Thanks a gazillion to nightscreamer for the head’s up.

Super spoilery review of True Blood’s premiere. HERE!



~ by simba317 on June 12, 2009.


  1. okay mystery one os spoiled for me. Why did I look? Warning this blogger doesn’t seem to respect or care that Alan Ball requested journalists not to give everything away. I little teasing is fun but to blatantly ruin it for viewers? No thank you. That was the first and last time I will ever visit that site!


  2. Wow, talk about spoiling the episode. lol Not sure what to think of the last scene.

  3. It’s actually not too bad, for a 56 minute show in terms of what got spoiled…It’s not a direct play by play. I don’t know…I’ve sort of lived in the pits of Lost fandom where there have been HUGE security breaches in production and sites got play by plays of episodes months before they aired. About a month before the Season 3 Finale, the entire episode was spoiled in a play by play fashion. I’m not a fan of the play by play…I don’t like reading those. I usually only try to glean bits and pieces for Lost.

    So when I compare it to those experiences…it’s not that bad. It could be way worse.


  4. Glass half Full Simba!!

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