Under Construction

Ookie…so while I’ve decided on a theme/layout, we’re still under construction.

In a little while, we’ll have a pretty banner and a cool image for all blogs to see…but right now, we’re generic. So yes, there will be changes, and I’m still trying to figure out this whole thing. So if there’s weirdness going on, it’s just a group of us hammering away at this blog to make it all awesome in preparation for Dead and Gone *squee* and Season 2 of True Blood *more squee*. So far it’s pretty frakking awesome and super cool!

I’ll probably start a ‘Blood Drive’ in the daylight hours for contributors. I’ll let you know how to contact me and such for the gig, shall you want it. Yes, there will be bad puns.

We’ll soon be peeling away that yellow tape!


~ by simba317 on April 21, 2009.

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