Poll! What’s your favourite book in the series?

At the suggestion of RAL, I made a poll lol. What’s your favourite book in the Sookie Stackhouse novels? You can choose more than one and vote as many times as you want! Post your favourites, how you rank them, as well as any reasonings in the comments.



~ by simba317 on May 10, 2009.

6 Responses to “Poll! What’s your favourite book in the series?”

  1. My list goes:

    All Together Dead
    Club Dead
    Living Dead in Dallas
    Dead to the World
    From Dead to Worse
    Definitely Dead
    Dead and Gone
    Dead as a Doornail
    Dead Until Dark

    Why is DTTW in the middle? Did not care about the weres in that book lol.


  2. Here’s mine: I’m all about Eric Northman!

    Dead To The World (becoz of the shower scene)
    Club Dead (Eric having “six hands”)
    All Together Dead (Blood Bond)
    From Dead To Worse (Eric remembers everything)
    Living Dead in Dallas (Pink Lycra Leggings-need I say more?)
    Dead As A Doornail (the last part)
    Definitely Dead (Bowling for Vampires)
    Dead And Gone (Chapter 10)
    Dead Until Dark (Fangtasia)

  3. Club Dead (because he was so distracted w/ thoughts of Sookie)
    Dead To The World (speaks for itself)
    Living Dead In Dallas (strong, well written, great detail)
    All Together Dead (E is hot)
    Dead Until Dark (It sucked me in and I can’t get out)
    From Dead To Worse (E is Hot)
    Definitely Dead (I want to be kissed like that by a Vampire)
    Dead As A Doornail (E shows up late to save Sookie, so cute)
    Dead And Gone (Pg.293)

  4. Oooooh! A new place to play! Thank you Ladies!

    *bites into blog*

  5. i read ATD first, didn’t know what it was, just something to read on the plane, & then i couldn’t stop. So ATD is my fave. Then DTTW because…come on, we all know the reason.

  6. My list goes:

    From Dead to Worse (because E remembers)
    Dead To The World (shower)
    All Together Dead (blood bond)
    Club Dead (the scene at the compound)
    Living Dead in Dallas (Bullet sucker)
    Definitely Dead (wow)
    Dead As A Doornail (the Mickey scene)
    Dead Until Dark (LS staking)
    Dead and Gone (gotta agree with Lil, p. 293)

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