Another NEW True Blood Promo

Sorry simba but I’m not uploading this one to the blog’s channel, it took too damn long.

Enjoy ladies!!


~ by Scooby on May 23, 2009.

7 Responses to “Another NEW True Blood Promo”


  2. So hot! I can’t stop watching. Looks like I may have an addiction to the promos as much as the books, articles, season one……. Yep I can’t stop!

    • Lol. Me too. Get on meebo, sweetie? Me and Skye are all by ourselves lol.


      • Oh Simba!! I missed you on meebo!!!! I had to hang out with the plumber. He wanted attention and a sandwich and I make a killer sandwich!!

        And it’s now Sunday morning, it’s thundering AGAIN and I am still watching the promo!!


  3. No worries, Scoob!


  4. Eric is so damn tasty! Thats about all I really have to say!

  5. Mr Hot is here!

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