Eric’s Homoerotic Spoiler

So…I’m sure you’ve all been freaking out about it. Here’s the scoop out of Nelsan’s mouth from EW. He did an interview with them regarding his return. E Online also has video from the premiere regarding this with Alex and Nelsan. See it here. ‘There’s a weird sexual tension there.’ 😉

In an upcoming episode [SPOILER ALERT], Lafayette ingests a lot of Eric’s blood. The homoeroticism in that moment was off the charts. Was that something you were conscious of while shooting it?
ELLIS: I wasn’t. I know Alexander said that from his standpoint he thinks Eric is a little drawn to Lafayette. My intentions were that I was completely terrified of Eric and what he can do to me. As far as I know, I hated his guts. It’s funny what the camera picks up… Alan has been making jokes about me and Eric and what’s to come in the third season. I definitely think I’ll be one of his henchmen, but as far down the rabbit hole as that goes, I don’t know.

Read the rest of Nelsan’s interview here.



~ by simba317 on June 15, 2009.

6 Responses to “Eric’s Homoerotic Spoiler”

  1. Hum… Not so sure I like this spoiler. But I guess I’ll just have to wait and see how it works. 😉

  2. I’ve been trying to reserve judgment on the changes that they’ve made…but if this goes close to where NElsan is hinting TB will have lost me for good. They almost did after Bill killed LongShadow…Eric keeping and torturing prisoners and now this? Yeah. I’ll be turning off HBO and cancelling my subscription to it. I promised to give this season a chance, but I had the same reaction as Eric did at Lafayette’s “make me a vampire” statment – WHAT?

  3. I’m just going to watch, wait and see. Ads and promos are the most deceiving things ever. Never take them for fact. Some of the best examples are for on Lost. Juliet says to Kate in a promo, “I’m telling you to stay away,” from Sawyer…when in fact she said something like, “I didn’t know how to tell you without sounding like I’m telling you to stay away.” It’s a completely different context. Hell, Lost has even edited promos early on to make it look like Sawyer attempts to kill Jack.

    I just don’t expect them to follow through with everything in the books and so far, most of the changes I haven’t minded, because it brought us good things like Jessica, Lafayette alive etc. I don’t think it made sense on TV why Eric would kill someone for Sookie right off the bat…there was nothing that would hint that from the series so far.

    As for the prisoners…I do get that Eric is doing his job as Sheriff and taking care of his people and getting justice for them that I don’t think they’d get otherwise. That being said, major Amnesty International field day lol.

    The only thing I really hated in S1 that was a change was Bill coming out at daylight, that was just…NO.


  4. The only homoerotic thing I wanna see about Eric is him in the pink spandex.

  5. Oh, I remember the Eric in spandex, back in the book! XD And if I recall, Eric and Sookie kinda hooked up on his car before Bill showed up.

    I liked the show, because it made me discover the books, and I love Lafayette so I’m happy that he didn’t die, but seriously… If they don’t insist more on the Eric/Sookie relationship, I’ll be mad. I know there will be some changes from the books version, but simply forget that Eric will be Sookie’s major love interest is too big a change.

  6. No No No!!! Eric wouldn’t do anything like that with Layfayette as it would definately put Sookie out of his reach. If she sees him with someone else she will stick with Bill. As much as I like the Lafayette character I was surprised they didn’t kill him off just like the books. It makes me wonder how far they are willing to deviate from the books in future series if eseason 2 has already deviated this much.

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