HBO Solo Promos

Here are the solo promos I have thus far, working on getting the rest.

More to come as I get them. Enjoy!!


~ by Scooby on May 17, 2009.

10 Responses to “HBO Solo Promos”

  1. Well scoobs is my hero!!!!!

  2. Scooby is godsend!


  3. Great job Scoob!!!!

  4. Thanks for your hard work scooby!

  5. scoobs got skills! I like these singles. In fact the whole campaign is appealing and artistic. Thanks for putting them in one place.

  6. Alexander is so Eric!!!! Amazing!!!!

  7. I agree Lil. Alex understands the very essence of Eric, and season 2 will begin to unfold what many already could see in the mere 30 minutes exposure in season 1.

  8. Thanks Scooby. You are an excellent huntress!!

  9. Thanks again Scooby! Couldn’t wait to see these! AS/Eric too hot to handle (but we’ll do our best!

  10. Thanks…good job!!

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