood Ignored and Skarsgard Forgotten?

I was never so glad to have to work than this morning. I got to miss the Emmy Nominations being announced on morning television. When the academy is scratching their collective skulls this fall wondering what they can do to raise rating and make television fans care again they can look back on the articles and blogs written today. They can remind themselves that familiarity does not translate in to deserving. And fans… REAL fans the ones who actually care if their favorite show, actor, director, or writing team are ignored will not be tuning in to watch the same people offer the same thanks, shrieks and anti-war cries.


Don’t get me wrong I love Sally Field and am anti-war but honestly did she need to get nominated for the same character again? When she offered up nothing better or different from the previous year? By the way I know what I am talking about here I love Sisters and Brothers but Anna Panquin played annoying yo-yoing Sookie Stackhouse so well despite the God awful HBO hair and makeup, I actually went and snapped a wishbone from the Thanksgiving Turkey praying the stale fearful Academy wouldn’t ignore her. I knew Stephen Moyer would be ignored, that was not a surprise in the least, so no reason to pretend my shock and awe.

Then there was the amazing supporting cast who bent the rules, images-8

images-3stepped outside the box,, not to mention their comfort zone,

 and blew so many of us away by their take no prisoners performances….oh wait by definition that would have to mean they would be ignored by the academy. Silly Silly Lil.images-2

I could go in to  along diatribe about how Alan Ball and the writers of True Blood deserved the nod but I think anyone who comes to this blog knows we love the show, the writing, (except maybe Simba) and the telling of Alan’s view of Bon Temps. We are avid bookies who have no qualms for seeing what True Blood is… a very lucrative form of Fan Fiction. *waves at the Sookieverse* I think more than just me wishes we could have had the backing to play in Charlaine’s backyard the way Alan does but I could be wrong.

imagesNow on the to worst oversight. The reason I have my hackles up. The reason I have had more comments on my personal FB wall than when I was in the plane with no ride home. The Academy’s complete and utter snub of Alexander Skarsgard. NOW before everyone starts pissing and moaning, I did not really expect him to get nominated for his role Eric Northman. images-10He simply was not on air enough for any nose up you butt academy voter to notice. But to be able to turn a blind eye to the amazing work he did in Generation Kill had really blown me away. Though it has confirmed my fear, the The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has got to wake the hell up! Politics are dripping all over the nominees this year with hardly any exceptions. GK is nominated for casting but the entire ensemble was completely ignored? How can they even rationalize the nominations?n553730182_4001469_363

So this year when once again morning television gasps over the lack of viewership for the Emmy’s despite wonderfully funny and cute as a button Neil Patrick Harris as host we can all come back to the BBB, or visit any of the scores of websites that today were able to predict exactly who would get nominated because it never changes, it’s always the same. I expect in thirty years Marihka Hargitay will be nominated for Law and Order: Geriatrics Unit.


And the worst part in all of this? Alexander is probably happy enough with GK being recognized because let’s face it the man is humble and does not seek or expect attention for his performances. He goes into his projects looking for a challenge and expects a lot out of himself. We, as fans, of this tremendously talented actor often shake our heads at his kindness and lack of ego. And that in itself has made it hard for this fan to accept today’s results. He deserved it. He earned it. And I am now joining Lilja in the corner to cross my arms and grumble…………………..





~ by lilbooth02 on July 16, 2009.

12 Responses to “True Blood Ignored and Skarsgard Forgotten?”

  1. I just read the noms and am completely shocked that he was left off for those that were listed. C’mon Kiefer Sutherland…seriously!?!?! Alexander can act Kiefer under the table but oh lord…he’s a god damn legacy actor. Oh wait…so’s Alexander, so what the fuck were they thinking leaving him off the list?

    As I leave for Harry Potter all I can do is scratch my head and wonder who paid them off? Yea, I’m like that.

    Going to stand in the corner with Lilja and Lil.

  2. Wow Lil! I have to say, I very much agree with all your points here. You are such a professional. Christan Bale would be proud.

    This blog is fantastic! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    *runs to the corner with her girls*

  3. LOL Meads!!! I was so busy ranting I forgot to have Scoobs beta! Rereading just now once again proves I need a beta!!!

    Come on over, we are thinking of adding shots to the corner…..chilled vodka? Tequila maybe? Or maybe we should all sip on a *cough* Vampire COCKtail ……….. *cough*

  4. Typos are expected in rants! It make the rant powerful! Let’s people know you mean business! 😉

  5. I am so with you Lil. I am heartbroken for Alex. He deserved this!!!! FFS!!!

    **raises hand** I’ll take a vampire COCKtail please. The Northman, if you will.

  6. Lil hate to tell you but your beta is a slacker…I didn’t catch any errors the first time I read through it until I just read the comments and read through it AGAIN. 😀

    Heaven help us!!

  7. For the record, I like the writing selectively! Lol. Alexander Woo and Brian Buckner are officially my Kitsis and Horowtiz of True Blood.

    As for being totally bummed…I just got off a plane from Halifax, NS. Prior to that I was on a 4 hour drive to Halifax from Baddeck, NS…I am jetlagged. I’ll commiserate in the morning when I can feel something besides my swollen airplane ankles. Damn you airplane swelling!


  8. Yep, it sucks for Alex, he did deserve a GK nod, I didnt expect anything for TB, although it would have been nice. And one of my other faves Josh Holloway got snubbed this year too, he gave blood sweat and tears this year on Lost, and for what, to lose out noms to Charlie Sheen and John Cryer for 2 1/2 Men? Where is the acting range in that show? Total dissapointment. And I can safely say I will NOT be watching the Emmy’s this year. They’ve snubbed too many of my favorites. They suck donkey balls, hehe.

  9. The first time I noticed Alexander Skarsgard was in Zoolander but did not become a fan until GK. He REALLY deserved the Emmy Nomination for extraordinary work on that miniseries. The series was very well done, but Mr. Skarsgard was the star. He’s got great talent and screen presence. Maybe he’ll get the recognition he deserves next year.

  10. Those damn emmy b*stards!!!

  11. WTF? Seriously, I’ve lost interest in about half the shows nominated. True Blood was refreshing and unique (like our Sookie!). Godric was my favorite. I feel betrayed.

  12. I gave up on all of the awards shows years ago. The people and shows who get nominated either campaign for the spot themselves or their producer campaigns for them. It has nothing to do with who did the best job. Since Alex obviously is not a media hog and doesn’t care about awards he doesn’t have a chance. Alex’s performance in GK was miles above anyone nominated but he isn’t mainstream enough for the acadamy. He is also the very best of the TB show but again whoever is in charge of that show doesn’t seem to recognize his incredible talent and does not give him nearly the air time he deserves. Anyway nuf said, Alex is the absolute best of the best in my book and deserves recognition.

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