Anna Interview from IGN

I thought you guys might enjoy this:

IGN: We’ve heard that this series is going to follow, in its own way, the love triangle story with Sookie, Bill and Eric. What can you say about that?

Paquin: Eric, from the get go, has wanted Sookie. If for no other reason than because he’s used to women throwing themselves at him and she doesn’t. And that she’s taken. He’s got a fascination for her ability to “not care about him.” And also, because he just wants to mess with Bill. I think it’s an interesting thing to throw in there because it’s not exciting to watch a couple who’s just good and “smooth sailing.” Because real life’s not like that. And on vampire shows, you’ve gotta come up with weird vampire stuff to happen to your couple. (laughs) Again, it’s an opportunity for them to become closer or, wait and see, you know…have challenges. Plus, a lot of it’s in the books.

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~ by simba317 on June 12, 2009.

5 Responses to “Anna Interview from IGN”

  1. It is now so obvious that Anna has not read the books even to date considering her comment about Eric “just wants to mess with Bill”. That soooo isn’t how I see Eric’s fascination with Sookie from the start and why he persues her.

  2. I agree Scoobs, she really should have read the books. She is not portraying an original character she is playing an already established character! I love Anna but I am sorry she doesn’t think she should understand her character. Ugh. I am torn.

  3. Well, I think she does…she’s seeing things from Sookie’s perspective in S2 or book 2, which is that there’s this guy that seems only after her to get in her pants.

    I liked this part: ‘He’s got a fascination for her ability to “not care about him.”’ It implies that he does…and she acknowledges it…


  4. I completely agree with you Simba. I think she does not want to give too much away. I mean if she says it is in the books I bet people who really want to know will see it for themselves.

  5. I was glad to finally hear she had read the books even if it was very quickly. I know reading to quickly lots can be lost in the text and the truth is they are writing all the characters so off canon it really does not matter at this point.

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