True Blood DVD Release


simba here…I’ve found the S1 DVD for True Blood for 32.99 at, which is even cheaper than Target.

Here. ships pretty much everywhere…like Canada lol. It’ll ship on May 19th and I’m pretty sure counts for free shipping in the US.


Hi Lil here!! I just wanted to get this not out quickly since my Internet is iffy at best tonight!

Finally the True Blood DVD set is dropping! I wanted to let those who did not pre-order the DVD set that Target has it for $34.99 for the DVD and $44.99 for Blu-Ray. It is an in store special. Also if you buy any Charlaine Harris Book along with your new True Blood Season 1 DVD Set you will get a $5 Target Gift Card!

Remember this is for in store purchase only and it is first come first serve. Supplies are limited and they are not providing Rain Checks for this event.

True Blood DVD Release

True Blood DVD Release

Details and the Weekly ad can be viewed at

Happy TB S1 Release Day Everyone!!!!!

Don’t forget to check out the Forum too!

Jump In And Get Your Fangs Wet!


~ by lilbooth02 on May 18, 2009.

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