Sookieverse Fan Fiction Contest Announced

Attention Writers!!!


Do you write fanfiction?

Better yet, do you write ESN?

YEAH! Then check this out!!!!

Eric n’ Sooks – Summer of ’69

Click Here For Contest Details

And the best part! The prizes!!!

1st place winner: Winner’s choice DVD set of Generation Kill or True Blood S, plus a Banner made my Ziggy!

2nd place winner: Fangtasia tee shirt from HBO shop, plus an avatar made by Ziggy

Check the link for the contest details!

We look forward to your participation!

Thank You!

Brought To You By The Sookieverse


~ by lilbooth02 on July 16, 2009.

8 Responses to “Sookieverse Fan Fiction Contest Announced”

  1. He’s so beautiful…. that’s all I wanted to say.

  2. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!


    P.S. I hope you enter!

  3. Here is a better link to our banner:

  4. Meadows and Lil you better enter. I don’t miss a single one of Meadows stories and being Lil’s beta is always a bonus…So get writing ladies. 🙂

    Much love!!

  5. I am mulling it over. After all I have my current E/S that is staring me in the face, tapping it’s foot telling me to stop sulking over A and get back to friggin’ them!

  6. I have an idea for the contest that you can put into words a hell of a lot better than I can. I’m on yahoo messenger if you’ve got it, or wanna make an account.

    And yes, stop sulking and get to writing. But I’m telling you now, I’m gonna come down to Florida and beat you if you take it where I think you’re taking it. BEAT YOU SENSELESS!!!

  7. If i am senseless then how am i gonna write anything!!!

  8. Okay I’ll revoke your Viking privileges, how’s that? 😉

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