2009 Bloodie Award Winners

Aesthetic Awards

Best Sookie Hair

And the winner is….

WTF Wedding Hair

Worst Sookie Hair

And The Winner Is…..

The Shirley Temple

Best Hair

And The Winner is…….

Eric: It's the new me....you like?

Worst Hair

And The Winner Is…..

Pshaw Poodle

Best Sookie Outfit

And The Winner Is……

Stripperific Pharmacy Jacket

Worst Sookie Outfit

And The Winner Is……

Jackie O Wannabe

Jackie O Wannabe

Best Outfit

And The Winner Is…..

Eric: GQ!BAMF (GQ!BadAssMotherfucker)

Worst Outfit

And The Winner Is….

Maryann: Grannyann

Best Eric Oufit

And The Winner Is…..

My Chest Looks Really Good In This Shirt

Best Pam Outfit

And The Winner Is…..

It Matches The Ruined Pumps

Best Eric Hair

And The Winner Is……

Sex Hair

Best Pam Hair

And The Winner Is….

1940s Vampire Vixen

Best Makeup

And The Winner Is….

Lafayette: Worship Him, Bitches!

Worst Makeup

And The Winner Is By Less Thank 1%..

Bill: In Desperate Need of Botox

Best Dressed Character

And The Winner Is…..

Eric: From GQ!BAMF to Rebellious Leather to Flip Flop Killer

Worst Dressed Character

And The Winner Is…..

Jane: In Desperate Need of Pants and Support

Best Set

And The Winner Is….

The Day Room- When You Want to Wear Sunglasses At Night

Worst Set

And The Winner Is….

The French Restaurant- Was That Supposed to Be a French Restaurant?

Best Special Affects

And The Winner Is….

Maryann Gets Gored By the Bull- Poetic Justice at its Best

Worst Special Affects

And The Winner Is……

The Vibrator- Really Scary Orgasms

Character Awards

For Best Character…..

Eric- Totally Badass, Complex, Manipulative, Funny and Moving

For Worst Character ……

Eggs- Did Not Add Personality

Improved Character…..

Eric- From Arrogant Bastard to Badass with a Heart

Least Improved Character…..

Tara- Where Did My Smartass Go?

Best Lead Character…..

Jason "Rambo" Stackhouse

Worst Lead Character…..

Bill "I Am a Saint" Compton

Best Guest Character…..

Godric, Thank You for making E, Love Simba and Lil

Worst Guest Character…..

Queen Sophie: She blows....and not in a good way....

Best Recurring Character…..

Eric: Ok do I really have to say anything? And yeah that is neck porn...

Worst Recurring Character…..

I don't care enough to think of a caption....sorry....

Best Character Arc…..

And I thought his shoulders were sexy....

Worst Character Arc…..

If only her story arc was as good as her hair

Best Vampire…..

You know what they say about the size of a vampire's fangs right? 😉

Worst Vampire…..

I showed you mine..now show me yours *groans* Poor E...

Best Villian…..

Steve and Steve's Hair- The One Thing Unchanging in This World? Steve's Hair

Worst Villian…..

Maryann- Sociopathic Bridezilla, Chef Extraordinaire. Coeur de Daphne anyone?

Best Pawn…..

Ginger- She's Reuseable, Just Glamour

Worst Pawn….

Eggs- Frankenann's Monster...I Miss Lady Macbeth

Best Vamp Ho….

Ginger- The Hypochondriac Banshee aka. Trashy Vamp Ho

Worst Vamp Ho…..

Eric's Dinner- Bad Actress, but High Class Vamp Ho

Best Human…..

Lafayette- Fabulous Short Order Cook Who Agreed to See Other People with Jesus. They Still Gossip Though.

Worst Human…..

Eggs- Blander Than Diluted Water

Best New Vampire…..

Godric- A Real Heartbreaker *Cries* RIP and GET YOUR BUTT IN S3 FLASHBACKS!

Worst New Vampire…..

Sophie-Anne- When You Come Up With Her Character and Not a Plot Device, Call Me

Most Messy Vampire…..

Bill- Puts a New Meaning to the Term 'Bloodlust' and Gee, That Was Some Good Blood Right There...So Wasteful. He Never Learns That There Are 3rd World Vamps With Nothing to Drink!

Best Eric Line…..

"He's your maker, isn't he?" "Don't use words you won't understand." "You have a lot of love for him." "Don't use words I don't understand."

Best Line….

Eric- "Oh c’mon, Pam. They’re funny. They’re like humans but miniature. Teacup humans!"

Worst Line…..

Sophie-Anne- Insert Anything She Says About Maenads and Her Entire Dialogue

Most Hypocritical Sookie Moment

Epi 11:Despite being annoying and grating Tara made a good point. Why can Sookie risk her life for her man but Tara can't? Ooooh thaaaatt's right, because Sookie is a hypocrite!! I forgot........

Most Annoying Bill Moment

According to Bill it's all Sookie's fault....Oh reeeeallly Bill? So it's Sookie's fault you left YOUR newly made CHILD alone at night days after being made so you could go to the mall? Wow your ability to deflect astounds me!

Eric Gets One Over On Bill

OMG Lil's fave scene of the entire season, finally some freaking chemistry!!.......Eric points out Sookie may someday understand the relationship between a maker and child

Most LOL Use of “Suuukeh!”

The Panicked Suuuukeh!!!! oooohhhh the FOTS are SO scared!

Best Eyebrow

Her eyebrow speaks a 1000 words....... or just two *raiseseyebrowmischievously*

Worst Eyebrow

Her eyebrows tried to sell the dialogue.....but nobody bought it

Most Welcome Character

Sookie was like... Godric? And I was like oooohhh Godric......

Least Welcome Character

Maryanne....my sister put it best.... "Where are the Effing vampires already FFS!!??"

Least Favorite Character

You know what blows Sophie? Your freaking dialogue!!!!

Favorite Character

Sheriff Northman: He can "Patrol" my areas as many times as he deems necessary 😉

Relationship Awards

Best Romantic Pairing

Why is it every woman insists on digging their nails into him? At least Sookie stopped before she tore up the forbidden land...*raiseseyebrow* MUST I remind everyone the shoulders are mine? hhhhmmm????

Worst Romantic Pairing

GAH!!... Still Nothing!!

Most WTF Pairing


Best Platonic Relationship

*giggles* Oh. That. Pam.

Best Shipper Moment

Moment 1: Insert me here

Worst Shipper Moment

Moment Five: I seem to be losing time, hey I know let's go get high and follow a trail of clothes and really bad drums!

Best Kiss

2. 'a man had given all other bliss,and all his worldly worth for this, to waste his whole heart in one kiss upon her perfect lips.' ~Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Worst Kiss

6. 'everybody winds up kissing the wrong person goodnight.' ~andy warhol

Best On Screen Chemistry

if this is the closest we get to amnesia eric i am going to to throw the biggest freaking hissy fit!

Worst On Screen Chemistry

sophie and insert cast member here_______

Best Sex Scene

sex implied i know, but damn

Worst Sex Scene

really what can i say that hasn't already been said?

Best Nude Scene

Ok I know I have used this cap a lot but I seriously don't hear anyone complaining!!!

Worst Orgy

Orgy Three: Ahh, I so just don't care

Acting Awards

Best Overall Actor


Alexander Skarsgard as Eric (I know this may be hard to believe but he actually got 69% of the vote)

Best Lead Actor

Ryan Kwanten as Jason 'i watch porn to get more women' Stackhouse

Best Recurring Actor

Alexander Skarsgard as Eric "Trust Me" Northman

Best Guest Star

Allan Hyde as 'Thank you for making Eric' Godric

Best Acted Scene W/ 3 or More Characters

Fan's Fave: Turns Out This One's Everyone's Favorite!

Best Acted Scene

*sniffles* *blows nose*

Best Acting In a Limited Time

as much as i love alex, i want a pam spin off!!!

Best Interpertation Of The Book Character

for me alex had made eric his own. every time i see him at work i think how lucky alan ball is to have signed him..

The Powers That Be Awards

Best Episode

Episode Nine: He Lives In You

Best Writer

Nancy Oliver

Episodes 5 & 9

Best Director

Scott Winant

He Will Rise Up

Best Book Moment

Bullet sucking *makes sucking sounds* *lix* *groans* *simba slaps Lil* “Lil put the pumpkin down!” *looks guilty*

Best Story Line

Eric and Godric: He must learn to go on without his maker, He must remember very human feelings: Grief, Sorrow, Love

Most LOL Moment

Smite Me Motherfucker! OMG!!!! I had tears and I think I snorted a little.....

Saddest Moment

*sob* *gasp* *sob*



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